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Invisible Hand Cooks Sadza, Dares Family To Eat The Food

Invisible Hand Cooks Sadza, Dares Family To Eat The Food

A family in Nyanga had to forgo sadza for about two years as a mysterious invisible hand has been seizing cooking sticks from them whenever they try to prepare a meal that requires the utensil.

Josphat Matsidza of Tombo Village which falls under Chief Saunyama’s area said that his family members have left him, accusing him of causing all the problems.

It is alleged that the Matsidza’s woes started after he stole a black satchel from a fellow villager, Collins Choto, during one of Acting Chief Saunyama’s court sessions in 2018.

The bag reportedly contained two stones that Matsidza allegedly thought were pieces of gold.

It however emerged that the pebbles were ritual stones that were picked from where Choto’s father died during the war of independence.

It was alleged that Senior Choto’s remains were recovered on Mapako Mountain and that he had instructed his son (Collins) to collect the two stones and place them on his grave.

Matsidza recently confessed to taking Choto’s bag, which he returned to its rightful owner through Acting Chief Saunyama.

Narrating his ordeal at Acting Chief Saunyama’s court, where Choto was also present, Matsidza said he almost lost his sight. He said:

My wife deserted me after the mysterious hand started grabbing the cooking stick from her hand every time she tried to make a meal.

The mysterious hand does not want anyone to prepare a meal with a spoon or wooden cooking stick.

It just grabs the utensil from you and takes over the cooking. It is scary.

After cooking the food, the hand picks the lid and places it on the pot. No one has the guts to open that pot and dish up.

At first, we would go to our neighbours and extended family’s homesteads to eat, but it just got worse.

He pleaded with the court to help him in resolving the issue saying he is surviving on rice as he can prepare it without stirring the pot.

Matsidza said he did not steal the bag but took it thinking it was his since his bag was similar to Choto’s.

He said he regrets not returning the bag to the court after realising that it did not belong to him.

Choto said they were yet to rebury his father as they could not do so without the stones. He said:

Those stones were supposed to be placed on my father’s grave. We had not yet re-buried him then, and we later had to do so without those stones.

I do not know whether this mysterious hand belongs to my late father or not. All l can do is take the stones to my father’s grave and place them there as planned.

We will wait to see whether Matsidza’s problems will persist.

Acting Chief Saunyama advised the two families to seek spiritual help to ascertain whether the strange happenings were linked to the bag or not.

The matter was adjourned to 11 February.

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MaFyt 3 months ago

In as much as --- Paranormal activities have never been proven scientifically, ---
i challenge all of you to proceede or find out a family in an area arouns 22miles of Mutare, there happens to be a woman who sometimes cant cook sadxa achiwana rakuto bikwa abuda panze kusiya richi kwata
vana ano ona vagadzikwa midish vachito gezeswa ne an invisible being but apa story ndwyiyi
The Granny is said to have had a hand in the death of her maiguru, ndapedza nemi, tsvagai infor you will find out

Soul jah love 3 months ago

Ava vechi Engrish chavo chema Scientists nema Physcologists ndimi vakuru vekuroya,varidzi ve Covid 19.

Anyway you don't believe,ask or search on facebook @Tilder kamwana kaya kakarohwa mpama live ne invisible thing and we heard it.We heard the clap yechidhoma and the child felt the pain

Scorched earth 3 months ago

Aah my friend, people are desperate for money. Will only believe if they broadcast live on tv... people can act. Remember, it's not a lie if you can see through it

🙄 3 months ago

Kubvuta chii? Mugoti ndichibika sadza. Haaaa topedzera nezvidhoma izvo ahh ahh ahh.
Kukwata kukudubura poto iri mumba mangu, pachitofu changu, ine chikafu chandabudira ziya ah ah. Turo twakajaidzwa utwu.


Hazvini kudaro 3 months ago

Section yema comments ndaitadzawo p

Mephistophles 3 months ago

Paranormal phenomena is real. In this case, an ectoplasmic being does the cooking. Anyone who doubts metaphysical phenomena should go and spend a single night in the middle of a cemetry. Supernatural activities are usually a personal & private phenomena. If you have not experienced anything mystical in your life its only because you have no spiritual gifts. And remember, "the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence."

Scorched earth 3 months ago

No...i don't believe. I believe our mundane actions have mundane consequences

Gaffer 3 months ago

There is NO NEED?? That is your opinion not a fact... not everyone can rely on your opinion...none is forced to go n look for a goblin.. it's a personal choice... Answer,my question for e third time..Do you believe God does exist??

