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"I'm Prepared To Be Killed" - Sikhala's New Year Message

Zengeza West Member of Parliament (MP), Job Sikhala, has reiterated that he is prepared to be killed for defending the values and principles of a free and open democratic society, exuding happiness, free of impunity and fear.

Sikhala has been in prison since June 2022 when he was arrested and charged with inciting public violence which erupted during the funeral wake of slain Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist, Moreblessing Ali. 

In his New Year message seen by Pindula News, Sikhala who is the CCC deputy national chairperson said the democratic space has been shrinking in Zimbabwe reminding of the precolonial era when there were gross violations of human rights. We present the letter below:

Beloved Zimbabweans!

Happy New Year Dear Compatriots:

I sincerely congratulate and wish you all, Dear Compatriots, a happy and prosperous 2023. Let us all thank the Almighty God for his grace in taking us all into the new year. We thank you Lord for your eternal love.

Dear Zimbabweans, it is with regret and most unfortunate that I now share with you, a personal issue that I have kept to myself for the past three weeks. It is something that I did not share with anyone and kept to myself for these past 3 weeks. I had kept it to myself for the sake of my children and my wife. I know how much it will affect them.

I have not been feeling well for the past three weeks. A pain that started mildly on the left side of my abdomen has steadily grown to be extremely heavy and excessive by each passing day. There is some painful strike that exudes itself from the left side which I don’t really understand and do not know what it is. I pray that it is not colon cancer. It is worrying me very seriously.

Since the day I vomited and had a ceaseless running stomach, some time ago, which was widely reported, the prison authorities refused to allow my doctor to attend to me. This is despite the fact that my doctors came several times in the company of my lawyers Beatrice Mtetwa and Doug Coltart. Since then, I have stopped requesting the permission of my doctor to attend to me. The pain is severe during the night especially when I sleep by that left side. I ask all of you dear Zimbabweans, to pray for me to be healed of this pain. There is nothing beyond the cure of God.

I know the year 2022, like all the years of the past decade, has been catastrophic to all of us. The economic decay and the suffering of the general masses of our people has reached tragic levels. There has also been:

• closure, completely, of all the democratic space in the country,

• sharp growth of impunity,

• arbitrary arrests

• escalation in human rights abuses, which has resulted in some of us becoming long-term guests at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison in extremely curious circumstances,

• the passage of oppressive laws, similar in nature and context to those administered by Ian Douglas Smith’s Rhodesia and apartheid South Africa.

• The use and application of terror and violence as instruments of political coercion witnessed during the past by-elections, the barring of CCC political races in various places.

Our country is in a crisis!

Freedom of expression has been completely shut down. Any criticism of the government is viciously crushed. What I know is that the world will not allow you to perish on your own dearest Zimbabweans. From the SADC region, voices of reason shall emerge. The African Union, United Nations and all outposts of democracy shall speak out in defense of our people under siege. I understand you might be outside, and I am inside, but our suffering and pain is the same. We are all under attack. What is happening to me today may happen to you tomorrow.

As for me dear compatriots, it is both in the public and world glare that I am going through the persecution of century, over spurious, if not bizarre allegations. It’s now almost seven months and the choreographed script plays on. As I always alluded, I am prepared to be killed.

What I stood for was correct both on earth and in heaven. Moreblessing All was a woman, viciously kidnapped and brutally murdered. I was instructed by her family to be their lawyer. I am proud for having represented their interests to the best of my abilities. If I am killed dear compatriots, I am prepared to meet the fate in defense of values and principles I hold dearly; values of a free and open democratic society, exuding happiness, free of impunity and fear.

Even if I die, dear Zimbabweans, my persecution has taught me two important stations someone should pass through in life to understand and appreciate the true circle of life. One is college and the other is prison. College takes you through the interactive journey of intellectual discourse and acquisition of knowledge to equip you and enable you to cope with the challenges of today and tomorrow. It links you to the consistency of solid acquaintances who will in the future, stand in your corner come rain or sunshine, whatever difficult trial or tribulation, no matter how seemingly insurmountable. It reveals to you that knowledge alone is inadequate if it doesn’t locate within you, humility and empathy. It is a social construct. It links life with the needs and demands of the general masses of the people.

Prison teaches one the injustices and cruelty of the wicked. It opens up the mind to understand how power can be used irresponsibly to inflict maximum pain to the innocent and the powerless. Prison is the uppermost university that taught me that, those who hold power should learn to exercise their authority without an ounce of arrogance, aggression or force. The tough conditions here at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison have taught me to strengthen mastery over emotions. Many leaders tend to be conceited and arrogant when they grow to have power over millions. Many men have faced adversity, but if you truly wish to test the character of a man, give him power and thereafter watch the theatrics.

