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"I'm Not Fighting To Become Prime Minister" - Mwonzora On Dialogue

MDC-T president Douglas Mwonzora has said he is not pushing for national dialogue so that he attains the post of Prime Minister but for the resolution of several issues prevalent in Zimbabwe.

He said he engaged President Emmerson Mnangagwa and talks shall commence “very soon.”

Mwonzora made the remarks at his weekend rally at Pelandaba Hall in Bulawayo. He said:

I presented Mnangagwa with a letter with 21 points spelling out the kind of Zimbabwe that we want as a party.  Very soon, there shall be talks of dialogue. I went back to meet him in January, as MDC-T.  I am not involved in these talks so that I become PM, or that some of our MPs can become ministers, but we want to bring peace and prosperity to the country.

All conflicts that have bedevilled the country in the past have been resolved through dialogue like the talks that culminated in a GNU.

Mwonzora told his supporters that he regretted the split between him and his former deputy, Thokozani Khupe, who has now declared herself the MDC-T leader.

MDC Alliance national chairperson Morgen Komichi said the last battle for the party after winning several court cases against the then MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa would be to win the 2023 elections.

Bulawayo mayor Solomon Mguni and Nketa Emganwini MP Phelela Masuku, who is now the provincial chairperson of the party, as well as other MPs belonging to Mwonzora’s party attended the event.

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Zvazvanga zvingori 2 months ago

Douglas Mwonzora angofanana neengine yakusanganisa oil nemvura.Kakupenga mentality

chikiti.. musavengana 2 months ago

uyo arikuzviti we insuarance imabvha

Ccc 2 months ago

Haa politics mutambo wokutsvaka mari kana zvokuhwinha zvaramba haa very clever munhu anonz mwonzora, if you can't beat them , join them

selectorman 2 months ago

Nyadzi dzinokunda rufu.Ko kungonyarara kuneyi? No one bothers about you.Nincompoop

Hezvoko 2 months ago

Shut up Nzondora. Zimbabweans will remember you as a sellout; left right and centre. You messed up big time by those recalls that you did at the behest of Zanu pf. How does it feel to be so unwanted? You have no constituency at all. Your close linkswith the oppressed has been your undoing.
Shakespeare would call you a usurper.How does it feel to put on borrowed robes? Shame on you Douglas Togarasei mwonzora . Politically you are dead and the 26 of March will be your ides. Nonsense

2 months ago

Sir Shreak 2 months ago

nxaaaaa haiwawo uyu avakutomhanya bani ahachaziva zvekuita


Charger 2 months ago

Ndokuparara kwakaita Anauther Mutambara unoshandisirwa mahara chionai zvamakuitana nasisi vako khupe

Zvagarazviriko 2 months ago

Mwonzora uchanei danga takakupa zvese nedhove takakupa wani

DMx 2 months ago

Hapana chauchaita mwonzora zvakatopera . It's either u join the rilling party or triple c maybe wopindawo mums structures waita mucheche hapana kana seat 1 rauchawana

Chikandamina 2 months ago

🐕ndonzora chimutengesi chakasara ne Zita hapana hapana.☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

Wamambo90 2 months ago

Kkkk wakutomhanya mushini brain dzikurwadza unoda kumiririra ani nevanhu vako 10

MDC woyeeeeee!!!!! 2 months ago

Nzvonyora doesn't want elections

Nzvonyora wants continued access to Political Parties Funding for MPs who owe allegiance to him but were voted for under Chamisa

Nzvonyora wants GNU

Nzvonyora actually wants to be PM

Nzvonyora vhara zipi, your brain is showing

Yvt 2 months ago

Kkkkķk Mwonzora is a joke. Haudiwe u want to become PM chete iwe.

Doug 2 months ago

Please do not try to find a way of not facing election in 2023. Let 2023 elections not be detailed by any personal arrangements.

Manikiniki 2 months ago

Resolution of national issues as who? Representing who? I think you are some kind of "Mr Bean"iwe Mwonzora kkk hayi ah

Sugar sugar 2 months ago

Mwonzora kwana mhani, uno tinyangadza. Nxaaaaaa. @Mboko unoti kudii naDzondora ? Hapenge here munhu uyu ?

Sponono 2 months ago

Dog Dzondora ari kuenderera mberi nekupenga. Ummm zvakawoma shuwa.

Mhazi of Silobela 2 months ago

no one wants you dzondora. u will be representing who? u have **** for brains

wakaona here inonzi rally ku Highfield?

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