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"Imagine CCC Big Guns Contesting In Rural Areas" - Ruhanya

Pedzisai Ruhanya, a Zimbabwean academic, journalist, and political commentator has reckoned the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) will likely dislodge the ruling ZANU PF from power if its bigwigs contest in rural areas where they come from.

Many politicians have a “dual citizenship” as they stay in urban areas where they are eligible to contest for political office and they also have rural homes, where they originally come and also can contest for political office.

The opposition has been winning in urban areas while rural areas have to date remained ZANU PF strongholds. Political analysts say winning the rural vote is crucial in the opposition’s quest to remove ZANU PF from power. Ruhanya is one of them. He said this Sunday:

If CCC big guns contest in rural areas, I bet you CCC will narrow the margins of Zanu PF ‘wins’ in 2023 and possibly flow the regime in these rural places. Just imagine @JobSikhala1 in Gutu. What do u think will happen!!!

Others agreed with Ruhanya. T. Mutasa @wokwaMutasa said:

Yes, this would be a new and more impactful strategy Sikhala should go for Masvingo Senatorship campaigning the whole province. Have pointed this out previously. Same for others, instead of focusing on one constituency senior leadership should go provincial or national

Eddie Seo @Emperor_Gweru replied to Ruhanya’s post:

Big guns will lose in rural with a narrow margin which will work in CCC’s favour. If they can understand that sacrifice Zimbabwe will be won for a change.

Rex Mhene @earthmover2017 argues that fear of loss is a huge demotivation for them. Said Rex Mhene:

He will lose, and he knows he will lose, that alone is an incentive not to contest in his village area and stick to a safe seat in urban.

Some said there was no need for them to be contesting in rural areas where they don’t stay. 

This is consistent with observations made in the past that some politicians are seasonal, they only visit their rural constituencies when they want to mobilise the electorate for votes.

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Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

They are contesting in townships where they don't live. How many of the rural MPs live in rural areas anyway?
They won't contest there because they know they will lose.

tallman 3 weeks ago

ino itwitter ye vanhu vasina Mari yedata

Chibabababa 3 weeks ago

Musanyengera vanhu imi.Tsvangirai mbune akabvubvungwa kuBuhera what more ana Tobiketsvimbo misvuugandawo ingaizoiteiwo tinoizvambaradza

𝑵𝑪𝒉𝒊𝒌𝒐𝒔𝒉𝒂 3 weeks ago



Zvagarazviriko 3 weeks ago

Hapana munhu akatakura mimba yeZimbabwe nguva nguva haisi yemunhu nguva ndeyaMwari

Charger 3 weeks ago

Isu chipinge titori kuramba muchongoyo NGAPiNDE HAkE mRumbwana Chabashata chinyika ichi

Billy Maonera 3 weeks ago

CCC is now home to every zimbabwean. it is now a ruling party. i support all big guns goes rural

chahototo 3 weeks ago

those CCC cowards are afraid of facing a real challenge they would rather settle for the so called 'safe' seats. They leant a lesson from Tsvangirai who who got clobbered in Buhera

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

It's dangerous to be hopeful ☺️. When expectations cannot be fulfilled, they will know pain; A pain so primal, emanating from the depths of the soul. Please vanhu ve CCC, Forget about winning

America🇺🇸 3 weeks ago

God Bless America.

citizen 3 weeks ago

PINDULA ITAI MASERIOUS INEWS HERE IDZI? kana yachannel yezvematongerwo enyika chichinjai zita tibude hedu

Kanda 3 weeks ago

@citizen be fast to uninstall the app izvozvi ndisati ndasvinura want to see isimo mufon mako wakadzungaira zvekutsvaga bhonzo mudere mupfanha iwewe

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Wauya zvakanaka @Citizen.
Buda halo, hapana akakumanikidza kupinda.

Mutoriro Movement 3 weeks ago

Ko iwe why in the tendency of reading everything on this platform? Hanti you simply go thru the headlines and select the one which happen to interest you. Budaka mu pindula12 macho if you like so panekutuma muridzi we online publication zvekutaura nezve kusiya. And what's your definition of news? And what's e purpose of the media?

PINDULA CEO 3 weeks ago

Ayewa kaa imi aDHO DHI isi kupindula hatina propaganda
toreva sezvataurwa ne party iri kuwhinha 2023 CCC or ZANU PF

Chris 3 weeks ago

@Citizen no one is forcing you to read their content.

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

Keep on dreaming ma CCC. A bird's destiny will always be death ☠️. You'll wish you had never touched politics.

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Every living thing will die

STALIN 3 weeks ago

Ngaapinde Hake Chamisa

Rex nhongo 3 weeks ago

let them try that kana vachidaa kudyiwaa pahuhwandu hwavo vese hapana anohwinhaa kumushaa, ndosaka Zanu ichiramba yakanyarara zvayoo...

charlie charlie 3 weeks ago

@rex nhongo..shamwari tirikuno my rural Midlands macho ccc ngaapinde hake chemist.. for a change we will floor zanupf...inga takambozviita pa re-run yegore riya mukazotibira henyu..rwendo runo mbavha haibudiriri

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