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Indonesia Bans Premarital Sex, Sex Outside Marriage, Offenders To Be Jailed

Indonesia Bans Premarital Sex, Sex Outside Marriage, Offenders To Be Jailed

Indonesia’s parliament approved a new criminal code on Tuesday that bans premarital sex and sex outside marriage with a punishment of up to one year in jail.

The new code, which will apply to Indonesians and foreigners alike, also prohibits cohabitation between unmarried couples, according to Reuters.

It will also ban insulting the president or state institutions, spreading views counter to the state ideology and staging protests without notification.

The laws were passed with support from all political parties.

However, the code will not come into effect for three years to allow for implementing regulations to be drafted.

Currently, Indonesia bans adultery but not premarital sex.

Maulana Yusran, deputy chief of Indonesia’s tourism industry board, said the new code was “totally counter-productive” at a time when the economy and tourism were starting to recover from the pandemic.

Foreign arrivals in the holiday destination of Bali are expected to reach pre-pandemic levels of six million by 2025, the tourism association has said previously.

Indonesia is also trying to attract more so-called “digital nomads” to its tropical shores by offering a more flexible visa.

Speaking at an investment summit, U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia Sung Kim said the news could result in less foreign investment, tourism and travel to the Southeast Asian nation.

Albert Aries, a spokesperson for Indonesia’s justice ministry, said the new laws regulating morality were limited by who could report them, such as a parent, spouse or child of suspected offenders. He said:

The aim is to protect the institution of marriage and Indonesian values, while at the same time being able to protect the privacy of the community and also negate the rights of the public or other third parties to report this matter or ‘playing judge’ on behalf of morality.

These laws are part of a raft of legal changes that critics say undermine civil liberties in the world’s third-largest democracy. Other laws include bans on black magic.

Responding to the criticism, Indonesia’s Law and Human Rights Minister Yasonna Laoly told parliament:

It’s not easy for a multicultural and multi-ethnic country to make a criminal code that can accommodate all interests.

Legal experts say that an article in the code on customary law could reinforce discriminatory and sharia-inspired bylaws at a local level, and pose a particular threat to LGBT people.

The public response to the new code has been muted so far, with only small protests held in the capital, Jakarta, on Monday on Tuesday.

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1 month ago

Aikaka. Zvairi punishment to both partners

Sorojena 1 month ago

First of all who will police those weird laws. They will install cctv cameras on every bachelour and spinster? That is unheard of for the police to police citizens' bedrooms. Gay laws have failed the test becoz its absurd to monitor what is happening on someone's bedroom.

Vesto 1 month ago

They are copying the law from my home town in Chidodo UMP.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Ummmh homeboy Chidodo ipi iyoyo kkkkkkk

1 month ago

Saka hakuchina ma**** here?Kochirikadzi dzobatsirika sei?

Trev 1 month ago

Shuwa, chirikadzi dzinozowanepi bonde

aaaa 1 month ago

Uyu mutemo hauite ndozvinozokonyera kti vanoita bonyora wawande

Cityzen 1 month ago

Aikaka, dai muri muZim nemjolo wakati kuuya maitosunga nyika yese zveee

Citizen 1 month ago

Good move ku Indonesia mjolo muchaurega chete vanhu

Citizen 1 month ago

Dai watomboiswawo muno

👤 1 month ago

unoiswa nani nemadiro anoita varume vemuno vakadzi


COVID-19 1 month ago

thanks for the COVID-19 pandemic, **** before marriage is a sin

Putin 1 month ago

marriage varikureva wedding so kana usina mari yokutshada no s3x

pfambi 1 month ago

vanozviona sei kuti ndarara ndichikwigwa 🤣🤣🤣

🗣️ 1 month ago

we have dictating machines at all entry points.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Hello sir 1 month ago

l can't survive this

Mukanyapazvese 1 month ago

You'll have very few tourists from a lot of countries

👥 1 month ago

so in other ways they saying no to prostitution, and no to those who are addicted to lula lula.

I kind of love this law... if levels was in Indonesia what happened could not have happened.

bvoo 1 month ago

tiri kukumbirawo mutemo iwowo muno kutanga kwa January munhu anofanira kufunga ega asati anyengwa kana kunyenga munotinotoda 5yrs

Trev 1 month ago

@bvoo ukudaro nekuti wakaroora kaa, ko isusu vasati varoora todii?

Moral Police 1 month ago

@Trevor nevamwe vasati varoora: strengthen your right hand and enjoy self-help projects.

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Prohibition Laws or Sin Laws rarely work. The USA imposed prohibitiin laws on alcohol in the 40s & early 50s & it was a disaster. Illicit alcohol, bootleg whisky & homemade hooch became commonplace on the black market. Mafias & Gangsters became super rich by peddling illegal alcohol. States lost revenue from alcohol taxes. Underground nightclubs proliferated. Until they lifted the prohibition. Which goes in to prove that State cannot legislate morality.

Even here in Zimbabwe, Mbanje is illegal but it is commonly used. The same applies to prostitution, yet it is rife. Humans will always find creative ways of skirting around a law. Prohibited **** will go underground until they decriminalize **** out of wedlock.

What about people who are unlucky & fail to get married. Will they die with rusty geni.tals filled with cobwebs. Indonesia has just unwittingly legalised masturbation & **** toys. Probably bestiality will increase too. Because their new law does not prohibit **** with animals.

1 month ago

Chained freedom

Slick 1 month ago

Wakauya muno mutemo uyu majeri anoita overflow 😂😂😂😂

CIO 1 month ago

Bonyora umwe unofa naroo

Chura 1 month ago

Saka i department ripi remapurisa rino investigeta idzi ?
i evidence ipi yavanounza ku court?
Ko right to privacy haivhare here?

Ndafunga kuti ndemuno chete munana Morgan Femai

1 month ago

I am here for comments

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Indonesia Bans Premarital S.e.x, S.e.x Outside Marriage, Offenders To Be Jailed:-

INDONESIA authorities are simply empowering its CENTRAL REGISTRY OFFICE to allocate a spouse for every newly born baby - at the time of birth, or alternatively at birth certificates application.

As soon as one becomes an
adult, a man has a duty - imposed on him by the legislature - to marry a wife that was already allocated to him at the time of birth. In this regard, the right to chose a spouse falls away. Thumbs up to Indonesia !! Consequently, the risk of failure to find a spouse in some people (especially women) is entirely eliminated with this kind of law. I am pretty sure every person who chooses to act contrary to the requirements of this law faces criminal charges with a heavy jail sentence if found guilty under the Indonesia's "Command Marriage" Act.

Other countries should also promulgate this kind of law, as it promotes "equitable distribution of spouses" among citizens of a country. A very big THANK YOU to Indonesia for leading the way !!

😎 1 month ago

Apa vagona, I say No to adultery and fornication

nujolo 1 month ago

ngavauye kuno tiriko

hezvoness 3 days ago

kuno ku ZIM kutorova buri rekamu 2K ungandi diiiii zvangu takaenda takaenda

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