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"It Was All A Dream" - Khama Billiat Retires From International Football

Kaizer Chiefs forward, Khama Billiat has announced his retirement from international football just hours after Zimbabwe played its last day of the 2022 FIFA World CUP qualifiers against Ethiopia.

Dubbed one of the best players to wear the national jersey, Billiat has on many occasions scored crucial goals for the Warriors, made assists, and dribbled past opponents, much to the pleasure of a legion of Warriors fans.

While many would agree that Khamaldinho, as he is known in football circles, is talented, he has not been at his usual best lately, a development attributed to injuries. Many would have thought that he would consider retiring after the AFCON finals next year. Pindula News presents his announcement on quitting international football.

Fellow Zimbabweans

It was all a dream. When I was young. I always dreamt of representing the country. playing for the national team.

The dream which seemed far-fetched for a young Khama in Mufakose came when I least expected it.

The first day I donned the Warriors badge. I vowed to enjoy myself and always lift the country’s spirits.

Scoring a goal at the Africa Cup of Nations finals is one moment I still relive in my mind even up to date. It is one of the many special moments I have experienced wearing the coveted yellow jersey.

The feeling of scoring in a packed stadium for your nation is inexplicable.

I have met so many teammates, coaches at the national team and I appreciate every relationship I have built along the way. By playing for the Warriors. I have improved immensely as a player it is an opportunity I will forever cherish.

However, every story no matter how beautiful has an ending. This is probably the heaviest decision I have ever had to take in my life, but it is a decision I make with a patriotic heart.

Like those who had to pave way for our generation of Warriors stars to emerge. I have decided to retire from international football. I believe it is now time for me to pave way for new talent to blossom and serve the country in the same way that I did, or even better.

I will forever be indebted to those who took a chance on me and moulded me into the international player I grew to become. Thank you, Zimbabwe for supporting me and my teammates, for showing love with each outing.

God bless you

Khama Billiat

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kim luta 3 months ago

siya iwe

Philani Mandasi 6 months ago

Chibaba chedu KB11 respect to you my guy

Skhumba 6 months ago

Thank you so much Khama ngiyahlonipha umbono wakho, wish u all the best

Madala Banda 6 months ago

Haa dai Chi Zifa board chika dzingwa coz chakakonzeresa kuti vakomana vatambe nyemba

Odd 6 months ago

Zvabva zvaitika 😂

Griso 6 months ago

Kana waona zvisiri ku maker sense siya wangu👏👏👏...sure team isingagone 5 mapass consecutively 🚮

Zdravko Logarusiç 6 months ago

I took everything with me , just wait and see how bad your so called warriors team will perform.I wonder why they ate called warriors , they are “worries”


Mdara Odza 6 months ago

Kuda kunyengererwa kuti vanhu vamuti tanga watamba AFCON

Rsd 6 months ago

You've played your small part in a big way. A good dancer must know when to leave the stage.

ED 6 months ago

Good morning Khama

Thanks for representing our great nation Zimbabwe. However, what pains me alot is why would you retire a month before a major tournament. Thus very unfair to your fellow teammates & coaches at the national level.

Yours truly


Mapeza 6 months ago

Ngakaende hakana basa kachigure kekuMufakose ako

ICE COOL 6 months ago

This current generation of players we have no longer have the nation at heart,are we gonna have players in the mould of the Ndlovus,Bambo to name but a few who craved to fight in their nations corner inspite of the challenges they faced,imagine a top player resigning just a month before a major tournament,i cant believe it,you want the whole nation to beg you,we cant stoop so low bro,God will provide another top quality for Mapeza to utilise in January goodbye Khama dont bother rescinding your decision,love your money at Chiefs but remember no more place for you in the hallnarks of Zimbabwes finnest players,imagine a soldier turning his back to the before the mother of all battles that surbotage

ICE COOL 6 months ago

In as far as we have to respect your decision,i think your decision was a bit cruel to the nation you purport to have saved with passion,why before a major tournament Khama,it seems there is more to it than we are aware of,you wanted Loga and didnt want Nnrman,is that so ok bro indeed it was a dream go well bro Asante Asana

Tsivo 6 months ago

Ummm khama your decision yandirwadza zvankue .Wish the best boy

Tanaka21 6 months ago

Good boy waratidza maturity kwete kurambira pachinhu ukuziwa ur nolonger capable ,ana CR7

R`G 6 months ago

Well done khama

Ak soko 6 months ago

Thank you khama

MuGrade 2 6 months ago

Unoda kugezwa munyama chete.. imagine NakambA playing in the epl n Khama in SA

Bright 6 months ago

Ungaenzanise nakamba na khama play yavo unoiona yakafanana here tarisa bhora rinotambwa nemunhu kwte kutarisa mbiri

Shadows 6 months ago

Was a gd player. BT ane chivanhu or munyama. With all his talent akatadzawo kunotamba kuchando. Shame khama. Last kick of a dying horse on Sunday, very bad

khama Billiat 6 months ago

This is the heaviest decision

Banda 6 months ago

I respect yo decision Khamaldino wish u all the best

Madala Banda 6 months ago

Haa bambo endai Hapana zvamaitamba imi apa ku resign kuda kuti tikunyengerere kuti dzoka kani manje hatidaro baya usadzoke

Tinovonga 6 months ago

Nhai wataura

Economic Marketing Africa 6 months ago

If you say Khama did nothing perhaps you didn't watch football , fellow countrymen this man should go down in History of Zimbabwean football as one of the greatest

Doroguru 6 months ago

Thank you for all the wonderful memories Khamaldinho🤗🤗

Tinovonga 6 months ago


Bright 6 months ago

I wish u best in your life pezera rako wakabata basa

Fman 6 months ago

Khama wanted loga forgetting mapeza who enrolled him in 2011 quiting before a big tournament is a symbol of betraying the nation

Walk well ma man you have created an opportunity to the young ones see you don't be ashamed seeing your fellow worries lifting Afcon

Tinovonga 6 months ago

Well played 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼

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