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Ingutsheni Hospital Runs Out Of Food Provisions

Ingutsheni Hospital Runs Out Of Food Provisions

Ingutsheni Central Hospital, located in Bulawayo, has run out of food provisions and detergents.

According to a letter dated 13 December 2022, and addressed to the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ), the hospitalÔÇÖs chief medical officer, Dr. Manuwere, said they were in a crisis. Part of the letter reads:

Due to current Budgetary constraints, the Hospital is now besieged with overwhelming problems such as a lack of food provisions, particularly mealie meal and cooking oil of which our stocks are currently fully diminished. .

As from Tuesday, the 13th of December 2022 there will be completely no mealie meal and cooking oil to feed the patients. We are in a crisis.

We are therefore urgently appealing through your office for urgent assistance.

Your urgent assistance in this pertinent matter is most welcome.

Recent reports had suggested that there was a food crisis and an outbreak of pellagra at Ingutsheni Central Hospital but the authorities flatly denied the reports.

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Dofo 1 month ago

Mumwe nemumwe hupfu hwako,salt ,mafuta nemuriwo usakanganwa surf paunoenda ku hospital Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo

heartless idio't' uri **** 1 month ago


xxc 1 month ago


Gb 1 month ago

Zimbabwean must remember ingutsheni is a mental health hospital so pliz try buy all means to act fast, l know one thing that stimulate anger in mental person is hunger. Avoid war at ingutsheni

mii 1 month ago

brick by brick tichidhiriza nyika yedu

1 month ago

And the Mutsvangwas are getting USD1million from taxpayers money for personal use as part of the USD 35 millions loan for ministers and MPs, whilst hospitals don't have mere cooking oil, paracetamol, mealie meal......... And Zim is in darkness and they tell you that there is no money to buy spare parts and refurbish the power generators in this country..... Now they found solutions for themselves by taking USD14000 each and install solar panels at their houses..... Wake up Zimbabwe ..... Please wake up

word 1 month ago


Brenda 1 month ago

they recently gave MPs loans when a hospital is going hungry,how do these guys think.?

YOUNG_M.C_KHALED_DJ 1 month ago

They think for their side

Tupac 1 month ago

Ndo paunonzwa chimwe chituta chichiti ED pwetere pwetere.


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Phidza 1 month ago


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