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Its ZANU PF That Makes You Go To The Toilet, Chadzamira Tells Civil Servants

Its ZANU PF That Makes You Go To The Toilet, Chadzamira Tells Civil Servants

The Minister of Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Masvingo, Ezra Chadzamira, has told civil servants to work for ZANU PF claiming it is the ruling party that is paying them so that they can eat and go to the toilet.

Chadzamira made the remarks at a soil and water conservation launch day that was held at Bengo homestead in Masvingo rural Ward 11 on Friday last week.

The function was organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Fisheries’ department of mechanisation.

Chadzamira’ who was reportedly angered by Agritex officers’ refusal to cooperate with the ruling party, warned that civil servants who are not allegiant to ZANU PF will be fired soon. He said:

Civil servants must know that they are working for a ZANU PF Government and it is the one that makes them able to visit the toilet.

The gathering had civil servants from different Government Departments as well as the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP).

Chadzamira promised civil servants that they will also be included in social welfare programmes as Government is aware that they are also suffering.

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🤔my vote will speak for me 3 weeks ago

then you vote for such people, who make such statements.
if all civil servants we could vote wisely next year we wouldn't be having people who disrespect us like this.

c 3 weeks ago

CCC real change

VYBZ KARTEL 3 weeks ago

Sheer madness

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

On narcotics maybe on steroids definitely not guka or mtoriro maybe zungunde mixed with gavakava and wood glue

**** 3 weeks ago

**** ka Chadzamira

🌹 3 weeks ago

What a disrespect hmmm. Going to the toile!! So siphila ukuthi sidle siye toilet kuphela we don't buy property ..we don't save. but only going to the toilet lemali yenu le ayisikwani ukuye toilet iyanga ize iphele

🌹 3 weeks ago

u are high chadzamira

Golo lika nina 3 weeks ago

Golo lika nina,


mama Bee 3 weeks ago

baba vanozvarisa hre Ava vanotaura zvinhu zvinotyisa kudaro soo

Nyoka Longo 3 weeks ago

That is foolishness on steroids from a coterie of oldman who have no clue on how to run a country. This country should now be in the hands of young generation and these madalas should go to their farms. They are clueless, aged and pathetic. Next you will hear that the air we breath is from them. It is their duty to ensure adequate remuneration for civil servants yet they are failing and the economy is in a free fall yet this oldman has the temerity to spew garbage. NONSENSE

CCC 3 weeks ago

udakiwe yinjengu I wasn't expecting that 4m an old man

Ginja 3 weeks ago


Gafa 3 weeks ago

Ndozvinoita kufarisa Zanu inokurasai very soon muchiita yamai venyu kudaro.Who are yu to utter such rubbish.****

Leto 3 weeks ago

CHAORA CHINHU ICHI chinonzi zanu .
chadzamira kutiii m
anje ikoko nani ZIBENZI


The respect I had for Ezra Chadzamira is all gone. Ezra is used to boot licking. He talked Ill of all civil servants because he wanted to impress His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa so that he gets a promotion at the next Cabinet Reshuffle.

Imagine if Chadzamira has children !!!!! They have all buried their heads in sand with shame.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Mnhu 3 weeks ago

Chadzimira uriiiiii rombeeee zvinemusoro hre zanu 4 sat rezone 4t 4 it iwe ****

Ginious 3 weeks ago

ndaimbotibVaChadzamira bt now ndakuti Chadzamira.Kana President Ed havataure zvakadaro.Chadzamira akukura musoro

Ma1 3 weeks ago

Pakaipa mmmmmm

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

They are the gods of zimbabwe vanoita zvavanoda vachitaura zvavanoda at anytime but loo and behold 2023 will fix things for itself with or without elections.He who laughs last laughs louder .We have had numbsculls who have been spewing their venomously filled up rascist and propaganda moulded speechless .We have the Mugwadi, Mutsvangwa duos from the dinosaur era who miraculously escaped extinction and are living in Zimbabwe.These species from the past dwell in retro stories painted in their peanut sized brains.Only God knows when they are going to catch-up with the rest of the present time

