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"Indecisive And Unfocused" Zim Opposition Cannot Win Power - Mliswa

Independent MP, Temba Mliswa (Norton), has challenged the opposition to be consistent and show decisive leadership if it truly habours ambitions of forming the next government.

Mliswa said the opposition has over the years changed its position on important issues that affect the nation such as land reform, sanctions, and power-sharing. He said:

The opposition is failing to be a veritable alternative as it continues dithering over issues exhibiting a lack of consistency and focus.

One day they stand for one thing and the next they are lamenting or denying alignment with the same. How can they get into power?

On Land Reform, they refused to participate saying it’s a [ZANU PF] thing. They attacked us for getting land.

Today they are struggling and trying to find land for agricultural business. Have they changed their position or what? Now they say it was good!

They said Mugabe was illegitimate and yet still went into a GNU with him as the head. The same with ED. They walked out and protested accusing him of being illegitimate.

Yet today they are accepting the benefits and perks from his tenure and leadership.

Today they say we never called for sanctions and disavow any links to them. Yet at their pronouncement they celebrated them as an international political masterstroke against the Govt.

Now they deny any links to them. Where do they stand then? Leadership requires decisiveness.

[Douglas Mwonzora] carried out a purging campaign recalling their MPs& Councilors and they cried foul. I raised a motion to have Section 129(1)(k) under which recalls happen & they didn’t support it.

Only Hon Mushoriwa debated. Yet it affected them not me. So what do they want?

Today Gvt offers loans and they accept them yet their leader says something else different. This is despite that he himself has received equivalent perks during the Mugabe tenure.

Instead of supporting us, he goes against us, succumbing to ill-informed mob pressure.

In this medley of contradictions, fluctuations and dissonance, it’s apparent that the opposition isn’t providing a cohesive front nor is it giving the electorate confidence.

You cannot be constantly swayed by public pressure to accept impractical things. Show some spine!

I’m my own person and will support anything that is progressive and developmental. It doesn’t matter if it’s [ZANU PF] or [CCC] who have said it or done it. The path of principles remains true and straight in whatever form or nature.

Equally, populism is dangerous. You cannot have a whole party subsisting on the euphoria and energy of populism.

It’s not a veritable foundation to claim power on. In fact, populism, like a wave, will subside and people will want to see substance and focus not drama.

Nelson Chamisa] succumbed to public pressure and went against his own MPs but in doing so contradicted his own past actions.

That’s not a spine for leadership. Stick to the truth even against the masses. Truth and time will exonerate and justify you.

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VYBZ KARTEL 2 months ago

Tell them Temba Confused Coalition of Cockroachs and when it is election time use them to campaign for you.

Hey losers 2 months ago

CCC will win... wait and see.

🧠 2 months ago

Eyes 👀 cannot see if the brain is blind. This is a matter of principles, it needs selfless servant leaders. Being an MP is voluntary it is not different from a School Development Committee member. This 40 k Usd loan is very outrageous, it sets a bad precedence to the future leadership, imagine every 5 years MPs given such loans and cars and other freebies from a poor State like Zimbabwe just because he volunteered to be an Mp.... That is running down the country. Such people don't deserve to be leaders. Viva Chamisa for his principled vision of a better Zimbabwe. Rhodesia was super because Smith never allowed this in his Govt, may his soul rest in peace

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

Themba Mliswa uri KaBhuru kemashanga kanorunza. Haudi kurinza mpfondo wako pasi. The father of 25 bastards sired with different women. Kabhachura kachena chirebvu.

Mliswa iwewe where do you stand? Nhasi unomira neOpposition mangwana womira neZanu kana yakupa mari. CCC is the only real opposition in Zimbabwe. Kana iyo Zanu haisi decisive. Nhasi yabuda muCommonwealth, mangwana yakunyengerera kudzokeramo. Vanotuka Europe neAmerica asi vana vavo vachidzidza nekugara ikoko... Ndyire dzevanhu...

Tindo 2 months ago

Yes, just yesterday he was saying Kasukuwere should join ZANU. PF a party he always " lambasts and attack

2 months ago

He is objective...its that u are subjective then angle yaunoona nayoo its biased buh coz his objectivity he sees things in all angles

2 months ago

Themba is saying the truth,the same Chamisa got cars when he was an MP, we had worse problems than we have now akadii kuzviramba if he was for the poor.

pk 2 months ago

iye Chamisa akapihwa mari ye bullet proof car haana kutenga, asi nhasi akuda kuti ma mps asapihwe loan

hasha dzako gummidge 2 months ago

hadzishande uchafa uchipaumba pano Zanu of ichingotonga
give us more diatribes gummidge

g 2 months ago

tinoda hutungamiri kwete hutongi. haisisiri nguva yeumambo ino

hasha dzako gummidge 2 months ago

uchipaumba pano kusvika Wafa Uri gummidge wechidawo chekupaumba mutupo wako wabva wauziva gamiji gamiji paumbareto paumbilito paumbilito verse Ava madzitateguru Aki paumba futi upihwe award

mwenewazvo 2 months ago

mamwe mazita wega unotoona kuti hadzimo,wobva wazoenda kucomment yacho unobva wapererwa

Tintin 2 months ago

@ mwenewazvo 🤣🤣🤣 mapedzera mdara.

