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I'm Not Responsible For What Chamisa Does - Mwonzora

I'm Not Responsible For What Chamisa Does - Mwonzora

MDC-T president Douglas Mwonzora said that he couldn’t care less if his erstwhile colleague, MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa fields candidates in the upcoming elections as they are now rivals.

Addressing reporters in Harare on Wednesday, Mwonzora asserted that he was not “Chamisa’s keeper”, and was not bothered by people who condemned him for meeting President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House recently.

Mwonzora made the comments just a day after he implored the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) asking it to block Chamisa and his party from using the MDC name and all its derivatives, saying the name belongs to his MDC-T party. Mwonzora said:

We are not Chamisa’s keeper, I am not Chamisa’s keeper. I do not take care of his political interests and he cannot expect that from a political opponent.

I am an opponent in this election of Mnangagwa, and I am an opponent of Chamisa. If he has filled in candidates or has not filled in candidates, then it is fairly fine.

I am a political opponent of whoever has filled in candidates. I don’t plan things for them, I don’t take care of their interests.

What is important is that we are the owners of the name (MDC Alliance) and those people who do not own the name can use other names.

Mwonzora reiterated that he would contest the upcoming 26 March by-elections and the 2023 general elections using the name MDC Alliance.

He said unlike his erstwhile colleagues who have become crybabies on social media platforms, he will not complain even when things are going against him. Said Mwonzora:

No political party has been refused the chance to establish alliances with parties that think alike, no one has been stopped from going to see Mnangagwa at State House.

It’s only that we, as the MDC-T, have taken the chance and we see value in the alliances. We see value in the smallest of political parties.

The period of being political cry-babies is over. We don’t cry even when things are going against us, but we see people crying all over social media.

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🤨🤨 5 months ago

Kuna ruka akusvikike anoswera ashaya uyu

Zman 5 months ago

Uyuo nzondora anenge anotobhema mutoriro chete uyu. Basa rekungorwisana nachamisa achitadza kurwisana naRuka chivende auraya myika

Francis Jekapu 5 months ago

Uku ndikokudhakwa kweMDC yese,power hungry zimbabweans

V*D 5 months ago

I have just thought of Cain and Abel. Umwe wavo akati abvunzwa akati I'm not my brother's keeper. Iye amuuraya akazotongerwa kuenda mupoliritical wilderness.


The Terraces 5 months ago

Thank God for that.

Lukie 5 months ago

Don't take politics as a hobby mdaRa,,u will taste the pill if u go the wrong side of the game

Chief 5 months ago

Chamisa is kinda politically immature. He should have changed the name long time ago but he's thinking the name mdca holds victory. I was expecting a change any time soon but my hopes are down because our main opposition is strolling while its opponents are sprinting. I think Biti is fit to lead the MDCA bcz this young boy is good for nothing,, I only hear the voices of Fadzai Mahere and others iye he's quiet se mukwasha arikwatezvara. If he loses upcoming elections we will have to replace him with a better person the likes of Biti and other guys who are vocal bcz zanu haidi zve massage inotoda zve ginya

Man of the moment 5 months ago

My brother yes about a Name wait and see are you Registered to Vote and for the president to Quiet yes remember the more you talk talk the weaker you become
It's time for us to shout out
Now ask someone to go Register Dudes ok clear 😱
#NHM 🤠🤠🤠 #NHM

MuGrade 2 5 months ago

Well said buh suggesting that Biti to takeover e reigns is a bit wayward...Biti is regarded as worse than Mwonzora in opposition circles..he is good as a subordinate not an outright leader...

Mkomana 5 months ago

Chamisa ngaachinje zita n leave khupe na nzora nzora vakadaro

Man of the moment 5 months ago

Gentlemen and ladies Mwonzorewa and a his bunch of Names musiyeyi so uyu He is just a Decoy mind you
Or a scarecrow handiti (Duche)
Yes he is .

Now pay attention to the fourth coming events I beg you please

Chikandamina 5 months ago

Nyati muzorewa chaiye.

Vax 5 months ago

Nhai VaMonzora mune mapart mangani?Munonzwisa tsitsi hamuone here kt mave kupenga nyika yose yakatarisa,

Makelanwi 5 months ago

Political power is wielded from the people not from boardroom meetings with the incumbent President mukoma Dougie.2023 General Elections are around the corner,and i beleive your political career is under threat.

MuGrade 2 5 months ago

The guy is confident..he is in good terms with both Zec n Zanu-pf..we know how elections are won in Zim.So Dougie is in the right path for his political career.His friends from those two institutions will pull him through...e majority have little they can do,as they can only cast their vote n thus all... rigging part is what matters...
The povo will be left groaning come e announcement of the by-elections results.

Mujumba 5 months ago

Mwonzora wakangofanana nehure rinongoda mari chete upenyu kwevanhu hauneyi naho ikozvino wakuda Alliance wakamboti MDC.T ndoyako but kutaura chokwadi haulume apa you are wasting time and resources dzenyika

Makelanwi 5 months ago

I can sense kuti mukoma Dougie is afraid to participate in the forthcoming by-elections.I think it might be the end of the road for his party.Who also cares about you mukoma Dougie?VaED ndivo vachakuvhoterai,isu povo kwete.

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