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I've Decided To Forgive My Wife - Oskid

I've Decided To Forgive My Wife - Oskid

Oskid, real name Prince Tapfuma, a Zimbabwean music producer has said he has decided to forgive his wife after reports that she cheated on him. H-Metro, a Zimbabwean online and daily social tabloid newspaper, this week reported that Oskid’s wife, Shylet Madzokere (28) was having an illicit affair with one Andrew Hlatyawayo (41).

Hlatyawayo then leaked pictures exposing their secret affair after discovering that Shylet had not separated from Oskid as she claimed.

Many messages that were posted in response to the expose’ Social media advised Oskid to ditch his wife. He, however, decided to forgive her. He said:

Ok ndanzwa zvamataura mese…maita basa… (I have heard what you said)

I have decided to forgive my wife ndinoziva kwatakabva kana nezvandiri kuronga…tese tiri vatadzi …ngatisadzvinyiriranei. (I know where I and my wife came from and what we’re planning, we’re all sinners, let’s not be oppressive.)

Peace Fellaz

Some applauded him for his decision which they said shows maturity but some said he was making a grave mistake. Below are some of the responses to his decision:

Utsvage movie inonzi war room.

War Room is a 2015 American Christian drama film directed by Alex Kendrick and written by him and Stephen Kendrick. The plot is about a family struggling to stay together and suggests that families need faith in God and prayer to win their battles. 

Oskid Productions she will be the death of u .she has broken trust .something that can’t be regained zvekumhanya. u will forever be insecure. the pain that u were supposed to bear by letting her go is better than the bitterness you have decided to live with. ndikuda kukuudza pachena be a man face your fears for the better of your future and and the future of your little ones bcz peace doesnt do well with bitterness.

Shylet said she met Andrew when she had a misunderstanding with Oskid and she was using him as a “painkiller.”

She said she regrets replacing her “erring” husband “with Andrew” a move which she said was equal to jumping from a frying pan into the fire. 

She added that Oskid has now found something to hold against her yet he is the reason she left him and returned to her family.

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