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Iran Sentences 51 To Death By Stoning For Adultery

Iran Sentences 51 To Death By Stoning For Adultery

Classified records have revealed Iran has sentenced 51 people to death by stoning for adultery with the victims set to have rocks hurled at their heads while trapped in sand.

Leaked documents smuggled from inside the country’s prisons say 23 women and 28 men as young as 25 await their brutal executions.

Those sentenced to death by stoning have previously been wrapped and bound in a white sheet.

Victims in the past have been buried up to their neck or waist in the ground before stones were hurled at them.

In the past, it has sometimes taken several hours for the victim to die.

The records, obtained by The Sun Online from sources of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), include the names, ages, sentencing body, and location of imprisonment of the accused.

It is the first time an official list of individuals sentenced to stoning by the Iranian Judiciary has been acquired from within the regime.

Death by stoning came into force in Iran after the 1979 revolution, and despite the judiciary placing a moratorium on the vile practice in 2002, many are still condemned to the wicked punishment.

Under Iranian laws, rape, adultery, armed robbery, and murder are among crimes that can lead to the death penalty – which law enforcers in the country have long argued is essential for maintaining public security.

Iran’s Penal Code even has specific instructions for how the execution should be carried out, stating: “The size of the stone used in stoning shall not be too large to kill the convict by one or two throws and at the same time shall not be too small to be called a stone.”

Victims first have their hands bound before being covered in a sheet, which is tied in several places including around the neck, waist, and ankles.

They are then buried in a ditch filled with sand – with women having just their shoulders and head left above the ground, while men are exposed from the waist up.

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Gordon Mware 1 month ago

Yaa vanozoenda kumberi vakomana vacho

1 month ago


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Iko kuzoponderwawo chibhinzi ndokusingaiti haisi mhosva hombe iyo.
Rape, Robbery n Murder yah matombo pamunhu 😂

Ginious 1 month ago

Chinorwadza chacho ivo vanoStona vamwe ndomaChief ekupomba

Mwakusha 1 month ago

Very good sentence indeed. We must do the same nema ARMED ROBBERS in 🇿🇼

Gordon Mware 1 month ago

I agree with you 100%

dispenser 1 month ago

In Iran they have punishment for adultery, robbery,corruption and so on which deserve death,acording to their laws .It's very unfortunate here the laws which attracts death they are nothing.The only law which causes death is being an activist ,an opposition and to talk anything against e ruling Gvt

The Hangman 1 month ago

Can you share a list of opposition activists who have been sentenced to death. Kuno havasati vasvika; maybe vachiri munzira.

Swagger 1 month ago

They practise these laws from beginning yet adultery,armed robbers never stopped ,rapists never Stop. they should abandon this stonning punishment

ok 1 month ago

de deserves to live. upenyu hwemunhu hunokosha

Gordon Mware 1 month ago

Ithink it will be really helpful if Zimbabwe adopts such methods for armed robbers and murderers.
recently there was a guy who admitted killing over 20 people in cold blood.
Does hedeserves to live more than the people he killed?

Dj Towers 1 month ago

Guys zvorwadza kusvirirwa mkadzi.......ngavafe

Asalif 1 month ago

iwe hauisi vana vevamwe nevakadzi vevamwe hakuna murume asina kumbozviita

nhamoinesu 1 month ago


General maontso 1 month ago

A gun is better than a stone. a cup of poison is better than a stone.. stoning is not a punishment, for the human race.. Maybe for killing the dangerous Creatures, like snake and crocodiles... yaah that's inhumane...

Gordon Mware 1 month ago

Death in your sleep is one of myfavorites

Blue 💙 1 month ago

There's no better form of death

zimboy 1 month ago

yaaa humbombwe hukuwanda sterek😂

Freda 1 month ago

@Blue ar thre different ways of dying, if thre ar then thre shld terrible ways to u wld prefer a fatal gunshot to the head than being skinned until u bleed out or being dragged behind a car for miles til u die.

aaaa 1 month ago

munoona huipi hwevamwe hwenyu hamusi kuuhuona nhaika kutambura kurikuita vanhu muno hamusikukuona hre nhaiwe Dambudzo

zimcitizen 1 month ago

In Zimbabwe, people who oppose Zanu pf are killed with machetes, because they are considered to be lice.

Brigadier 1 month ago

Zimbabwe should copy such good practices here

Gordon Mware 1 month ago

it should

Mudhumeni 1 month ago

Kkkkk brigadier usadaro

jerenyenje 1 month ago

zvoshamisa kana zvaitwa ikoko, kuuraya kuuraya hazvinaa kusiyana ko America vanobaya poison kana kukuisa pamagetsi ane 2500 vlts chii chakasiyana.. musangotaura kana zvaitwa nekwamakavenga

Freda 1 month ago

Thats a terrible way of going abt executing pple, its too brutal.

Blue 💙 1 month ago

Exactly bro. Well said

SC 1 month ago

Inhumane, life in prison is punishment enough

Asalif 1 month ago

look East friends of Zanu pf Sharia law

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