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Islamic State-linked Insurgents Behead 6, Shoot Italian Nun

Islamic State-linked Insurgents Behead 6, Shoot Italian Nun

Islamic State-linked insurgents in Mozambique’s Nampula province Tuesday beheaded at least six people and also killed an Italian nun killed, authorities said on Wednesday.

President Filipe Nyusi said the insurgents unleashed a killing spree as they fled from soldiers from Mozambique, Rwanda and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) sent to tackle the violence.

The insurgency is concentrated in Mozambique’s northern province of Cabo Delgado and has claimed thousands of lives since it broke out in 2017, disrupting multibillion-dollar natural gas projects. Speaking in the resort town of Xai Xai north of the capital Maputo, Nyusi said:

On the 6th of September, as a result of terrorist attacks, six citizens were beheaded, 3 kidnapped, six terrorists were captured and dozens of houses torched in the districts of Erati and Memba, Nampula province.

According to media reports, an 83-year-old Italian nun, who lived in the city of Nacala, was shot in an attack on Tuesday night, while two other missionaries managed to escape.

Nampula province secretary of state Mety Gondola confirmed the development to Reuters saying the situation was worrisome. 

The Portuguese News agency Lusa said the nun, who was shot in the head, belonged to the order of the Comboni Missionary Sisters and had been working in Mozambique since 1963. 

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Gweks 4 months ago

Uuuumm pakaip

mango 4 months ago

muzimba totambura zvedu bt hakuna izvi

Oil and Gas 4 months ago

zvichauya nehupfumi hwe oil negas zvekumuzarabani

Worzell Gummidge 4 months ago

Africa must remain a buyer of Middle Eastern oil from the Arabs. Africa must continuously spend billions of dollars buying oil & petroleum products from the Middle East. Hence the Islamic Muftis, Shahs, Immams & Ayatollahs sponsor insurgents & terrorists to eliminate competition. It's all Shi'ite shi.t.

The USA & Europe would want to buy oil from stable African countries where the shipping distance is shorter. Notice that wherever there is oil, it's always the Moslems & Islamic Extremists who cause problems.

The Moslems kneel five times a day in the desert sands, head-butting the ground, breathing dust, praying for an opportunity to butcher innocent people with their rappiers. While their Malik's & Saudi princes drive Bentley's & Likan Hypersports in the deserts of Dubai.

Islam is in many respects Satanic & oppressive. I know an Islamic Wizard or Sangoma who sells goblins while wearing an Islamic skull cap, a dress & sandals.

CHAWABVUNZA 4 months ago

Magandanga aya ari kujaidzwa aya. ANOFANIRA kurohwa zvakaomarara kwazvo. Anodzokera kwaakabva aya.

dambu 4 months ago

endaka unoarovaka iwewe

Mkoma mkoma 4 months ago

Anofanira kurohwa naniko endsika munobetsera boss

dambu 4 months ago

endaka unoarova iwewe

Degu 4 months ago

Ndokuno fanirwa kuendeswa ma GREEN BORBER ikoko


Revelation 4 months ago

Where do these people get their funding from coz it's not easy to have man power and weapons to fight an army without funding....something tells me kuti pane vanhu vasingadi kuti Africa ibudirire coz all African countries with oil it's the same story.

Revelation 4 months ago

The only reason why the Gulf countries have been able to tackle badits and terrorists its coz of the deal they have with NATO...without that deal the whole middle east will be a disaster

4 months ago

If Zimbabwe is serious about gas oil we need serious security and weapons kwete zve**** zvedu izvi.

Kong 4 months ago

Saudi Arabia and USA are the main sponsors of these bandits....they are fighting for oil monopoly.

Kule Kule 4 months ago

ndizvozvo hazvo asi pakupera kwezuva anoshandiswa ndiye benzi

dambu 4 months ago

zvekushandiswa zviriko mazanu anongo shandiswa wani kauraya muno

Gwedu 4 months ago

This is the only way to go for the Zimbabwe case. If you think it will go smooth hakuna. Niccolo Machiavelli philosophy is the only route for xanu

Gweks 4 months ago

Magandanga aya arikuda kuitwa zvakaitwa naBiden kumuterrorist uya

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