Winds of Change 2 months ago

(1) Temba kana $40k yakukanganisa brain then don't say anything that you're not sure of.
(2) To those vanemadhimoni ehurombe, I say to them keep supporting your OLD PEOPLE'S HOME ,,,,,Z......NU.

mamhepo evapanduki auinawo 2 months ago

hapana winds of change apa usazvikwenyedzere nenhema mweya ye**** tagara tinobuditsa nguvai ye exorcism ikakwana Inga unotiziva NEMA systems Acho nen****ondo tarisa divi rechayedza Kuna ED ukasadaro unofira mutuma usina kuona chiedza Kuti ngwee mberi kwako

2 months ago

Almost all the MPs in your "winds of change" party have taken the perks and have been doing so since 2002 vanaChamisa ava ,every 5 year cycle the get cars,politicians are the same.

mutsa 2 months ago

Chaedza chipi. 18 hrs without electricity ndiyo yamunoti chaedza. Wake up madhoti

ehezve 2 months ago

unogoita mwenewazvo kudii Uri we opposition nhaiwe mwana wenyoka

mwenewazvo 2 months ago

hezvo ko akati mwenewazvo anofanira kuita wezanu chete ndiani,uye mwenewazvo zvinomboreveiko

2 months ago

Mwenewazvo zvinoreva munhu ane zvombo (zvepakati pemakumbo) zvihombe.


Norris 2 months ago

that blabbermouth has started again why can't he form his own party and exhibit his strength yes that is absolutely good let us if he can do what he continuously saying this one is a failure

hasha dzako gummidge 2 months ago

wakabvira kare gummidge wakananga kupi uchasvikepiko uchingopaumba jahwi reposted haishande hatina kudzidza ukuda award ye oratory skills here tikupe dhiguzi pasoshari media ndakuseka gummidge wechidawo chekupaumba mutupo wako wabva wauziva motormouth une ma horsepower ekupaumba gummidge paumbing machine yako hausi Yamaha kana Kawasaki iwe mosken ipaumbeleto from Tete worzell gummidge welcome to the social media warfare and stratagems
brace for continuous armed conflicts of a verbal nature on this platform
pfuti dzangu dzepa social media ndadzibuditsa mu ****nal let the verbal warfare continue

ddd 2 months ago

That's why ANC & Siriro Rhamapithecus keep supporting the criminals & murderers of ZANU PF. For South Africa to prosper, Zimbabwe must remain chaotic & disorganised. That way South Africa will keep benefitting from selling everything to Zimbabwe, from electricity to basic goods & using Zimbabweans for cheap labour. ANC does not support CCC bcoz CCC will improve the Zimbabwean economy & South Africa will lose revenue & it's economy will collapse. ANC knows that Zimbabwe is a banana republic, but they keep supporting ZANU PF anyway. Zimbabwe is a province of South Africa.

hasha dzako gummidge 2 months ago

well this analysis yakatonwawo zvayo whisky anyway when you have sobered up a bit we shall explain to you the real and substantive issues affecting our relationship with SA

hasha dzako gummidge 2 months ago

I'm patrolling and defending my social media turf now.the red line of verbal warfare and social media stratagems has gone a gear up.lets play it.

g 2 months ago

you don't have any turf to talk about. utori rovha roswera papindula pemahara you can't even afford a bundle

hasha dzako gummidge 2 months ago

I'm not ashamed to defend the revolution and the parents(vabereki) we are one we have a covenant from pre independence days nevabereki vedu ende hatigone Navi handei tione

g 2 months ago

hapana apo you are defending nonsense. izvozvi hauna kana ndiwe uri pano papindula pemahara nechi itel chako chakatsemuka


Here comes blabbermouth Temba Mliswa from little known town of Norton. It is Cde Temba Mliswa himself who is "indecisive and unfocussed".

Cde Temba Mliswa, it is you who has no political party who is not focussed. Mliswa just barks in Parliament making lots of unhelpful remarks to please his Norton folks. He should be focused and join a party of his choice.

At its formation MDC did not subscribe to Land
Reform.. With progression they came out in the open and said consistently that they now support Land Reform because it now applied lawfully, peacefully and logically as opposed to violently where hundreds of farmers were killed. They still hold that position. They support Land Reform.

On Sanctions CCC says sanctions are there and painful, but ZANU PF is taking advantage of these really targeted sanctions to corruptly vandalise the country's economy. ZANU PF is corrupt upto the neck !!!!!

Zimbabwe has been invited to United States Of America in December to attend economic meeting for Africa. European Union has just released USD 47.??? for Zimbabwe. This shows that EU has not put Zimbabwe on sanctions.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

👏👏👏 Round of applause. We missed your mature, sobber minded analysis. Garai muchibatika mdara.

