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It's Not Sanctions Behind Zimbabwe's Economic Challenges - U.S.

It's Not Sanctions Behind Zimbabwe's Economic Challenges - U.S.

The United States Embassy in Harare has reiterated that sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe are not the cause of the Southern African country’s problems.

This comes as Zimbabwe and all other SADC countries are campaigning for the removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe saying they are hurting the general populace.

SADC set 25 October as the Anti-Sanctions day.

The U.S., however, says the issues in Zimbabwe are mainly a result of bad governance. Said the embassy on Monday:

Blaming sanctions is a convenient scapegoat to distract the public from the real reasons behind Zimbabwe’s economic challenges – corruption, economic mismanagement, and failure to respect human rights and uphold the rule of law. #ItsNotSanctions

The United States and its allies in the West, including the United Kingdom and the European, imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe at the turn of the millennium citing gross human violation during the fast-track land reform programme.

Zimbabwe claims the sanctions were a retaliation to the Robert Mugabe government’s dispossession of white farmers of their land.

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