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I Wanted Information From Susan Mutami, Nothing More - Mliswa

I Wanted Information From Susan Mutami, Nothing More - Mliswa

Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa (Independent), says the sole reason why he got involved in a romantic relationship with Australian-based Zimbabwean health professional, Susan Mutami, was to get information from her.

Mliswa claims his estranged lover (Mutami) was being used by former State Security Minister Owen “Mudha” Ncube and he dated her to get information.

This comes as Mutami has made some sensational claims using her Twitter handle. She has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of abusing her before he was President and alleged that First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa is corrupt.

Mutami has also claimed that she had a son with the late former Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo who she said was murdered. Moyo succumbed to COVID-19 in January 2021.

Posting on Twitter, Mliswa urged his followers not to listen to Mutami, saying that her claims are fabricated. He wrote:

It’s unfortunate there are still people willing to listen and entertain @susan_mutami.

I said from the beginning that she was a project. The difference is that today she is a failed project after the removal of Mudha who was her handler.

My interest in her was information and I got it. When you are good to people they will give you information.

She was used by Mudha and he even used the CIO to allow her to go out of the country despite having given outrageous accusations that required investigations.

There are many such puppets who are controlled elsewhere and are only fronts. The other one is Elias Mambo also a project of Mudha. Now they are finished because Mudha is gone.

I have even written to the CIO DG about these issues. In a normal country, how can someone who accuses me of seeking to kill the President’s son be allowed to go out? No investigation, no nothing.

That shows she was a project. It’s a waste of time talking about her or following her stories because she is a nobody.

Most of her stories are just hogwash and are mere fodder for those with nothing to do and seeking release from whatever boredom they have.

If she can lie about having my twins when she doesn’t, what else can she not lie about? Food for thought.

I have more information than she thinks and knows.

Her fight with the First Lady is because she was able to pick up what kind of a person Susan is and refused to have her around the First Family. She is a nobody.

All she talks about is hogwash and is entertaining especially if one doesn’t have things to do.

Mutami also claims Mliswa sired “her twins” but has been refusing to provide for their upkeep.

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C4R 3 months ago

it's waida stonyie

We Harare 3 months ago

Temba uri ....zvi

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🤨🤨 3 months ago

Ummm bla themba maitii kuna chiyangwa ummm maparara ka imi my god

MaFyt 3 months ago

Kkkk do we all remember this article

""The NewsHwks have posted pictures of one Colleta, the lady believed to have been at the residence of the late ZIDA CEO, Douglas Munatsi, on the night he died in a house fire.""

mukati iyeyu Mutami haasiye COLLETA wacho here? mmm pane nyaya apo

Gogodera 3 months ago



TETE BEE (mkadzi anonaka mukati nekunze)💋💝 3 months ago

Regai mzukuru wangu akwirwe,why u are so jealous ,Ivo vana THEMBA vacho kana vachiti vakangwara vachiita kunge chihure chavo chiri official arikutevera kwakaenda SB,kuda ktozviita muninja nekukwira ?

Mephistophles 3 months ago

Nhai Temba Mliswa? Information rudzii inotsvagwa neBlambi. Yanga yakahwanda muGambi here information yacho? Hona waikwira project yaikwirwa SB Moyo aiva neHIV. Apo wairova nyoro futi. Waitsvinyira Chiyangwa kuti ane HIV. Iwe unoziva sei kana iwe usina nekamuhuriro kaunoita nevakadzi vevanhu...

Chikandamina 3 months ago

Sis Suzanne asi ishayi here makaoma,hamurambwe.ko toziva chokwadi kunani,temba arikuti munonyepa.

Mephistophles 3 months ago

There is no smoke without fire. Outlandish as it may sound, Susan Mutami might be telling the truth. Her expression is amateurish & unbelievable but it takes courage to expose powerful people. Yes she is a goldigger who shamelessly sought fortunes from powerful politicians, but she might have been abused for that very reason. Even a prostitute can be raped or abused. Temba's personal grudge with his ex-lover should not be used to dismiss Nutami's claims.

Emerson robert 3 months ago


Emerson robert 3 months ago


Emerson robert 3 months ago

Tarisa mudenga zvakutaurwa manje . I knew it

MuGrade 2 3 months ago

Where is bad language???

MuGrade 2 3 months ago

Mudha is now in the pic lol...

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