Harsha dzako Gummidge 2 months ago

typical Rhodesian supremacist Gummidge we have been watching you .you will not achieve your objectives.there isn't anything sober minded and mature about someone spewing the typical opposition verbiage.
we shall defend the revolution from your ilk on all social platforms and all digital platforms.
I shudder to think what will happen when we get into the offensive mode since for now we are in the defensive mode

mafirakureva 2 months ago

don't waste time on looters beneficiaries of I'll gotten wealth you cant even see kuti economy hakuna there's no industry to talk of yet we had all that here where's cold storage ,heavy,light industry iripi what happened to zisco steel and related industries in the Midlands the only industry left ndiye mbinga mbinga for looting shame you don't have the country at heart supporting destruction of zim pitty those fighters lying in various places must be turning in their graves for this treason

2 months ago

Mahorror temba
U were a c number
Kkk mahorror people don't know u very well

Wekunyanya 2 months ago

I now support Zanu pf ,I don't support losers

g 2 months ago

platform yapinda varakashi

Rebel soul rebel 2 months ago

Temba 's argument is one sided .Why do you ignore the role of Zanu pf in.dividing the opposition .Like anyone living in Zimbabwe CCC MPs are bearing the brunt of a failed economy .Who in.his right mind will deny some extra dollars to cover their income gap ?Principles dont pay bills.Zanu is good at playing people but in this case CCC MPs take the money and continue fight for an alternative government .Dont worry about what Nero said ,privately his empathize with you .He has a difficult balancing act to do ie keep his party united and to keep his support base happy amid the onslaught you a well oiled and cunning rulling party .Forget about the Tembas and the so called " principled critics and analysis "Some of those who shout loudest accept financial benefits from foreign governments and organisations attending workshops and conferences in foreign countries .Suddenly they are making noise .Opposition is fairing well consideration the environment they are working in

VYBZ KARTEL 2 months ago

Oh what rubbish your party will never rule this country never in a thousand years.

Dofo 2 months ago

kkk g tamba nevamwe zvakanaka🤣🤣

2 months ago

Zvoita kunge Jamwanda auya paPindula akanangana naGummidge.
Kutukirira hakusi kugona kutaura Jamwanda.

King 2 months ago

some ****s will bet for a horse with a broken leg to win a race. This country needs new blood, new ideas, new strategies. kwete kuswerowawata politics dzana Carl marx dzikutitwa nezanu idzi. as long as zanu is in power, our country will never perform better than a country at war. politics of kutonga kwete kutungamira. zanu kuterrace, nyika igadzirwe nevanogona, kwete makudo anosunga screw nebhobhojani.

2 months ago

This is the bitter truth that everyone knows its the truth but they just cant accept it,this is the weakest opposition we have ever had in Zimbabwe. With Tsvangirai we always had hope but nemadhakanana aya hapana hapana.Opposition died with Tsvangirai.

2 months ago

Bush lawyer murikutwanya haikona ⚠

2 months ago

Ngapinde hake Chamisa

Gody Maths 2 months ago

Forget about winning elections political fanatics. The ball is always with Zanu. They pass it to whomever they want. How can you win if the referee is the gun man. Keep on barking

gm 2 months ago

ccc is a bunch of nonsensicals. wishful thinkers. out of touch with reality

2 months ago

This guy who is calling himself 'hasha dzako gummidge' has brought a new dimension to Pindula A really shallow - minded guy who thinks verbal attacks on individuals is presenting facts I hope you will not keep on bombarding us with your tedious and cumbersome pieces of s-h-i-t

Hasha dzako Gummidge 2 months ago

we have been born for a time like this to stop Rhodesian supremacists like you from destroying the "Zimbabwean Dream"
The Zimbabwean Dream is there to stay and this nation will never descend into anarchy.

we have been watching you and keeping tabs on you Gummidge.

2 months ago

Empty threats won't get you anywhere d-u-m-m-y You are a good-for-nothing-nobody This forum is meant for people who exchange factual arguments not bullies like you

2 months ago

*cyber-bullies to be precise

2 months ago

We want constructive criticism not threats otherwise you will end up threatening the whole country. You have to be honest here gentleman, we want water, electricity, food, jobs and better living conditions not threats or political rhetoric about the revolutionary war which was fought more than 40 years ago. Let us find ways to develop our country and denounce looting and mismanagement of the country's resources. Zimbabwe is for all of us and no one should claim emotional attachment to the politics of bootlicking when the general public is lamenting in poverty while you claim to be patriotic over a field of mass graves. Do you have a conscience?

2 months ago

Indeed we want constructive criticism and no one on this platform will cow people into submission and stop them from saying what they feel is not right in their beloved country We all share this Zimbabwean dream guys and let no one think that he or she dreams bigger

Denosaur 2 months ago

Mliswa you are good at talking asi dai waimbotaurawo nezvekuhosp taizofara chaizvo unotaurisa hama yangu ende unoziva zvose but unomborasika pane zvimwe

Duts 2 months ago

kkkk Themba anosvotwa na Chamisa.

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