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It's Regrettable Zim Missed British Queen's Leadership In The Past Two Decades - Coltart

It's Regrettable Zim Missed British Queen's Leadership In The Past Two Decades - Coltart

Top CCC official, David Coltart, who was the Minister of Education from 2009 to 2013, said that it is regrettable that Zimbabwe did not benefit from the leadership of Queen Elizabeth II over the past two decades following its withdrawal from the Commonwealth.

Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom’s longest-serving monarch, died on Thursday afternoon at Balmoral in Scotland aged 96, after reigning for 70 years.

In his condolence message to the British Royal Family, Coltart said he will miss the Queen’s Christmas messages and other communications which he said were a source of stability and hope. He wrote:

Please accept my sincere condolences following the passing away of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

My deepest sympathy is extended to the Royal Family, the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

My prayers and thoughts are with you all. I am sure democrats across Zimbabwe will join me in saying how much we treasured her principled leadership of the Commonwealth over so many decades.

It is a matter of deep regret that Zimbabwe did not benefit from her Leadership these past two decades. Personally, she was profoundly inspirational. figure in my Life.

She always handled her massive responsibilities with such grace, decency and dignity.

I will miss her Christmas messages and other communications which were such a source of stability and hope.

May the good Lord rest her soul in peace.

In response, one Innocent Chibaya wrote: “Senator don’t say on behalf of Democrats in Zimbabwe, say on behalf of your family leave us Zimbabweans from this.”

Meanwhile, South Africa’s second-largest opposition political party, EFF led by Julius Malema, says it will not mourn the death of the Queen as she never apologised for the plunder of African resources and the brutal killings of millions of African people by the British during the colonial era.

In a statement issued by National Spokesperson, Sinawo Thambo on Thursday, the party said that if indeed there is life after death, Elizabeth and her ancestors should be punished for their alleged crimes.

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Antonio 5 months ago

Afa anaka. Pabatisei ipapo.

Gwedu 5 months ago

newe benzinukafa wanaka

5 months ago

Anyway RIP Nehanda Nyakasikana and Kaguvi Sekuru

Maparamuro 5 months ago

Coltart has a heavy but empty head. Zimbabwe was plundered for decades by the bri**** monarch and he wished that to continue. Sad

ZimCitizen 5 months ago

Thats History, what are you saying & doing about those who are plundering & looting our resources right now??

Maparamuro 5 months ago

History you refer to is responsible for the current state of affairs.
Are you trying to exonerate the British of the plunder just because there are new plunderers? I have blamed them for what they did not what is being done by Idhi and his people

Worzell Gummidge 4 months ago

I for one would never absolve the colonial system of its past and present wrong evils. The Caribbean Islands, especially Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago & Haiti are still amongst the poorest nations, yet the Queen was their self imposed leader.

The Rastafarians still sing in lamentation over the injustices of Queen Elizabeth. The British Rayal Monarchy or the Babylon system is a perennial parasite still vampirishly sucking the blood of former colonial states. The damage they did and the system of mental slavery they created crippled Africa to this date.

The Commonwealth is still just a cookie jar for the British. How many hospitals did the Queen build for poor Africans? How many underprivileged children did she send to school. How much infrastructure did she build for Africa? To her dieing day she drank Tanganda tea from Zimbabwe and forged herself on chocolates from West & Central Africa.

Did she ever condemn African Dictators? She actually knighted some horrible dictators to serve her. Ask yourself these questions, you'll realise that the Queen was a nefarious individual who perpetuated the neo-colonialism of Africa.

Bindula 5 months ago

Some treat the woman like an angel, some a devil. Britain was and is a capitalist economy. They capitalised on our resources and our incompetent leaders. Stuff happens.

Was she responsible for some of it?? Yes. In a capitalist world you look out for number one.
As Africans we need to stop playing victim every time. Yes the Europeans took away some of our resources but if we're stuck in the past and keep on blaming our colonisers for our modern day problems then we're doomed. Move on people. China is now taking advantage of our submissive behaviour. What's next??

Commenting on the story. Had we stayed in the Commonwealth we could have had a better Zim. But that's speculative. With the current and previous crop of leaders i fear their incompetence would have got the better of them.

@bindula 5 months ago

another intellectual par excellence now on pindula.welcome.

Maparamuro 5 months ago

@bindula Europeans are still plundering Africa, they put in place systems to ensure the plunder never ends. It will take acknowgement of the system and how it operates to undo it.
Poor countries in the commonwealth have remained poor since Zimbabwe left. Zim was poor while in the commonwealth and remains so outside because of the systems put in place to ensure we remain dependent.
Check out some videos by Arikana Chihombori she explains clearly


Gushaz 5 months ago

Mr Coltart has a a right to say that on behalf British Zimbabwean people not Zimbabwean Africans

Zid 5 months ago

Let the bygones be bygones

Mafirakureva Jeremiah 5 months ago

# Reparations for Afrikans Now!

King 5 months ago

If Coltart is wrong, why is this current crop of leaders so eager to rejoin the Commonwealth, where the British monarch will be head? dzimwe dzingoriwo nharo but we jus need to be part of the international community.

Cde Chipopi 5 months ago

Musanyeperwa ne Zanu pf kuti murungu akashata. Propaganda iyoyo ndiyo yatikaurisa ne nhamo for more than 20years now. 15 billion yema diamonds haina kubiwa nema British musanyeperwa asi ne Zanu pf. Isu varungu tinovada muno Coltart atori right ipapo kwete zvima Chinese zvenyu izvi ndozviri kutibira rough muno. Chokwadi hachiputsi ukama hama dzinodiwa. ED anozviziva ndokusaka akamanya kuno mhoresa Tony Blair iye mukuru wenyu wacho. Musativhara imi munhu mutema ndiye atori ne hutsinye husingaiti nekuti anouraya hama yake.

The King of Serpents 5 months ago

I second that

! Monarch 4 months ago

Here in Zim our leaders think 🤔 they are monarchs and expect the people to serve them when in fact they are just mere elected civil servants who are supposed to serve the people.

Maparamuro 5 months ago

Muchasvinura zvenyu.

Ake 5 months ago

Queen Elizabeth was a nonsense woman as Zimbabwe we where benefiting nothing from her she was a queen of satanism Coltat get away with your satanic queen

Cde hondo 5 months ago

Only yesterday Ed was very excited by meeting Blair and it was allover zbc TV and radio stations akafara maningi ne kutaura na Blair varungu munovada musanyepe ma zanu imi

! Monarch 👑 4 months ago

Here in Zim our leaders think 🤔 they are monarchs and expect the people to serve them when in fact they are just mere elected civil servants who are supposed to serve the people.

Mkom Mkoma 4 months ago

Ungatiiko iwe makatipedzera hupfumi muno umu.Hatinei nayeba queen wako uyo

Dd 4 months ago

Queen akaipa.. muchitaura chirungu.. speak your native language. The whole world speaking english

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