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I'm Not Going Anywhere, Mnangagwa Declares

I'm Not Going Anywhere, Mnangagwa Declares

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday declared that he will be in office beyond 2023 to oversee all the infrastructural projects he has initiated including a planned Cyber City project in Mt Hampden.

The cyber city will be built in phases and the first phase will include cyber technology offices, shopping malls and the construction of the tallest tower in Africa called the Mulk Tower as well as other recreational facilities.

The first phase is expected to be completed in two years. Speaking during the ground-breaking ceremony of the project yesterday, Mnangagwa said:

The people who are here, you are the first to see this vision. Each one of you must pray to see this vision coming to fruition.

As for me, I know I will be there until the project is finished and oversee that everything is running smoothly. I will be in charge.

… This will be a new city, the city of government will be built here. We already have the new Parliament.

The Supreme Court and the High Court will also be here and even the President’s offices will be built here together with ministerial offices

This comes after former ZANU PF youth leader Jim Kunaka, who now represents the ZANU PF Original, recently claimed that Mnangagwa had reneged on his gentleman’s agreement with Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga to hand over power after serving one term.

Another former ZANU PF leader Godfrey Tsenengamu, who now leads a minor opposition party, FEEZ, also warned that Mnangagwa was going to lose the 2023 elections.

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kalidou 3 weeks ago


Matongo 3 weeks ago

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The Adjudicator 3 weeks ago

Behold l am seeing a new City in Zimbabwe like Dubai.

youth 3 weeks ago

yes....true...I heard that are very correct 💯

Cde Cimba 3 weeks ago

Thus says he Lord. It looks like Dubai...I saw the roads, the buildings... wonderful wonderful things- Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in 2017

Mukadota 3 weeks ago

Kamuzu Banda 🇲🇼 once said "I'M TOO BUSY TO DIE".

Dr Hercules 3 weeks ago

Tallest tower in Africa when you are struggling to complete inferior projects like Egodini Kkkk in SA where there are FDIs it would have taken less thn 3 months to finish a project like Egodini

Mukadota 3 weeks ago

It close to 2 decades to complete the construction 🚧 of the Beitbridge double 🏬 flats eku Total. Moda kutaura zve tallest 🗼 nonsense

User 3 weeks ago

We all make plans but God decides,chenjera


Poverty 3 weeks ago

Makore evamwe vari kufa ari kuwedzera pako kana 100 years unosvika E.D

poorvho 3 weeks ago

you are feeling the heat, dont worry its us who will make the decision of when and where you will go. Chimbovigayi vaChidhawu.

??? 3 weeks ago

sure vakuru, muchazongoenda kamwe muna2023

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

If u think about tomorrow .We will be there ruling.With or without elections.

legislator 3 weeks ago

God is there to decide ,not you,vanovaka maguta Mwari vasipo vanovakira pasina,God will rate you ,if you are weighed and shaken,then a decision above will be made,the Greatest one is whom who will wait upon

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

History has a tendency of repeating itself.

Mukadota 3 weeks ago

Hausi Mwari 🧣 SCARFDIOT

bigsam 3 weeks ago

mugabe once said ...even marangwanda angu angu will rule from the grave
ajati futi yiu will come come fir cabinet meetings at ny grave
nhasi zviripi

i 3 weeks ago

ummm ok ok ok

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Its not about projects, its about election 😀 Mugabe once said am going there i will tell them in that summit and it was a few months before an election...

Farean 3 weeks ago

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Replier 3 weeks ago

Chero RG Bhobho aitoda kupinda muzana aripo
God decides

Voter 3 weeks ago

You think you are invincible 😂
We the voters will decide.

🌶️🌶️🌶️ 3 weeks ago

Charger yetsono yakanetsa asi nhasi iripi, shiri inozongofaaaaaaaaaa

??? 3 weeks ago

Charger yetsono yakanetsa asi nhasi iripi. shiri inozongofaaaaaaa

XXX 3 weeks ago

Remember the guy you replaced used to utter the same sentiments , only God is irreplaceable my fellow cde. Inguva chete , only a matter of time , believe me.

osy 3 weeks ago

VYBZ KARTEL 3 weeks ago

Dancing challenge......"Pinda mukati uvhaye kadhumba, kadhuma kadhuma.....amina juu....."

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Handiende, Kuenda handiende....
Handiende, Kuenda handiende....
Dzamara wandiudza pandimire chaipo
Chaipo ipo.....
Chaipo ipo......

Kuenda handiende....
(Steve Dhongi Makoni)

Inini hangu:- Ko Bhobho akazoenda wanhi?

??? 3 weeks ago

Charger yetsono yakambozviita, asi shiri yakazongofa.

c 3 weeks ago

CCC real change

mwendas 3 weeks ago

garai youl...lots

Grace Goreraza 3 weeks ago

Mwari torai munhu asingakuziveyi.

historian 3 weeks ago

not in a thousand years, so said a certain ****

historian 3 weeks ago

not in a thousand years, so said a certain nut head.

joker 3 weeks ago

You are fooing yourself old man. God is showing you signs but you don't understand his language.

Sina Jina 3 weeks ago

Wisdom has evaded our president. At his age he should know that it is God who decides whether tomorrow will be your last day or the beginning of the rest of your life.

VZ 3 weeks ago

Mugabe aitombozviitawo but nhasi uno arikunyikadzimu mhanduwe 😂😂😂

van riebeck 3 weeks ago

The leadership we have was installed by the Lord himself. Lets have a sense of respect & appreciate the good projects that are already underway & those already completed. We pray for abundance of life to the highest office till all the developments have come to fruition. Keep up the momentum second Republic.

Nashy 3 weeks ago

Yaaaah Mwari honai......

Nashy 3 weeks ago

God God God!

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