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Japan Donates US$500 000 To WFP To Help Alleviate Food Insecurity In Zimbabwe

Japan Donates US$500 000 To WFP To Help Alleviate Food Insecurity In Zimbabwe

The Government of Japan has made an additional contribution of US$500 000.00 to the World Food Programme (WFP) to help alleviate food insecurity in Zimbabwe.

The contribution comes as many Zimbabweans are facing hunger following successive droughts and chronic economic challenges, aggravated by the impacts of the war in Ukraine. Said Satoshi Tanaka, Ambassador of Japan to Zimbabwe:

In collaboration with WFP, the people of Japan continue to support the most vulnerable in Zimbabwe to address their immediate food needs during the lean season. We hope that this assistance will help ease their hardship at a particularly difficult time of year.

Francesca Erdelmann, WFP Representative in the country said the funding comes at a critical time, with many vulnerable families struggling to put food on the table. She added:

Not only has poor rainfall during the recent growing season resulted in widespread crop failure, but prices of food, fuel and fertilizer have also surged due to the conflict in Ukraine. Families are now being forced to sell off livestock and other precious belongings to be able to buy food.

The contribution from Japan will support food distributions during the start of the lean season, October to December 2022, when WFP aims to assist more than 400 000 people.

Since 2019, Japan has contributed over US$24.6 million to WFP-supported food assistance and resilience-building for vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe, as well as nutrition support for pregnant women in maternity waiting homes.

In 2021, Japan contributed US$5.75 million through WFP to support vulnerable, food insecure communities in Zimbabwe that were severely impacted by climate shocks and COVID-19.

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factos 2 months ago

Te war is in Europe but the suffering is in Zimbabwe

Am finding hard to balance this equation

Politician 2 months ago

Political protocol to blame other people for the problems you've created.

Mr Politician 2 months ago

not in zimbabwe only but all countries in Africa are suffering especially South Africa things are very tough there cz African countries they really on Ukraine n Russia

July Mooyo 2 months ago

Waiting for my 10%

. 2 months ago

kana munhu uchipiwa rubatsiro u can't be standing tall like that

??? 2 months ago

kuita torobheti😂😂😂

shuwa 2 months ago

hahahaha comment of the week

Chimusoro change 2 months ago

And the donation of food is done to a once bread basket of Africa..... Now it's a bread curse.... Zanu pf sooooooooka ma1. Let's vote for change


Machiavelli 2 months ago

While the humanitarian support from Japan is most welcome, there are 2 major issues of concern to me.

First, Zimbabwe has the capacity both human, and material (land, climate, water and [inherited] infrastructure). We have failed to utilise the inherited infrastructure- dams, irrigation roads and railways. We have decimated the human capital (the whites who has the know-how) for political capital, which has boomeranged to a point where from being a net exporter of agricultural produce, we are now a net importer of the same and unforvigavably we can't even feed the nation. The dams are lying idle (don't blame climate change because none of the irrigation dams have gone dry). We dug up irrigation lines to make aluminium pots.

Secondly, the Japanese having graciously decided to assist the populace of Zimbabwe have seen it fit not to give the donation directly to Zimbabwe but to go via the World Food Programme (WFP). Our history of corruption and misuse/abuse of donor funding 8so well known that noone trust this government with money to assist its own citizens. This is a damning condemnation of our government's propensity to steal. So sad l am ashamed of being a Zimbabwean

Ak47 2 months ago

Tigokunzwai muchiti chikafu chabva kuZanu

Sabhuku 2 months ago

🇿🇼 nyika inorarama nekupemha chete 😂😂😂

Mmmm 2 months ago

Another bumper harvest from an external field.

Gafa 2 months ago

Vaona vakapa ED inotoenfeswa kucampaign vanhu vachifa nenzara lets b ashamed of our llleaders.Ngatinyarei takatorerei minda yacho.Kushaya staple food.Kutengegwa sadza neJapana Mthuli look yoself in the mirror and ED as well

nitho 3 weeks ago

even this wfp is corrupt. some are benefing whikst others have never got any help from this ngo.

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