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"It Is Impossible To Isolate Russia" - Dmitry Peskov

Russia has said it is impossible to isolate Kremlin considering that it is a huge economy, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday.

Western powers imposed sanctions on Russia following the invasion of Ukraine on 24 February this year. 

The Washington Post, in April, reported that Russia had already been isolated as “governments are going so far as to subvert long-standing policies and traditions to pour weapons and other equipment into Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Peskov says the isolation of Russia, even as far as technology goes, is impossible. Said Peskov:

No one is talking about isolation. It is impossible to isolate Russia, despite the fact that countries unfriendly, or rather hostile to us, are trying to isolate us economically, politically, and in the sphere of trade. They cannot and will not succeed, because in today’s world it is impossible to isolate a country, especially such a huge country like Russia.

The world is reeling from the effects of the war between Russia and Ukraine which interrupted international trade.

Fuel prices went up following the war as it became difficult for Russia to export oil to other countries and continents.

Some NATO members even opposed sanctions on Russia saying they will also be negatively affected as they depend on Russia for oil and grain. 

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Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Then NATO sanction for own benefit 😂
GO PUTIN GO give them their daily bread...

mwana waShe 2 months ago

Read Matthew 24 in the new Testament to see the truth about the prophetic messages of our Lord Jesus Christ. Nation shall rise against nation.

biggie smalls 2 months ago

guys let's not be saddistics, people r dying n we say zvaiveko when war comes to your door step i wonder if u'll see things the same

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

Yes Blue💙
Jesus then went forward saying


it is never near

Blue 💙 2 months ago

Even before Jesu auya vanhu vaingo dhayana, saka hapana.

Blue 💙 2 months ago

Nhai hako iwee@Zvimbazi. Kubva kuma dark ages, the Renaissance period, whatever time one can think off kwaifiiwa, saka hapana

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

Zvatanga nhasi here ?

Asalif 2 months ago

there's nothing to celebrate because their own economy is the worst affected is there any country which you heard vehicles are parked because they don't have fuel these Russian guys are insane

Nerd 2 months ago

@Asalif zvimwe munofanirwa kuonawo musati mangotaura
Zvirikuitika zvine inonzi ripple effect and isusu tagara tine economy iri kufamba nema crutches tinokuvara
hona price yemafuta, yechingwa
hona kukwira kwefuel.
isusu tinotokuvara worse kupfuura Russia yacho because ndiyo Mbinga yedu.
isu tinotengerwa nembinga yedu Russia, izvezvi Mbinga yaakurwara, totengerwa naani manje.

Ano 2 months ago


Imwe Mbeu 2 months ago

🥱 iripo nyika isina fuel right now. it's unfortunate that Pindula didn't report about it.

Chombo 2 months ago

Russians are thier for thier country,not obey a second God America,they kill for thier own interests no one complain, American learn to co-exist with others in this world,bulling in others using the term domocracy is not good.Fuelling wars for others and talking rubbish daily **** tired of these ****s

bhuru 2 months ago

kana neni ndarasika kt murikutii vachombo

Bush 2 months ago

Va Chombo, nyorayi nechi Russian, kana chi Zhing Zhong, siyanayi ne Western Language

😃 2 months ago

nyorai nechamunogona tsano. chirumgu chacho hey.

Chombo 2 months ago

Russians are thier for thier country,not obey a second God America,they kill for thier own interests no one complain, American learn to co-exist with others in this world,bulling in others using the term domocracy is not good.Fuelling wars for others and talking rubbish daily **** tired of these ****s


America🇺🇸 2 months ago

We'll see about that .

we will see 1 month ago

we will see

Dhuterere 2 months ago

Russia is one of the under developed countries in the world ratings their economy has nothing to offer they can't afford to donate to any nation

Blue 💙 2 months ago

Exactly. It's developing, not under developed

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

@Tsar, @Blue. Russia is ranked as a developing nation. That's why they are in the BRICS along with Brazil, India, Chana & South Africa. Although China is developed than the other 4.

Russian oil & gas oligarchs are mostly billionaires living in other developed countries such as England & USA. The distribution of wealth & the gap between the Russian poor & the wealthy is grossly uneven & unequal. The majority of Russians live in very cold & tiny apartments in cities such as Pietersburg, or in rural areas where they live like Serfs.

Yes Russia is geographically enormous, but most of it is Boreal forests & Tundra that are frozen for the greater part of the year. Just like Siberia. Russian income from gas & oil is used mainly to fund the military & armourments while the poor live poorly under Putin's Securocracy.

Blue 💙 2 months ago

Russia is under developed? Mmm. I think maybe you meant developing.

Asalif 2 months ago

@The Tsar Much I didn't know I know it produces much needed minerals how they use the returns is good as Zimbabwe

The Tsar 2 months ago

You are obviously not well read on international trade and economics. Broaden your horizons by reading more.

Asalif 2 months ago

they invest their money on weapons of mass destruction leaving the people to suffer that is the problem of communist countries they believe in war more than anything else

The Tsar 2 months ago

Kkkkkk munozviwana kupiko zvamunonyora izvi??

Putin 2 months ago

Though the West has made a concerted effort to slash imports of Russian oil and gas, the country’s energy revenue might be higher now than before it invaded Ukraine, U.S. energy security envoy Amos J. Hochstein said Thursday.
While addressing members of a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee, Hochstein said global demand for oil has been “far greater, stronger, than anyone predicted” coming out of the pandemic. As a result, prices for fossil fuel have risen — possibly leading to Russia’s energy industry making more money despite having to sell its crude at a deeply discounted price.
Since the invasion of Ukraine, countries such as the United States and Britain have embargoed Russian energy products. Earlier this month, the European Union announced another round of sanctions banning all Russian seaborne oil imports — a move intended as part of the bloc’s pledge to wean itself off Russian fossil fuel.
But while these restrictions are designed to punish Russia, they have also contributed to a surge in global energy prices that has boosted the country’s revenue in the short term. At the same time, nations such as India and China have also stepped up their purchases of Russian oil.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken note of the situation, predicting that the world won’t be able to completely cut itself off from Russian energy for the next couple of years, the BBC reported .

Asalif 2 months ago

what I'm trying to say has been explained to us by @ worzell

Dhuterere 2 months ago

@Asalif arikutaura chokwadi the Russian rich elite don't even stay there the government fund zvehondo kunyanya leaving the poor marginalized do you still remember when thousands of Russians died after freezing to death because of poor infrastructure for gas supply network most of you guys munoita nharo but you are young on the history of these countries makadzidza history ye3rd chimurenga panapa

nutshell 2 months ago


Volodymyr Zelenskyy 2 months ago

EU has failed to stop the invasion of Ukraine. Now 20 percent of Ukraine is now occupied by Russia and each and every day Ukraine is shelling muchingohukura ana BIDEN NEVAMWE VAKO

Putin 2 months ago

will sink them front and back

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