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'It's All Fake,' Chamisa Dismisses Mwonzora Meeting Report

'It's All Fake,' Chamisa Dismisses Mwonzora Meeting Report

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has dismissed media reports claiming that he recently met MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora and pledged to form a coalition ahead of the 2023 elections.

A local daily publication on Friday reported that Chamisa and Mwonzora met at a hotel in Harare this week and reached an agreement whose details were not revealed.

However, responding to one of his Twitter followers who had said CCC should not engage in dialogue with Mwonzora at any stage, Chamisa said:

It’s April fools… Ignore the lies. It’s all fake, falsehoods and propaganda. We’re clear!

Chamisa and Mwonzora went their separate ways in 2020 after the Supreme Court ruled that Chamisa had illegally taken over the MDC-T presidency in 2018.

Mwonzora was later voted MDC-T president and claimed the MDC Alliance name and symbols, prompting Chamisa to launch CCC in early 2022.

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Chipaz 2 months ago

ok zvirikuitika na Mwonzora zvekuvaka vanhu mabasa ko akazove President vanhu vanozomira payi uye muma Company munenge muchiri nevashandi here kana kuti Mwonzora achashanda nemhuri yake handioni achibudirira kunze kwekuva chiseko chenyika

S 2 months ago

Musade kuti fentesa. Mwonzora was banned ku CCC kubva pekutanga kwe CCC. Hatimude, irombe re munhu. Hatidi kunyangadzirwa Party yedu ne **** rinonzi Nzondora. **** rising kana support. Bull**** Mwonzora. Gara ikoko ku ZANU PF. Ndo kwawaka fita.

Zim 1 3 months ago

Hatiite zvemagroup

Tanu Mark Finnity 3 months ago

Chamisa must never allow this sellout mwonzora to join CCC his a puppet of zanu and is a very confused person

Never 3 months ago

Thank God it's April fool's day. Otherwise

Dispenser 3 months ago

Confess yr ****iness to those who send you that others learn .that won't affect the sender but one on the ground

mthwakazi republic president 3 months ago

eam very sorry i would like to confess whats haunting me before i breath last

i gave myself this name for pushing a certain agenda which iam not at liberty to share here

during Gukurahundi i was the chief sellout in matebeleland

i lived in Bubi by then i liason with 5th brigade and was used as an informer and sellout the people of matebeland

the 5th brigade gave me money,dagga,cigarretes and some one day home brewed beer so that i wont fear to kill

i was the first person to get a gun and shot a pregnant woman via th belly and the foetus was exposed ,i killed her with kitchen knife

i also burnt several houses while people were in

The spirit of the deceased is haunting me i dnt know if they are spiritual healer in Zim who can clease me and by family
i feel i had incizi which keeps hauting me

during the night i usually dont sleep i see people coming with spears and want to pierce me and it drives me out of my bed and i will be seated on the corner in my one room smoking dagga till the next morning

in 2008 i also contributed to grossy human massacre while supporting Mugabe


Blade 3 months ago

Mwonzora chikwekwe he msty not came nr ccc

zimbo 3 months ago

izvo ndozvatisingade kunzwa ngaapinde 2023 out of 69seats dzemadzakudzaku vanoasra ne zerooooooo

G thing 3 months ago

ini ndatove kuchibatara kudhara ndarohwa nehana ndikatocollapse🤣🤣🤣🤣

r ncube 3 months ago

vele besengimangele ukuthi njani imdc t le CCC zihlangane why asifuni Loku nzwa ngalo lokho CCC yondwa NGO 2023 chete chete iyabusa

inini 3 months ago

isn't this tribalism hapana chandanzwa

tentin 3 months ago

CCC is simply casting the net wide. Let's swell our ranks. It not a question of courting Mwonzora, but it's a question of courting his followers. Together we stand, divided we fall. Every vote counts.

Shadows 3 months ago

Kubatana or not , you just a bunch of losers. Mnozvinyepera boyz.

chamisa mufundisi 3 months ago

Pindula thank you for coming up with this free platiform we are delighted ti be here but you journis sometimes its your mandate to cinduct fact finding in most sensitive articals you post

last week your posted that Benjan Maruwaru dont have Caf certificate to lead Fc platinum actually Benjy have a UEFA coaching certificate to its like u are comparing GCSE and a Grade 7 certificate UEFA holder certificate had more valie than CAF certificate

The same week you posted that Passion Java was relieved off his duty from AAG which is headed by Scott Sakupwanya

today u posted

🚀 3 months ago

Mufundisi u cnt compare Caf A ne Uefa A licence cz they are from different worlds ahagare patechnical bench kuCaf champions league kana asina Caf A licence

Gosho 3 months ago

Dhagi indhidhi

CHAMMSA ON LINE 3 months ago

April faulse day

holly nonsense 3 months ago


Chikomba Rural District 3 months ago

Imiwo vePindula munatipawo zvineumboo hwakakwana munotiiurayisa me heart attack one day

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

Hauzive zvaunoda **** ye munhu

JARAVAZA 3 months ago

Yaah, it's now very clear. Zvanga zvatirovesa nehana.

Conquring 3 months ago

Tinovhundujs zve nhai

mukanya 3 months ago

April fools day!

valembe 3 months ago

haaa tanga tavhuka kuvhutsa vanhu usadaro nelly

Amara Brown 3 months ago

haaaa haaaa

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