Mkhh 3 weeks ago


Da Truth 3 weeks ago

Nowonder why vanhu veku Masvingo vakaridzingirira roti dzoroguro Rakadarika muviri sejuru sei vanhu vemasoro vachirashika kudai Jonathan Moyo,Madhuku , Mutsvangwa nevaya vanozviti ndomukuru wemedzishe bigheads jazz and chaiyo . Masvingo yakawira ndosaka vanhu vakati mavhenyenyengwa pinda makorokoza Ava vana Chadzamira iiii hapana dololo 😱😱😱

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Ndevezhira imwe.
Vata chana chavatete

Zizi 3 weeks ago

ED if you are human enough make this Chadzamira apologize to the civil servants remember even your body guards are civil servants who are told this nonsense Mwari harisi benzi one day is one day

Krango 3 weeks ago

Inga maiti Chadzimira akakwanara wani 🙆
Zvaanotaura mashura akabhoiriswa!!!
Hapana chisingapere.

Putin 3 weeks ago

ummmmm irough iyoyo.dont foget kut u get elected by people kt uzoba

Putin 3 weeks ago

irough iyoyo.dont ⁴get kt vanhu vaurikuudza zvekunya uchavada next year ndiwe 1 uchadyiwa.withdraw your statement

Putin 3 weeks ago

ummmmmm bad man

bigsam 3 weeks ago

anonzi chamisa fire braand politician... unopezisira wakurotomoka naye mukomana
ngapinde hake

crypto 3 weeks ago

he is the one who shall die a miserable death

Ndanyara Zvangu 3 weeks ago

Inga maiti Chadzimira akakwanara wani.
Heyo rough yakabhoiriswa. 🙆🙆🙆🙆.

Joe Brownn 3 weeks ago

That's why they removed him from provincial chair he is utter rubbish. Zanu-PF terrorists are only in power by coercion and this country doesn't belong to Zanu-PF terrorists.

Yellow 3 weeks ago

Tired of being ruled how we wish to be led

Majority Rule 3 weeks ago

if anyone is still supporting zanu pf it means you are a devil 😈

blaz 3 weeks ago

chadzamira unorova mutoriro chete. unofunga ne **** KKK

Sca 3 weeks ago

Excuse me but varikuenda kumablair toilets nemabush toilets emapepa, enhunzi nemakonye. Zvasiyana nekuti pavaiwana 540, vaienda kumaflash toilets ane matishu nematap

Sca 3 weeks ago

Excuse me but varikuenda kumabush nemablair toilets vachiwiper nemapepa. Zvasiyana ne540 yekuti vaienda kumablair toilets vachishandisa matissue

T 3 weeks ago


Bue 3 weeks ago

Golo lika Chadzamira

mune munhu 3 weeks ago

kwahi ZANU ndoyoyita kuti muyende komama 😂😂😂😂

hhhhhh 3 weeks ago

so those who were listening to this message ,,, mmm yeah I can imagine ,,,

public service 3 weeks ago

nxaaaa kurasika kutaura uko he has to apologize,

Muntuza 3 weeks ago

It's true to a mindless person who survives on Zanu pf. Without Zanu pf to him and his family won't be able to answer the call of nature.

🐕 3 weeks ago

lunatic. mkadzi wake ndi teacher saka zanu ndiyo inoita ayende kutoilet

Mukadota 3 weeks ago

You'll look intelligent until you open your mouth. This comrade is overzealous. He's surely trying to gain attention from the ZANU fat Cats by uttering reckless statements to please his pay masters. He must however learn that ZANU has no permanent friends. One day it'll flush him out.

Ginious 3 weeks ago

haaa that one never looked intelligent before opening the mouth.

B**** 3 weeks ago

iShuwa iyoyo ZANU yaita vamame

Handizi John Chibadura 3 weeks ago


Activist Chinyanganya 3 weeks ago

This man is a poor political leader
He does not learn from political founding fathers local regional and international the likes of
The late former vice president of Zim Cde Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo may his soul rest in peace
•Cde Nelson Mandela uthatha umadiba
•Cde Kenneth Kaunda
•Cde Samora Machel
•Cde Sir Khama
•Cde Julias Nyerere
The listed above they have insulted the public whenever they had to address the public but they would give there people hope and inspiration but this dull carder insults the public the Demo through his useless speech..

ibhubesi 3 weeks ago

****kanyoko nja yothuvi

pfopfapfopfa 3 weeks ago

ummm vakururu ava soo

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