Scorched earth 3 months ago

The majority of Zimbos are suffering because of mundane problems.. our economy is in ruins, the business environment is harsh and start ups are dying. The political environment is unstable, corruption is in autopilot mode. Zimbos work hard but we ain't reaching our full potential because of earthly reasons. There is no need to hunt blessings from prophets nor a doll made from zvimuti and ma plastic. There is no substance in that.

Gaffer 3 months ago

I'm a traditional healer myself.. don't worry abt conning business,none can con me...if you ask polite I will tell the purpose of e goblins buh if you ask for an argument'sake then I will just ignore,...with your hard work,why is e majority of Zimbos are poor??
Do you know e best n most prominent scientists are the members Illuminati organization?? that knowledge you study,they get it from e wise buh evil Lucifer... Lucifer is e prince of science,that is why e majority of scientists will never acknowledge e existence of God...

Scorched earth 3 months ago

@Gaffer.. if your"goblins" make or made you money, why do trucking? Why work? Are they alive or just zvimu dhori made by a "n'anga" to con you money. You don't need goblins my friend (they don't exist)..just work hard.

Gaffer 3 months ago

Scorched Earth,a prophet doesn't do that..only a traditional healer can make you rich (buh not every traditional healer),few of them can make you through goblins..I got goblins myself...I got 17yrs in healing services..I operate trucks clients I enriched are operating buses, trucking,pharmacies n so on...I also deal with politicians..

Scorched earth 3 months ago an engineer. Finished high school eons ago. Mind games are the ones that makes your prophets tonnes of money by believing that if you give him money you'll get rich. It doesn't work that way. Ever watched a horror movie then start to feel like there is someone in your room whilst you know you're alone? Mind games. Examples are endless

Gaffer 3 months ago

Scorched Earth,I can you are an A'level science science enthusiastic are still young...I can tell,you also believe that God doesn't exist... Spiritual don't belong to SCIENCE buh science belongs to it... SPIRITUAL things were never meant for scientific studies buh it doesn't mean if you deny existance of a spiritual beings,they won't affect you...they will affect...go to Gokwe n comeback a well informed person

Scorched earth 3 months ago

@Garava... the human mind is a powerful thing. It can make a person feel things that are not there.If the brain is stimulated by external stimuli visual or auditory, chances are high one might create a response that can suit his condition. For example, people may feel warmer in a room when the lights are on, even if the light emits no thermal energy. Illusions and psychology.. nothin else.

Elyse 3 months ago

Scorched Earth... because you don't know, doesn't mean it doesn't are e one who is ignorant nje...

Garava 3 months ago

Ko vanoromba vanorombasei nhai scorched earth

Scorched earth 3 months ago

Paranormal activities have never been proven scientifically!
This is just a case of psychology. The mind can play games on a person. Idya sadza wakanyarara!! There is no evidence of ectoplasmic beings!! There are no multiple or parallel dimensions

Hulk Hogan 3 months ago

Ezase maShonaland,liyabulala nge breaking news everyday.... Ezase ko herehere kkkkkkk

Khumalo 3 months ago

Izidlambeba zenkosi xua

Hulk Hogan 3 months ago

Ezase Ma Shonaland,liyabulala nge breaking everyday... Ezase ko herehere

sm 3 months ago

amatshona ngamakhanda amakhulu ayangicaphula. athi ukukhulumela phezulu

Munya 3 months ago

Mudhara chingorovai sadza siyanai nezvizhinji

Hleza 3 months ago

In mashonaland it's all about witchcraft.. that's why Zim won't prosper..

African 3 months ago

Point of correction, that is manicaland not mashonaland

Headless chicken 3 months ago

Kuroya kurinani pane kuuraya vana muchiwiga mugarden nekuuraya vanhu mu sewege

Coole 3 months ago

I get u right ma guy ,tts true

》》》 3 months ago

Why is it that nobody ever catches these things on camera? It's because they never happen, simple. Witchcraft doesn't work. People mistaken their hallucinations for reality. Nywee nywee Zimbabweans are educated. Educated MY FOOT. A truly educated person won't believe that an invisible hand can grab a spoon and cook sadza. People who believe such things are usually the ones who have the propensity to follow those deceitful charlatans called prophets who milk all their money because they can't use their brains.

》》》 3 months ago

@Headless chicken, I challenge you to do so😅.

Headless chicken 3 months ago

Ndukuda kukuroya nhasi chaiye iwewe}} kamuyera tsoko

Limbaz 3 months ago

Exactly, hazvina kana evidence, kana objective witness.

Mutape 3 months ago

Chief saunyama vanenge vachingotonga nyaya dzehuroi chete

Tanyah Mashy 3 months ago

Very scary yoo

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