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It's Crass To Politicise Tragic Domestic Violence Incident - Mangwana

It's Crass To Politicise Tragic Domestic Violence Incident - Mangwana

The permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Ndavaningi Mangwana has accused CCC of politicising the death of Moreblessing Ali, an opposition member.

Ali was murdered and mutilated by suspected ZANU PF activists in Chitungwiza in May and her body was retrieved from a well in Manyame on Saturday, 11 June.

CCC accuses ZANU PF members including one Pius Jamba of kidnapping Ali on 24 May, the last day she was seen alive.

However, in a statement a few days after Ali’s disappearance, police said the matter had nothing to do with politics but was a domestic violence case.

In a post on Twitter, on Saturday evening, Mangwana criticised the opposition for allegedly politicising Ali’s brutal murder. He wrote:

It’s tragic to lose any Zimbabwean, whether to domestic violence to ritual killing or to an accident. We all matter otherwise nobody matters.

But what crass is trying to extract political capital out of a tragic domestic violence case possibly by a twisted individual?

Meanwhile, human rights activist, Namatai Kwekweza, said the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) should not tell members of the public how to respond to the murder of Ali.

That was after ZRP issued a statement on Saturday night warning “some politicians, including some lawyers” against “openly inciting violence” in relation to Ali’s murder. Kwekweza tweeted:

The ZRP should just be announcing the discovery of Moreblessing’s body and not telling citizens how to behave and respond to the matter.

This matter is very much political and Moreblessing was targeted for her political affiliation. We must call it out for what it is!

Ali’s body was retrieved from a well at Chitungwiza’s alleged ZANU PF terror leader Simbarashe Chisango’s homestead in Manyame.

The body was cut into two and the intestines were put in a plastic bag.

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dacker 1 month ago

rest in peace Alli ,

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Police need to act professionally and tell us what they did since the disappearance of Ali to the day the body was found. Where was Pius when was he last seen. Police knew he was responsible from day 1 so we should be told what they did with the information. Where is Simbarashe Chisango now.

Mwakusha 1 month ago

Intestines in a plastic bag?

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Sounds like CCC has evidence that this was a politically motivated murder, best way is to make that evidence public otherwise the domestic violence story will carry the day

You support ZANU Koz Haude Kushanda 1 month ago

Let's all vote ZANU PF out of the system. If the police had acted swift soon after the report of this abduction, Ali would be alive. Our police force is a captured one, being led by some party sympathisers who just want to be promoted to some ambassadors by the ruling party. Let's simply vote for CCC or any opposition party so that we do away with this cantankerous ruling party.

hoo 1 month ago

Saka uri kuziva maitikiro azvo ese handiti

Cde Kasukuwere 1 month ago

@ Nick Mangwana, mwana wamai dzikamai, I tell you are being used by this regime. The same system used me to an extent that I thought I was going to be the next president of Zimbabwe after the late RG Mugebe, but look today em in exiled running away from them whom I thought were true friends. They wanted to kill so I ran away for my dear life but they claim I self exiled myself. The same will happen to you. Be calm dear cde. Dzungu iro you are simply alianating yourself from the family of Zimbabwe. I say this out of experience. I see the system has wholly blinkered you that you think you are the untouchable one. Kkkkk I used to view myself wena but look now em a destite here in South Africa. You are dragging yourself into my dilemma big man. By supporting Zanu pf, you are simply doing a disservice to your own family and Zimbabweans at large. You will soon be a nobody as Zanu pf will push you onto the abyss. Remember there are eye witnesses who say Ali was taken away from her friends by Zanu pf thugs and you are busy brushing it as a case of domestic violence. The body was retrieved from the premises of Zanu pf thugs but you call it a domestic issue. My brother zvauri kuita ndozvandainyatsoita thinking we were in the untouchable class of political mbingaz, but today em a victim of my own political system.

Pablo 1 month ago

Heya motozviziva henyu vakuru kuti makawanza dzungu ka? Waizonyanyawo Tyson.

605... 1 month ago

it is directly related to politics... the fact that police feared to take fast action themselves police suspected ZANU this why they protected their lives by not seriously investigating .... if it was not politics the kidnaper would be arrested already


605... 1 month ago

some cases are too obvious police didn't take the matter seriously because they are working for zanu and moreblesing is of the opposition

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

This gruesome murder must be investigated professionally, intensively and extensively until Pius Jamba is arrested and prosecuted. I do not why people of this country want to criticise CCC Political Party for announcing that the murdered Moreblessing Ali was one of theirs. While Police are investigating, they cannot stop CCC political party from finding out how one of them was murdered. Police must not condemn citizens for giving them information. They must receive, weigh the information and throw away the chaff. If government, especially police adopt this attitude of warning people who are giving them information, they are doing a disservice to themselves. Citizens will be afraid to give them information. Citizens want know what they have done with Masango who witnesses allege is a friend of Pius Jamba and was present when Pius Jamba abducted Moreblessing Ali. There is an allegation that both Masango and Jamba are well known ZANU PF activists. Police and Nick Mangwana avoided to enlighten citizens on it. Police must concentrate on Investigating this case rather than repremanding people who are giving them information. If there are people who are agitating for violence, they must be told in no uncertain bterms that they should stop it.




Mmmm 1 month ago

A fool with low intelligence will always disgrace themselves.

Mkanya 1 month ago

Nick yu are a disgrace to the nation

tongwai 1 month ago

before she went missing in hangu I had never heard about I believe kuti she did not have tt mc influence politically to warrant a murder...hameno maonero angu

🥨 1 month ago

You don't know. We're certain

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Nick Mangwana, kumeso kunenge chidhori chepa Slug. Inoita Domestic Violence pakudii? More blessing naJamba vakanga vasina hukama, vakanga vasina kuroorana, uye vakanga vasingari vose pamusha mumwechete. Zvapupu zviri kuti Moreblessing akaita zvekupambwa nechisimba husiku paChibhanguza kuManyame apo aitandara neshamwari yake. Saka inoita Domestic issue pakudii zvinhu zvakaitika paJekerere? Mapurisa vaitoita dambe vachipa Mhondi nguva yekutiza nekuti mumwe wavo kuZANU. Zvisinei hazvo, ngozi ine mutunguvhaivhai vachaiona havo vakauraya. Vana Ali ndiwo maBwidi eChichawa, munoita Mummificate chete kusvika mayaura mataura.

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