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"Ian Smith Was Better Than Mnangagwa, Mugabe" Debate Rages On

Debate on whether Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith was better than Zimbabwean Presidents – the late Robert Mugabe and current President Emmerson Mnangagwa, is raging on social media platforms.

Ruling ZANU PF sympathisers say it is crazy to compare “the evil Smith” to Mugabe or Mnangagwa.

Those who support the view that Smith was better say the ZANU PF government has failed to do better than what was done by Smith in terms of economic development and or championing human rights. Pindula News presents some of the comments on social media:

Mambo Nashe II @Mwana_Wepasi:

Simping on Ian Smith tells me you’re a slave, because Ian Smith was a general manager of a slave yard called Rhodesia.

Ali Naka, a political activist and Pan Africanist who is working with the Rwanda government said Smith was better. He said:

We are very generous to compare Mnangagwa to Smith because Mnangagwa’s incompetence is bottomless. If anything it’s an insult to Ian Smith!

Zimbabwe Institute for Accountability @ZimInstit4Dem:

Ian Smith was better than Mnagwagwa by a mile. All you have done is loot & pillage the country.

Jotham Nyoni @NyoniJotham:

I understand your Pain Prof. Moyo. Smith n his Rhodesians killed, racism was the order of the day but Sanitasing ED n Chiwenga’s brutality both economically n political will never be tolerated. Is a difference between ED n Ian Smith?

Self-exiled former Information Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo said those believing that Smith was better are mistaken. He said:

Only deranged misfits of society believe the rubbish that it was “DEVELOPMENT” for Ian Smith to use the colonial conquest, plunder and pillage of Zimbabwe to enact racist laws to dehumanise blacks and condemn them into servitude to build infrastructure only for 277,000 whites!

Self-exiled former Tourism and Hospitality Minister Dr Walter Mzembi suggested that Zimbabweans are forgetful. He said:

Wheel has turned 360° where people because of suffering are dusting up Ian Smith’ s legacy! In the Bible the children of Israel reminisce about Pharaoh being better. In comes the Joshua Generation, out the Moses lot, divine clock ticks. Canaan beckons!

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Secretary-General, Chalton Hwende has no kind words for Smith. He said:

My grandparents were killed by smith for simply being black kumwa ndomwa hangu but handirasike to glorify a racist murderer like smith… 

ED and ZanuPF have killed our people and they must go that’s why we are fighting them but Smith’s goal was to create an economy and country only for white people. He killed blacks for simply being black that was wrong… But to be killed just because of my color is worse especially by people who came to invade my country.

Zva Smith itai mega Smith killed black people for simply being black. He created an economy that was serving only white people that was wrong and must never be repeated.

(Rhodesia was) Bread basket because blacks were being forced to work for nothing under harsh conditions, education was not expanded to include every black child , some areas were only for white people. That system was wrong. ED and ZanuPF have failed but Smith was Evil. Ed and zanu have failed No Debate that’s why we are fighting for their removal but smith was evil he killed and put anthrax on our people the black people simply because they were blacks. That system like the apartheid regime never considered black people as equals

You should indeed give up the fact that the liberation struggle dream was betrayed should not make you doubt the sincerity and commitment of young black Zimbabweans that took up arms to free us.

You know you are my favorite person but Smith created an economy exclusively for White people that was wrong. All the buildings and roads were not for black people. That’s why in Mhondoro even today hatina Tara.

Some who say Smith was better said the prisons in Rhodesia while those in Zimbabwe are overpopulated and have inmates sleeping on the floor.

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