With respect, prison teaches one to distinguish real and true friends on the one hand and hypocrites on the other. It opened me and exorcised from me some fallacies and falsehoods I had about some people around me. It made discover that my sincere, genuine and eternal friends are the masses and peoples of Zimbabwe, cutting across all classes and professions, domestically and in the diaspora. The passion of their roars and bellows I hear on a daily basis, is amazing and extra-ordinary. A million kisses of love my dearest friends. Your sharing of pain with me is historic.

Genuine friends are seen by the sweat of their efforts, to fight on the side of their cornered friend. The vociferous voices of clamor in every village, township, growth point, town or city in Zimbabwe is being heard echoing every day. Those in all the far corners of the world have demonstrated unmatched support and empathy over the suffering of one their own. Thank you good people!

What does it take to stand with your friend?

The University of Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison has revealed to me treacherous hypocrites, sell outs, colluders with my persecution, opportunists trying to capitalize on the predicament of the moment for cheap political and financial gain from my tormentors. Some wished me dead. I am sick. Please, they must then pray for my death. Some plotted schemes to destroy me by spreading false intelligence given to them by their handlers and are dabbling in rumor-mongering and get into deals to the extent of carrying poisoned food to deliver it with a friendly smile. I am aware of all their shenanigans.

Unjust incarceration also taught me who the real true friends of the people of Zimbabwe are. Nations who stand for the truth and uprightness are seek speaking fearlessly against unjust persecution. I would like to thank them all.

Prison also taught me the role of the progressive and fearless fourth estate in contrast to urging and abetting impunity. Domestically and internationally the voices of the progressives are expounded with clarity.

My dear friends, I thank you all.

Have a happy and prosperous 2023! Job Wiwa Sikhala

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ZanuPfIsShit 1 month ago

Hold on brother it will soon get better for all of us.You are our liberator,I salute you!

liberator shungu 1 month ago

unofira mahara kukundwa negonzo rinofira mafufu.
kafirambeei takaenda

Nahoreka 4 weeks ago

Hon Job shud not despair. He shud not loose focuss. We the people know what we want. Nyika yose iri kutambura nekuda kwehutongi hweudzvinyiriri hwavamunangagwa. Nothing is working. Everything is in chaps and confusion bcoz of lake of proper leadership. Zanu is only good at looting, murdering, corruption, abducting people, stealing elections and nothing else.... So to Hon Sikhala, always remember that we are with you, we shall never abandon the struggle... vana veZimbabwe ngatirambe takashinga, mukukwana kwenguva vaMnangagwa nemhondi dzavo havachazovipozve. Rino igore rekuzvisunungura kubva kuhudzvanyiriri hwava Mnangagwa nechikwata chavo..

ideological bereft 1 month ago

with no clear cut ideological underpinnings you will die and be forgotten because you are misguided a soldier without a cause and no political ideology
Dzamara akarova zvikapera saka unoshamisei
Edison Sithole akarova guva rake pariri hapazikanwe but paHeroes tine epitaph Yake nekuti Chibaba
ukafa unongorova wokundwa naChibaba wemutoriro akaitwa provincial hero

g 1 month ago

its a shame. job feels betrayed and hard done by his comrades. in a way he is correct. i havent seen much effort from the ccc leadership. in fact some of them may be angling for his position as he implied. whether he commited the offence is neither here nor there, but the least they could have done would be to speak out strongly agaimst his continued detention or even approach sadc, Au to lobby support to have Ed release him. None of that was done. its a crying shame. Anyway get well soon Wiwa. you are a true hero

zvarova 1 month ago

hu revolutionary hautengwe job****pa rakananzviwa nembwa problem are backward and we have disciplined you via prison kuti utwasuke uzive kuti Kambudzi kes**** kanoguta shamhu ine munhu
dhaunda rake raswedera apa hapana chitsotsi Aida kukura musoro kunyangira yaona

@zvarova 4 weeks ago

handisati ndamboona munhu akafa musoro sewe. unopemberera hudzvanyiriri nekupondwa kwevanhu. kuvharirwa mujeri pasina mhosva. zvasiyanei nasmith, chatinoti nyika yakasununguka chii? wakadhakwa

Yes Sir 1 month ago

Sikhala warwa kurwa kwakanaka.Denga haridhakwi.

