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If Edmund Kudzayi Is Gay, So Is Nelson Chamisa - Jonathan Moyo

If Edmund Kudzayi Is Gay, So Is Nelson Chamisa - Jonathan Moyo

Self-exiled former information minister, Jonathan Moyo, says CCC activists who claim journalist Edmund Kudzayi is a homosexual should question their party president’s sexuality too.

Moyo claimed Kudzayi and CCC leader Nelson Chamisa were very close and often conduct prayer night vigils together in the hills of Domboshava.

Kudzayi has been labelled gay by CCC supporters after he questioned the party’s lack of formal structures.

Moyo claimed “Chamisa and Kudzayi are tight brothers in Christ” and spend nights together in Domboshava. Moyo tweeted:

While Chamisa’s supporters have singled me out for their vile slurs, with Edmund Kudzayi and my relatives as collateral damage, others like Stephen Chan, Chofamba Sithole and in the NewsDay, Zimbabwe Independent and The Standard have also made the structures critique!

What is telling and reveals hatred is that, while many others have made the argument for the indispensability of structures in the CCC, Chamisa’s base has targeted only me, Kudzayi and my relatives for its most vile slurs. The reason for this targeting is Nelson!

Interestingly, Chamisa and Kudzayi are tight brothers in Christ. They used to hold prayers–just the two of them–at Nelson’s Advocates Chambers office.

Vakomana vema all-night prayers kuzvikomo muDomboshava (these are boys who would go for all-night prayers in the mountains of Domboshava). Given this, are Nelson and Edmund gay partners?

Given the very close relationship he has with Kudzayi, it must be said strongly that Chamisa’s silence over the vile gay slurs from his supporters is proof of his profound moral and leadership bankruptcy.

If Edmund is gay as per the CCC slurs, so is Nelson!


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xoxo 2 months ago

Jona you are also gay. we know your acts with Allum Mpofu former zbc chief.

Ginious 2 months ago

anomakwa ndiye anebhora gogo Yellow Machine.


Remember Allum Mpofu when he was still at ZBC agreat friend of Jonso and Allum was gay and Jonso?

Machiavelli 2 months ago

As a student of philosophy, Jonso should be aware of the pitfalls of Sylogism. For the uninitiated, sylogism is an erroneous conclusion following two correct statements e.g.

A donkey has four legs,
A cow has four legs.
Therefore a cow is a donkey.

Similarly the insinuation made by yester-year analysts depicting Chamisa with Susan Mutami was suggestive of the mantra:-

Mutami is a hoóker,
Chamisa is Mutami's friend.
Therefore Chamisa iHùre.

This is the same erroneous statement Jonso is making:-

Kudzai is a homo,
Chamisa is a religous friend of Kudzai.
Therefore Chamisa is a homo.

Warped thinking and reasoning is all I can say.

Soup man Sadza 2 months ago

Iwe nendzara munoda Sadza
Saka uri Sadza

Black Jack 2 months ago

Jonathan Moyo, usafananidza President wedu newe. Its not a secret that Teresken Night Club was where you practised your Homo-****uality with plenty of guys. We were young when your stories of having **** with guys went viral all over Zimbabwe. Jonso iwe ndiwe muHomo. Leave our future Zim- President alone

Job Sikhala 2 months ago

zvakubuda pachenaka kuti Chamisa ingochani ngaataureka Chamisa wacho kkkk

Crocodile 2 months ago

Kkkkkk ndokunonzi kushaya zve kutaura chaiko uku kunoitwa najonso zvinotaurwa nevana kumahumbwe zvavari kutaura Profess


mukomana 2023 2 months ago

mukungovukura hogwash ,,,,,,, example mwana we **** harisi **** asi kut akazvarwa ne**** ndonyaya saka kut heeeee chamisa ane hu frndship na mutami while mutami wacho anobayisa hazvirevi kut kana chamisa wacho ndozvaanoitawo fut haaaaa mind set should be grown up thus all

Jinn 2 months ago

Not newsworthy,we need change so let's vote Zanu Pf out.

citizen 2 months ago


🏹🏹🏹 2 months ago


Teurairopa 2 months ago

Jonso unotaurisa too much pawaive muzanu wakaiteiko kunze kwekutibhowa patv nesong yekut rambai makashinga.. nonsense hauna party dai uriwe zanu urikuitei kuKenya why do you behave like an uneducated person professor ane godo kudaro gara ikoko we don't want you here

c 2 months ago

CCC real change


PROFESSOR JONATHAN MOYO is also a well known ngochani. He started this practice when he was with the University of Zimbabwe.

