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Ibbo Mandaza Says ED’s Belated Honour Of Ndabaningi Sithole, James Chikerema A Vote-buying Gimmick

Ibbo Mandaza Says ED’s Belated Honour Of Ndabaningi Sithole, James Chikerema A Vote-buying Gimmick

Political analyst and publisher Ibbo Mandaza has described President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s belated honour bestowed on Ndabaningi Sithole and James Chikerema as a vote-buying gimmick. 

Mnangagwa recognised Sithole and Chikerema as national heroes on the occasion of the country’s 42nd Heroes Day commemorations last week.

Both were allies-turned-enemies of late former state leader Robert Mugabe, who denied them the honour due to grudges dating back to the trenches in the liberation struggle.

Sithole came from Chipinge and Chikerema from Mashonaland West with both commanding a strong sentiment from their tribesmen.

Mandaza told ZimLive that Mnangagwa is not sincere and is targeting the late pioneering nationalists’ sympathisers ahead of elections next year. He said:

Such ahistorical nonsense, full of dubious political motives.

The historic question should be; why and how was this obvious hero of Zimbabwe’s nationalist struggle so ignominiously dumped by his erstwhile comrades, including Mugabe and Mnangagwa himself?

The past is also the present in Zimbabwe’s nasty liberation narrative. Fellow historians and compatriots need to exorcise this terrible beauty, our history.

So, if, as a fellow student of Zimbabwe’s liberation history has correctly observed, Mnangagwa lacks the depth of perception to make (independently) the intervention in official history.

Who are the people around him that came up with such a profound acknowledgement, and why.

Sithole who was ZANU’s founding leader was deposed by Mugabe in 1975 through the Mgagao declaration.

He went on to become the opposition leader of a less popular ZANU-Ndonga and had little success after independence, with his support base narrowing to Chipinge where he was MP from 1995 to 2000.

Similarly, Chikerema, an uncle and Mugabe contemporary had the same treatment under the late veteran leader.

The process that is being used to deal with the conferment of hero status has for years been criticised by some analysts who said the issue was being politicised by the ruling ZANU PF.

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doc wekwa zvimba 1 month ago

apo mugoona Chikerema akavigwa panext na vaBona wena

Historian 1 month ago

Same as Ibbo Joseph changing his surname to Ibbo Mandaza after independence. He enjoyed privileges extended to coloureds before independence.

. 1 month ago

At one time he even called himself Joseph Ibbotson

. 1 month ago

so Ibbo is also a hypocrite

💸💰 1 month ago

He had a motive for changing his surname

. 1 month ago

Class monitor, we comment chero zvatada. Kutyei?

Fo di pipo 1 month ago

Saka u hypocryt hwake ndehwekudaa kuchinja zita here usada kusariraa semagadziko watauraa kutii ipapo ihypocryt ine nezvestatus yeu hero yachikerema neya sithole? Ndimi type yaisa chirungu murondedzero imi learn to comment zviripo not kungubudisaa mweya

Shumba 1 month ago

Asi mayi vaIbbo ndevekwaMandaza?


Background Checks 1 month ago

Ibbo Mandaza is a failed politician.He was one of the leaders in Simba Makoni's Mavambo project.

Ibbo Mandaza 1 month ago

P****ani lonke elifunukukhuluma kabi ngami zbunu zenu

Fortune Muchuchuti 1 month ago

Ibbo is giving a professional opinion, it's unfortunate you have to attack his person, you are probably not aware of the huge amount of work the man has contributed towards recording well-researched literature of this country. I recall to mind works by Tekere and Fay Chung, as examples apart from academia, and serious dialogue series on a broad variety of highly pertinent issues of the national discourse.

Billboard Of Public Opinions 1 month ago

The electorate gains nothing from according the dead ones a hero status. Please let's register to vote CCC into power.

Maparamuro 1 month ago

You can only get votes by either buying them of by coercion, they never come for free. Zanupf uses both methods because it is in power. The sanctions are a coercion method of getting votes away from ruling party to the alternative opposition parties.
Ndidzo politics dzacho.
Good service delivery is also vote buying, infrastructure development can also buy votes. Hapana chitsva apa

Zed inouraya 1 month ago

Zvakato ridzirwa mupururu nerimwe izvozvo


I agree with His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa that these two, Ndabaningi Sithole and James Chikerema are genuine Heroes.

It is the time of bestowing the heroism which has raised the ire of the citizens. Ibbo Mandaza is correctly labeling this as a vote buying gimmick. If it was not a vote buying gimmick, he would have posthumously bestowed them with hero status in 2018 immediately after they had seized power.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Mai Bee 1 month ago

Nhai weduwe, the late former President Robert Mugabe vayi daidzwa nezita ripi nguva kuhondo (liberation struggle). For example, the late General Solomon Mujuru (Rtd) was know as Rex Nhongo, ko vaMugabe vaidanwa nezita ripi ?

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