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"I Was Not There", Passion Java Speaks On Seke Road Accident

A self-proclaimed prophet, Passion Java, said that he was not present when his BMW X6 vehicle hit a woman on Tuesday, killing her on the spot, along Seke Road.

In a statement posted on his social media pages, Java said he was prepared to award scholarships to the woman’s children if she left any. Said Java:

It is with much sadness reminiscing the Seke Road accident. The woman deceased could be my sister, wife or my mother. Painful painful painful it is.

Although I wasn’t there at the scene, the driver works for me and is acutely traumatized.

As of now, I can’t explain the accident as it’s still under police investigation.

However, we must all respect the deceased and her loved ones by being loving and human as we post comments. Death is no joke and nothing to gain social media stats from.

I extend my plea to sympathize with her family and the honour of giving her kids scholarships if she left any.

I’m still recouping from the whole ordeal but I send my impassioned message to the bereaved.

Police confirmed the accident yesterday which occurred at around 12.08 PM along Seke Road near a Zuva Service Station.

Police said the BMW X6 vehicle was travelling towards Chitungwiza when it hit a woman aged approximately 20 years as she was trying to cross the road from West to East.

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Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

So we wait for the police report. Twabam wouldn't behave like one of his friends Fantan

Panganai Java 1 month ago

i just rombed guys.

Tozivepiko 1 month ago

Wakaromba Passion and dou you think scholarships will bring the lady back? Are you really a God fearing person or you are just a Satanist in our midst.

Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

🥴 Good day Mr Ed S

Edward Snowden 1 month ago

Imwe Mbeu real name is Tonderai Muchakata

Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

😅 Gets really funny when you think of the number of accidents that happened yesterday...

Zanuism 1 month ago

Your offer for scholarships only adds insult to injury. It is a narcissist way of flaunting your opulence. The Zanu mannerisms of I killed the dog and I can feed it's puppies. Shame on you fake prophet. Of the Mnangagwa,mabond marands,mapula tongues. Ndimi dzenhema stealing from the gullible and then coming to Zimbabwe to splush ill-gotten wealth. Zanu and the pliant ZRP told you to say ndandisipo. Typically choreographed Zanu shenanigans.Godknows chamwalila.


Bho 1 month ago

Passion usarambe makakopora mukadzi uyu kaaa zimhondi remunhu

Anonymous 1 month ago

Zvakaoma hazvo, people nowadays do everyrhing for money and fame, mumwe akutsvaga mbiri through the pain of others. They need psychotherapy these guys... Being a celebrity or whatever he is doesnt mean that he is no longer a human being. They are doing a lot of things forgetting that everyone's life is just as precious as theirs. Panganai Java you are just a person, stop trying so hard to be in the spot light. Another soul is gone just bcz someone is tryng so hard to be popular

Legislator 1 month ago

ummm we will sit to it that justice prevail,you incompetent guy Zizvambu Zvivambu,to investigate this matter, human life is so precious,let's respect all forms of life

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