Nyangirai Lacoste 1 month ago

usamukwenyedzere nhema nguva Yake yakwana tambirai mwana wenyu mugare naye misi yose akuenda nenzira yemadzitateguru Ake akafira mahara kukundwa negonzo rakafira mafufu
ini hasha dzangu dzakupupa ndatobata chiwepu changu Che commissariat kuti mupinde mumuforo one by one ndatotanga najobho wekukundwa negonzo


nyangirai lacoste 1 month ago

Zita range ndinonzi nyangirai lacoste handijaidze makudo neanokamhina hanzi naka jobho ndanzwa nemanyoka Kuda sympathy yangu but makudo hatijaidze neanokamhina tinorova musoro
wairasa jobho ndinonzi nyangirai lacoste handijaidze makudo neanokamhina waitangirei musindo kuNyatsime kudenha ini Nyangirai Lacoste vadzimu k
vako vakufuratira tisangane kucourt music wa 3

Nyangirai Lacoste 1 month ago

Mweya weCommissariat wekuhondo kumaziva ndadzoka wandibata itaika TIONE ndapfeka election combat gear takatodeployiwa kuti musangano uende mberi ana Tongogara vakafa kuti musangano we ZANU PF uende mberi saka let's play it

Cde hondo 1 month ago

Zanu pf ****'s bizzy supporting ED. Arikukupai chii iye arikudya nemhuri yake and a few friends imi nhamo yega

Nyangirai Lacoste 1 month ago

pamberi ne ZANU PF pamberi na ED pasi naChamisa ne CCC hatijaidze neanokamhina tinorova musoro makudo jobho kaikanyaira kuNyatsime ngakakanyaire TIONE Chamisa karamba zvemutiro mwiii zvako kkkkkkkkk pamberi ne ZANU PF pamberi nemusangano wakatendeka sungano nevabereki sungano

Inspector Gadget 1 month ago

Be Strong Wiwa!
I am praying for you .
We shall overcome one day!

Nyangirai Lacoste 1 month ago

vadzimu vako vakurasha jobho Doro unobika sei Mudzimu weshiri Uri mudendere manje takauya tikakunyundura mudendere re At Mary's nedendere reNyatsime
haaa zvadhakwa jobho zvatoperasoo

Nyangirai Lacoste 1 month ago

zvirikukurwadzai pamuti wajaira kare kokuzoti pamuti mu**** wena elections mati madii hamusati matanga
manyangira yaona ndakamubokola hangu jobho achikanyaira manje Ari pachirimbani changu ini Nyangirai Madzimbabwe Lacoste

Nyangirai Madzimbabwe Lacoste 1 month ago

Nyika ndapatrolla from Zambezi to Limpopo ZANU PF yakatohwina 2023 elections kare hapana chitsotsi
Commissariat mafero angu ndinokutendai matunhu ose ndinokutendai ini Madzimbabwe Lacoste

Mukorokoza 4 weeks ago

As of now, ED is in Redcliff, visiting one of his girlfriends, with a motorcade of over 12 cars & and ambulances, vana pk vachingoti EDfeee. Wake up maZimbo mhani

Hannibal lecter 4 weeks ago

Mukorokoza speaks the truth. it passed us pamba pamusopero - as u enter kwekwe from gweru

pk 4 weeks ago

even chamisa ari kumba kwa Job achikwira mai Sikhala iwe uchingoti ngapinde hake mkomana

Nimrod 4 weeks ago

This is very sad reading.
He has a right to get bail but justice is being used for political reasons to punish him.
Shame, very big shame on the regime enablers.
Above all lets pray for Wiwa' s health.

Dzvamu 4 weeks ago

Ndarwadziwa, ko vana vake vanonzwa sei shuwa? Iwo macourts acho anomboita sei? 7 months no trial

Dan Fulan 4 weeks ago

Shame to you job. Thus wasting of your time, chamisa is not a good friend at all, look a kusiya kujeri

Dzvamu 4 weeks ago

Asi vanhu mofunga sei chaizvo? Moti chamisa angatoenda kucourt ototi budisai sikhala zvichiitika kupi? Kunyangwe vanhu vakaita demo sepana evan mawarire this time hazvishande

Dan Fulan 4 weeks ago

Shame to you job. Thus wasting of your time, chamisa is not a good friend at all, look a kusiya kujeri

4 weeks ago

What is happening

Tkt 4 weeks ago

Baba ava so ka, manje manje vari kunyora National Youth Day & Easter Letters futi nenharo nhando dzavo idzodzo, just Bow to the Queen zvipere izvo

The Adjudicator 4 weeks ago

Only fools think he is doing it for himself and continue to support looters who are caught everyday with truckloads of our minerals and are never arrested.

