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Japanese Man Being Paid US$71 Per Hour For "Doing Nothing"

Japanese Man Being Paid US$71 Per Hour For

A 38-year-old Japanese man is charging 10 000 yen ($71) an hour to accompany customers and simply be present as a companion.

Before Shoji Morimoto, a Tokyo resident found his true calling, he worked at a publishing company and was often scolded for “doing nothing”. He told

I started thinking about what would happen if I offered customers the ability to ‘do nothing’ as a service.

People think that my ‘doing nothing’ is valuable because it is useful (to others) … but it’s okay to actually do nothing. People don’t need to be useful in any particular way.

Basically, I rent myself. My job is to be where my clients want me to be and do nothing in particular.

Morimoto told Reuters that he has spent the last four years on the job and has handled around 4 000 sessions.

Morimoto now has nearly a quarter million followers on Twitter, where he gets most of his clients. Roughly a quarter of them are repeat customers, with one hiring them 270 times.

Last week, Morimoto sat in front of Aruna Chida, a 27-year-old data analyst, dressed in a sari, chatting a little over tea and cake.

Chida wanted to wear the Indian dress in public, but she worried that it might embarrass her friends. So she turned to Morimoto for companionship.

The companionship business is now Morimoto’s only source of income, with which he supports his wife and child. Although he declined to reveal how much he earns, he said he sees about one or two customers a day. Before the pandemic, it was three or four a day.

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Tateguru 2 weeks ago

Nothing is worth nothing.
Nothing is worth something.

@tateguru 2 weeks ago

michirevei vasekuru.kana kuti kungovhumhuka zvamunongoita misi yose.

Da Truth 2 weeks ago

Hapana chinoshamisa Apo tinaye muno anoripwa kugara 1.Muthuli 2 munomuziva moga ehe iyeye

Worzell Gummidge 2 weeks ago

Shoji Morimoto is providing escort services and thats something. He is a social companion to some people and campanionship is something. He talks to his companionless customers and provides some comfort & confidence thus improving their psychological well being. One wouldnt say he does nothing. He is just misinterpreting his job and role.

buddie 2 weeks ago

At first I thought he wakes up and just sits there doing nothing and someone pays him for that. If he provides social companionship then he is doing something. 🤷🤷🤷

jojola 2 weeks ago

he is. a service provider

Tintin 2 weeks ago

zanu pf politiburo earns more.

Zuze 2 weeks ago

Correction:Correction:- ZANU Politburo steals more

Teacher 2 weeks ago

He is earning our salary per hour

Naruto 2 weeks ago


mudzidzisi wekumaruzevha 2 weeks ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you can say that again


Celestial 2 weeks ago

Ironic dott being paid 0,00 per yr for just being himself I mean 😏 du mb and **** Ed in the head

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Most of them escorts also offers some intercouse services so it will embarass him if he says so

🥭 2 weeks ago

ndaifunga kut @dott ndiye ega mugwere wepfungwa kaini musaziva kuti makatowanda

Saved 86 2 weeks ago

Presidential escort has so many educated ladies and gents paid for doing nothing zvingashamisa here izvozvo .

Billey 2 weeks ago

Shoji busy doing nothing, kt tingati ndokuripwa kugara hr, no. he is busy but doing nothing.

Ndobasa rake, period.

chief zim 2 weeks ago

kuri ku o inurngo

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