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"It's Fake News", RBZ Dismisses Videos, Messages Of Gold Coins In Circulation

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has urged members of the public to disregard videos and messages circulating on social media in which some people claim to have received the yet-to-be-issued gold coins.

In a statement, the RBZ said the videos and messages are fake news as the gold coins will become available on 25 July 2022. Reads the statement:

Videos and messages circulating on social media purporting or giving out that gold coins are available for sale and that some people already have them are nothing but fake news.

For the record, RBZ has not released any gold coins and the gold coins will become available on 25 July 2022 as earlier advised by RBZ.

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killer Zivhu 1 month ago

ini kwaChivi ndinawo magold coins aya akauya naana Roland Muchegwa vanoshanda kuFIU paRBZ

factos 1 month ago

ndinhayo inin
ndakapuwa namaNgundwa

Deposed G-Fourty 1 month ago

Rather than mint coins, just sell that gold and improve the fiscus. Chakachenjedza ndochakatanga. Manyangira yaona sekuru. Handei tione! This time Shiri ndoyakabata rheken

Pano Netsa 1 month ago

Makaburitsa zvammunongoita manew bank notes. Pack n go as u promised

bishu 1 month ago

zvatanga futi. pama bearer cheques waiona highest denomination ichibuds nekumaruva wemumaguta vasati vaiona. corruption. wealth created pa printing press.
Reminds me of an anecdote from somewhere in central africa where the reserve bank governor in trying to explain why printing mire notes was harmful to to the economy was told to print a million more for himself.

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