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Interim ZIFA President Says He Prefers Local Coach For Warriors

Interim ZIFA President Says He Prefers Local Coach For Warriors

Interim ZIFA president Gift Banda said the next board meeting will deliberate on the appointment of a substantive coach for the Warriors.

Banda told The Herald that the Warriors coach should be local, arguing that foreign coaches are not always the best candidates for the job. Said, Banda:

We will sit down with my fellow board members and deliberate on it in our next board meeting so that we have a substantive coach.

If you ask for my preference, I would prefer a local coach because it’s high time we gave our own coaches the chance to lead our teams because it’s not everything that is foreign that is good for us.

Again in that vein, I would also add that as a nation we must have an identity.

What type of football do we want to play so we put it in the structures up to the junior level?

The Warriors currently do not have a substantive coach following the expiry of Norman Mapeza’s contract.

The FC Platinum coach took over the reins after Croatian Zdravko Logarusic was shown the exit door before the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations finals held in Cameroon in early 2022.

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Bright 2 months ago

FIFA yakati dzoserai kamambo asi imi muri take take kuisa ana Banda vakatadza KU runner ma team avo ndopavanogona nyika her

Murozvi 2 months ago

Are you saying Banda is a Saint. Why was he suspended. Iwe ndiwe uri kuitiswa. Open your eyes

fan 2 months ago

kamambo mbavha iyo that's why muchiitiswa yese yese hamugoni kugadzirisa maproblems munoda easy going

dispenser 2 months ago

nyika yacho ngaingorega zvebhora

🤦 2 months ago

we don't need local based coach to take the nation team duties just fir their name sakes, they have failed and they are doomed as failures.
Just that nepotism is used to give these locals duties and they fail the nation.
atleast foreign based coaches will bring change, it's the game of soccer not politics.
Zimbabwe layo so 🤷

Bright 2 months ago

Kugadzirisa ma problem ehe but kamambo akasadzoswa inongoramba yaka barnwa still ngaango dzoswe poitwa another elections not zvekti kuitiswa izvo ndoshanda KU zifa her in musoro bhangu wanzwa IAM a supporter olny

Snake 2 months ago

Return Kamambo and follow the correct procedure to remove him via of elections

CCC 2 months ago

What procedure, pasi naKamambo, Banda is okay, though he is not Zimbabwean

Tindo 2 months ago

Eta lustyE

Tindo 2 months ago

Am gud my man. Sei level Mr Bigfoot

Tindo 2 months ago

Phendula phela lusty E

Bigfoot 2 months ago

Hwzt welsh


Bigfoot 2 months ago

Am good man am only seeing inflaction in the country

Tindo 2 months ago

It's hectic my man. Can't imagine buying a stumbo 60 bond hmmm pakaipa better I sell T-Shirts for CCC

Bigfoot 2 months ago

Thus true man maybe 2023 life will be better

Tindo 2 months ago

Let's hope so bt maElders they are right we can't trust new guys

Bigfoot 2 months ago

Youths the crown to have money to buy golden jewelery

zid 2 months ago

He must prefer local coaches and players too if he be fair

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

There are some of us who are still thinking about Kamambo. I want to urge them to forget anything to do with Kamambo. He is finished. My proposal to CDE Gift Banda is that local coaches have come and gone. They have Itnot taken us to the land of milk and honey. It is time that we try foreign coaches. In the 90s we tried Reinheid Fibisch and two local coaches. We got results we wanted. I am not shunning local coaches, no. I am saying let us engage a foreign coach and attach two local coaches as his assistants so that they learn coaching ropes. Another good example is that of the CAF tournaments. Most coaches there are foreigners. Those soccer administrations who engege them are not naive. They engege them for a purpose which is winning.




Mwana waMambo 2 months ago

Ko vari kutsvaka coach wei? Vakauraya bhora munyika kusvika paiswa ban neFIFA. Saka coach wei, bhora racho richitambirwepi? Kuda kutotanga kuba mari yekutamburira iyoyo

nhaiwe hako iwe 2 months ago

vanoritambirepiko zvakavhariswa

Anonymous 2 months ago

Zanu pf factionalism is causing all this

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