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Jailed Zengeza West MP Job Sikhala's Wife Arrested

Jailed Zengeza West MP Job Sikhala's Wife Arrested

The wife of Zengeza West MP Job Sikhala (CCC) was arrested on Tuesday over an alleged traffic offence while visiting her husband who is jailed at Harare’s Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison.

CCC interim spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said according to Sikhala’s family lawyer, Mrs Sikhala has been summoned to appear in court on Thursday.

Mahere said she was released and allowed to proceed to Chikurubi with the wife of another CCC MP, Godfrey Sithole (Chitungwiza North), who is also in prison. Said Mahere:

According to @JobSikhala1’s family lawyer, Mai Sikhala was arrested on her way to Chikurubi over an alleged traffic offence.

A docket has been opened & she’s been summoned to appear in court on Thursday. She was released & proceeded to Chikurubi Prison with Mai Sithole.

Sikhala, Sithole and 14 other opposition party members have been languishing in pre-trial detention since June following their arrest over violence in the Nyatsime area. They have been denied bail several times.

The CCC members, referred to as the Nyatsime 16, were arrested on allegations of inciting violence in Nyatsime and obstruction of the course of justice in the aftermath of the brutal murder of Moreblessing Ali, a CCC member.

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Trump 4 months ago

women are not good at driving...that's a fact
This is not a political matter its just a matter of women being bad drivers

Felix 4 months ago

it's true

4 months ago

uuumm hameno

Pamire 4 months ago

Akakuudza kt ladies are not good at driving ndiyani.maaccidents atinonzwa munyika akawanda haasi evarume here wakamboona motor inodriver nemkadzi yakarovera.lta mushe lwe

Sorojena 4 months ago

There's a difference between a crime and an offence..a traffic offence just needs a fine unless ukaita nharo then you go the court way

Mafirakureva 4 months ago

@Trump, male chauvinism has no place in modern society. Keep your bigotry to yourself. Do you have scientific evidence and proof to justify your subjective statement? In my 40 years of driving, very rarely have I come across accidents in which women drivers are obviously at fault. it is us Male masochistic who drive recklessly at speed, and drunk to boot.

And for the avoidance of doubt I am a 60 year old male

mubhabhatidzi 4 months ago

ndokumbira kubvunza guys;mai sikhala vanobvumirwa kunorohwa beans here sezvo murume wavo asati abatwa nemhosva or totetena hedu vamwe

Chamatams 4 months ago

Mmmm what a coincidence , kubatwa uchienda kuChikurubi kunoona Bea, political prisoners. I smell a big RAT there.

Sydney 4 months ago

traffic offence yacho ndo yatinoda kuziva first

Sikhala 4 months ago

How many traffic offenders are out there,but iyi vakungoda havo kumumomotora chete

Jamwanda 4 months ago

So she is supposed to be left? when she has offended? i smell lawlwsness if CCC assumes power.

Jojo Chiramba 4 months ago

Stop it George!

---- 4 months ago

There already is lawlessness you imbecile

4 months ago

vanganiko vatakanzwa vakasungirwa traffic offence.kutoreva kuti mhuri yasikhala yakutogara yakatariswaka pese pairi.akaenda kucourt Thursday obva anzi mukati futi,hayas zvakaoma shuwa

Mafirakureva 4 months ago

Now that's a clear case of political persecution
It means the police and the boys in dark glasses are keeping an eye on the Sikhala and Sithole families


mdara Loli pop 4 months ago

vakuda kuuraya mukadzi wacho futi here?👀👀

Traffic laws are to be followed 4 months ago

Road have rules and regulations that spare none

Traffic laws are to be followed 4 months ago

Road have rules and regulations that spare none

VYBZ KARTEL 4 months ago

Ngasungwe there is no sacred cows when it comes to breaking the law

Tickey 4 months ago

The only sacred cows under this ZANU repressive regime are perpetrators of corruption and rapists

Mugo 4 months ago

It's prejudice to say women are not good drivers. I have seen lots of accidents involving male drivers. I also know of a lot of female drivers who have driven for years without causing accidents.

@Mugo 4 months ago

....vamwe tirikuvachengeta mumaroad, they would have died long back. Same nemadriver emitshova, they go bragging that they have many years of accident free driving....manyepo, they must thank the alert drivers who always avoid them as they foul theroads traffic

Crocodile 4 months ago

Road have rules and regulations asi how rules amuri mutevedzera vakomana vemushikashika vanongoita zvavanoda wani police ichingotora mari nekuti mudzimai waSikhala zvakuita sekuti police iri kuita basa ivo vachingori mbavha

xyz 4 months ago

how many traffic offenders do we have in just an hour,why do we not have the reports..... how many ever go court????

Ngonaya ngonaya 4 months ago

@mdra lol pop unenge waiva **** kuchikoro kuurawa kopinda papiii ipapa pamunhu abreaker traffic rules..

Zid 4 months ago

Only the ignorant will judge woman as bad drivers There are female instructors in the word and woman are cautious more than man on the roads

jerejede 4 months ago

Haiwawo zvipi politics idzo vanoda kuvhara ani hatisi vana vadiki isu.


Ndizwo zwinonetsa apa panongotaurwa Jobs ponzi and 14 others chamwafira wee hapana
Ndatenda hangu
Tiise michinjiko mitatu

mufakosi 4 months ago

which traffic offence..muzimbabwe nokuda mari kwe zanu republic polic imi inyaya yevatumwa kwaari chete taneta nazvo fidelity robbers havasati vabatwa nhasi Byo centre day line pabiwa mota only bizz netraffic offence aaaaaa nxaaaa zvadhakwa chet

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