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Invictus Confirms Presence Of Gas In Muzarabani, Zimbabwe

Invictus Confirms Presence Of Gas In Muzarabani, Zimbabwe

An Australia Stock Exchange (ASX)-listed miner, Invictus Energy, which is exploring oil in Muzarabani, Zimbabwe, has confirmed the presence of gas and liquid hydrocarbons in north-east Zimbabwe..

In a report seen by Pindula News, Invictus said results from exploration have prompted the mining company to keep the drilling rig in Zimbabwe for at least another 12 months to drill more holes.

Major Highlights from the report:

• Maiden exploration campaign confirms working hydrocarbon system.

• Mukuyu-1 ST1 identifies 13 potential hydrocarbon-bearing zones, including combined 225m gross potential hydrocarbon-bearing zones in primary Upper Angwa target

• Exalo Rig 202 contracted for further 12 months

• Preparations commencing for Mukuyu appraisal with Phase 2 drilling and evaluation

• 1.2-billion-barrel prospective resource identified in Basin Margin Area.

Invictus said in the report:

Mukuyu-1 ST1 was drilled to a total depth of 3,603 metres and encountered fluorescence and elevated gas shows in multiple zones in the Upper Angwa primary target.

Preliminary analysis of wireline logs indicated multiple gas zones and potentially liquid hydrocarbon bearing intervals.

Wireline log interpretation calculated porosity of up to 15% and gas saturation of up to 90% in selected potential pay zones, but are yet to be calibrated with fluid and core data and are subsequently subject to wide margins of error.

Laboratory analysis of sidewall cores acquired during logging and drill cuttings and mud gas samples acquired whilst drilling will provide further calibration of the wireline and the geological model once completed.

Geo Associates managing director Mr Paul Chimbodza said in a statement:

 To this end, we are extremely buoyed by the positive results from our first Mukuyu-1 well on the project and in Zimbabwe. 

The first benefits from commercial production of the basin are likely to come from natural gas. 

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Bright 3 days ago

Imbire not muzarabani ma district akatosiyana iwayo

Vesto 3 days ago

When they talk of Upper Angwa and Muzarabani, they aren't referring to the administrative/civic/political boundaries bit underlying geological zones.

government 3 days ago

too many stories , , which one iz true

pk 3 days ago

this one was a true. pane oil negas hapangotaurwa zvine dzungu. panotodiwa security. kuMozambique vari kurwiswa nekuda kwe oil. nyangwe america ikanzwa pane oil inoda kupamba

Vesto 3 days ago

@pk, your hatred of America is not only baseless but toxic. It has left bounds of reason and is now self consuming.

Please don't carry on disparaging USA at every turn. A bit of self introspection would significantly help.

3 days ago

@pk must be nuts Kupamba kwei kwaunotaura?

pk 3 days ago

munogara kupi imi. chii chakaitika kulibya, afghanistan etc. haisi america here. muri zvimbwasungata ndazviona

Vesto 2 days ago

Excuse me for breathing @pk, is there oil in Afghanistan? Was the USA intervention in Afghanistan triggered by oil interests? I always believed as every student of current affairs, that it was more to do with (i) drugs (ii) religion and (iii) stemming the rise of communism in Indo-China?

@pk, you seem to be inventing history.

Mukanyapazvese 3 days ago

Ma1 akuzotanga manje mosken 2nd edition

3 days ago

Ko newsday yakamboti there is no oil in muzarabani , did they find gas vakashaya oil?

Chinese zodiac 3 days ago

saka zvikureva here kuti gas manje manje tenge takuritengawo ne0.50 here

Gushungo 3 days ago

Yes, if you are a member of the Zanupf Central committee

Zuze 3 days ago

@Gushungo, please add "... and a General in the army or a Director in the CIO"

Biden 3 days ago

Bank manager if your fake notes are good why don't you just spend them instead of selling them at a discount

Biden 3 days ago

Too many stories first analyse your results before going to the press with little information and facts


XXX 3 days ago

Not in Zim my fellow cde anything being produced locally will be sold at a higher price than imported same product due to high tax to produce this product locally. Wait and see what l am talking abt. Zambian fuel inopfuura nemuno is cheaper than ours but isusu tisu tirikudhuze ne Beira. Have you ever asked yourself why ???

,,,,, dott 3 days ago

Voter E. D for a. Better zimbabwe #Man belivED

Oil and gas 4ED 3 days ago

oil iri chee paMuzarabani gas hapana, gas riri chee pa Upper Angwa oiri dhololo saka toziva zvipi apa technical jargon chee kuti mumame 🤣

??? 3 days ago

zvemanje manje zvakambonzi varega, uuh

Oil and gas 4ED 3 days ago

vane confusion

Patriot 3 days ago

Yes CCC nema sanctions avo vapa m.a.m.a Zim inyika ine hupfumi hwayo guyz. Let us celebrate this discovery

3 days ago

Uyuwo uyu anongobvotomoka CCC pese pese dzirimo dzese here?
Ndofunga kana mukadzi wake anongomutswa baba vachirotomoka CCC pakati pehusiku.

Yaaa, @patriot CCC yakuonesai moto.

Super patriot 3 days ago

If you read and understand well the jargon in this report you will see that its 50:50 situation The oil could be there But is the quantity there commercially viable its another thing Thats why they said they will continue for the next 12 months They are optimistic but this also a cautionary statement

angwaa 3 days ago


Gaga 3 days ago

Kunyeperw iwe hukuna gas kana oil zviriMuzarabanii madhiri eCompane

Mtlaodi 3 days ago

Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Grandpa Rick 2 days ago

Yes we might be having all those precious resources bt they barely benefit us. There are only for the elites pockets.

I just wish all African leaders might copy Libya 🇱🇾 during Gaddafi I think. Thsts the only true leader in Africa so far. He used oil and state money to make sure that every Libya citizen lived very very good.

Copy him ZANU
Copy him CCC
Cooy him Leaders of Africa.
If you do you will see that equal sharing of resources proceeds in the country is a lovely thing.

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