Nyangirai Lacoste 4 weeks ago

jobho atirira ne remand kuita

,,,, dott 4 weeks ago

Job sikhala, he no longer trust the Twitter president,,, It made discover that my sincere, genuine and eternal friends are the masses and peoples of Zimbabwe,

Me 4 weeks ago


MuSabatha(SDA) 4 weeks ago

Zimbabwe shall surely be free again, to hon Job sikhala, always remember that the people of this nation are with you. We are all suffering the effects of a failed regime bend on silencing the voice of the people. We are suffering just bcoz a few individuals hang on power in defiance of the public's call for change. However, we the people shall remain focused, we shall continue the struggle until Zimbabwe is free again. They will persecute us , kill us, use violence, rig elections, abduct people, loot national funds, etc etc ... but we shall never turn back. We will resist tyranny until Zimbabwe is free again

4 weeks ago

Job Sikhala you are a true hero.Yo are as brave as a Lion.Ndimi munonzi Magamba kunyangwe ukarwadziswa hauperi tariro

4 weeks ago

Job Sikala you are a true hero. We salute you. Ndokunonzi a true leader, a leader who leads from the front, and who is prepared to die for what he believes in. Salutations are with you Job, you will go down in the books of history in the fight for democracy.Shame on our judiciary which is captured,shame on Zpf which is now doing the same system which they said they were fighting aganist, shame on them.

mercy and truth 4 weeks ago

wakagadzirira here kupinda denga. nokuti uko kune justice no respect of persons. hakupinde chakaipa. zvinzwere woga kuti unopinda here.

wrath and justice 4 weeks ago

usadheerere ruling party iwewe panofa mbiti gore rino 2023

Mai Ro 4 weeks ago

Tinemi vaSikhala muchimurenga chekurwira rusununguko. Tose tinorwadziwa tichiona muchishungurudzwa kudai nehurumende yehudzvanyiriri yavamnangagwa. Gore rino tinokuvimbisai kuti ndipo hudzvanyiriri huchapera...ndipo tichazvisunungura senyika uye nyika yose ichaziva kuti hakuna rima rinozokunda chiedza nekusingaperi. The whole world shall testify that good will always prevail over evil..

chikomba cha Mai Ro 4 weeks ago

wakandispaka pa bend down saka ndichakurukisa musoro Mai Ro

gg 4 weeks ago

Ishe munongofira mahara mhuri ikasara ichitambura

Mai Ro 4 weeks ago

@gg, hon Sikhala is not thinking of himself only, he considers the plight of the millions of the suffering masses of this nation. Millions are dying in this country in different ways just bcoz we have tyranny leadership in gvmnt. Some of us takasiyana nembavha dzezanu dzinongozvifunga idzo pachezvadzo. Tinofungawo vamwe. Saka vaSikala chero vakairaiwa nehutungamiri hwavamnangagwa, isu ruzhinji ticharamba tichivarangarira uye at the right time, mnangagwa and his cabal shall be held accountable for all the atrocities he is committing against the people. We shall not rest until we free ourselves from zanu.

chikomba cha Mai Ro 4 weeks ago

nhasi ndikuda ne front tichinjewo musambo back musambo taneta nayo

jojo 4 weeks ago

JoJo siyana nazvo zvenyika unofa iwee. use common sense wena. saka ukafa unowanei and chii chinochinja nokuti wafa. all those who are supporting you are safe.

4 weeks ago

@jojo, Job Sikhala is not like you, if he was a coward like you dai asina kuzviita, the same applies to those that lost their lives fighting the liberation war they sacrificied themselves kuti kuvene "freedom". Dai vakato ndofirei dai nanhasi tiri mu Rhodesia because of cowards like you jojo.

Chiurai 4 weeks ago

Kana kune vakamboifira vakaisunungura. Jobho akuda kufira kkusunungurei zvekare

Sadza rokwata zvino 4 weeks ago

Wakamboona sadza parinotanga kukwata, rinoita tumapundu tunoputika one by one plus rate yacho yekuputika inoita ichiwedzera. So if they silence Wiwa, another voice will rise, another one will rise, even another one, another one and they will continue to rise until there's change.

ok 4 weeks ago

asi ukawedzera upfu tumapundu tuya tunopera

lithium korokoza 4 weeks ago

Kana madame Marry vakaunzwa ku court varipa hospital bed wozoti iwe zvako Wiwa 😂😂 muchadzikama unofira mahara isu tichidya hedu sadza kuno tatengesa lithium yedu

Pamberi nemusangano viva Zanu viva

National Commissar 4 weeks ago

The CCC party does not have a title inonzi Deputy National Chairperson.That was an MDC post.

mlmbo 4 weeks ago

zviroto zviroto

Lady t 4 weeks ago

Mandela 27 yrs ari mujeri renyika zvichapera kana denga rapindira tinewe job paminamato

KAWULUKA BINGA 4 weeks ago

it's too late, keep praying for forgiveness from almighty God.
wakalyakale zikola.

mdra 4 weeks ago

Shinga mzkuru hapana chisinga peri

mdra 4 weeks ago

Shinga mzkuru hapana chisinga peri

The Bush Doctor 👨‍🔬 4 weeks ago

In the end shiri ichazongofa

4 weeks ago

Just die you moron Sikhala nobody cares

Progressive Citizen 4 weeks ago

Asi hazvis here zvakaita kut vakuru vedu vaende kuhondo,, kushungurudzwa kwe ma fellow Zimbabweans😥

chinja 4 weeks ago

fight on brother

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