Earlier on I warned Professor Jonathan Moyo not be excited and bootlick His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa's boots.

You have resolved to attack President Chamisa at every corner. CCC supporters can not standby and watch while you salvage their esteemed leader. They will match you pound for pound.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Munhu 2 months ago

Whats wrong with being gay?

Blue 💙 2 months ago

See this queer CCC supporter @munhu, CCC in power will be the end of morality

Handizi John Chibadura 2 months ago

Agh iweeee. Everything about it is wrong.

Tintin 2 months ago

@munhu REALLY?

Tang. Ku 2 months ago

I love CCC from the bottom of my heart but what worries me is Chamisa anotukwa kakawanda na Jonathan but arikuramba akangonyarara I'm now suspecting him of being guilty we need to know why is he so silent after such allegations labled against him itsika here?

Handizi John Chibadura 2 months ago

Matombo haapedzerwe kumakunguwo. This is a knee jerk reaction to those rape
allegations torwards ed dzaitwa neveguma hombe avo.

Unless someone comes out and says kuti chamisa ndakarara naye ingochani then he would be obliged to speak out.

Chamatams 2 months ago

HEZVO nhai imi weee, iwe JONSO urikuzvi tambudzikireiko nhaiwe. You are a confused cockroache , wakatiza Zimbabwe nekuti you where busy kutengesa Mnangagwa kuna Mugabe. Zvino wava kuti nanga nanga na Chamisa because akaramba kushandiswa newe kuti uwanire madzokero ku ZANU PF. Kuno ku ZIMBABWE no sane Political party likes you. It must get into your peanut head kuti ZIMBABWEANS does not like you. COME back here mhani CHIKURUBI PRISON is waiting for you. That's where you belong. ZANU PF is not ****. It needs you to rot in Jail where you belong. Musoro unenge we NZUNGU.

junior magoso 2 months ago

Jonathan Moyo is one of a a very foolish leaned Zimbabwean

Job Sikhala 2 months ago

ukatoona uchiwirirana nemunhu pane zvamunenge makatoona kuti brain dzenyu dzopindirana lyk ipapa Chamisa nengochani vakawirirana pakurovana kumusuri then Chamisa naMutami vakawirirana pachi****

Kule Dhambi 2 months ago

Jonho unogwisa President wevanhu une shuwa iwe? Hauzochemi? 😂

Dhambi 2 months ago

Nhandiwe bhangu, hauzochemi?

John Mlambo 2 months ago

Be careful with this person j Moyo he is the one who once said if you want to distoy a party you can distoy it within he wants chamisa to bring him so that he can distroy the party within saka chamisa akaonera leave him

ecoz. 2 months ago

we are in this situation because Jona. He must shut up

Sekuru Dhambi 2 months ago

Jonso watanga futi zvako zveku dhoyta?

Blue 💙 2 months ago

You hear the opposition talking of "full human rights" and wonder what else is missing in these so called rights~Lgbt. These opposition parties stand for gay rights and that's disgusting, immoral and messed up. Vote for the gay CCC at the peril of your own a$shoLe.

Totito 2 months ago

Vote for zanu for your children to be
S.e.x.u.a.l.l.y abused by the chefs

Crocodile 2 months ago

@Blue ko vano rape vana movati chii

Manex S**** 2 months ago

Register to vote 🗳, regai kungovukura nekuvukura it's not gonna bring us change.

First time voter 2 months ago

l will not lose my focus of voting for Chamisa just of a big headed professor arikungoukura ari mimukuku yekuKenya achidya mari yaakabira nyika tsek msorobhangu

Ginious 2 months ago

We know our President,we can not be for jonso tirivadiki taitoudzwa kut he is gay

Gwedu 2 months ago

Spending a night with someone does not mean one is gay. I though you are a Professor kaini. Shame !!

Jonso 2 months ago

Musatanga moto wemapaper muchiziva kiti hamuna huni.

Chaka4real 2 months ago

You are very educated for nothing musoro kuwoma kunge damba.A grade 1 pupil is better than you . What is your problem and why do you envy Chamisa.godo rinokunetsa if Yu belong to zanu of come home uchaworera ikoko mfanami

Dasor 2 months ago

guys is this true

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