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"I Know You Are Suffering Because Of Price Issues" - President Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said he is aware that the country is experiencing a food price hike crisis which he blamed on saboteurs and supply chain monopolies.

Addressing ZANU PF supporters at the Murewa centre, Mnangagwa promised villagers that his administration would deal with the food crisis. He said:

I know you are suffering because of price issues, especially in the food sector. They are doing this to sabotage us; they want you to turn against us. This is because we have few companies and they monopolise the food sector.

As government we are doing much to break this monopoly, especially on the supply side. One of the remedies is to suspend import duty on basic goods.

We found out that we need 470 000 metric tonnes of wheat in this country per year. We used to produce wheat that would last for two months while importing the rest. We then came up with ideas to increase wheat productivity, and our wheat is now lasting us 11 months, hence the remainder is imported. We are going to have wheat that lasts us 13 months next month. It will be sufficient, hence bread prices will go down.

Prices of basic commodities like bread and other foodstuffs have gone beyond the reach of many with bread now costing as much as $945.

Mnangagwa addressed the villagers soon after officially opening a Registrar-General’s office at Murewa centre, whose construction started about 17 years ago.

He also promised the villagers free food handouts to deal with food insecurity.

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yuyyy 2 months ago

dira rizare waq nyika inoputswa nevene vayo

Jongwe 2 months ago

I really understand somehow, that there will be a reduction in the price of basic biggest Question in on the issue of "Dollarisation ",will dollarisation be a solution to revamp the economy out of the murky waters?.

nerd 2 months ago

Dollarization right now would be detrimental to the economy

🤦 2 months ago

reduction of price will be meaningful if bread goes down to $100rtgs thus were will talk about price reduction.
reduction of prices will be meaningful, when one can buy cooking oil for less than $500rtgs.
besides that eissssh

Jimmy *machende* 2 months ago


Imwe Mbeu 2 months ago

A note to Pindula.

Kindly filter names too.
Thank You

Imwe Mbeu, CSAZ

Turoo 2 months ago

Jimmy zita rako rikunyadzisira iri tine vanhu vakuru nhasi nyarawo😂

dispenser 2 months ago

that's true it is the solution to deal with hyperinflation but our problem is inability to comprehend with reality by our leaders.Now they are more focused on election how to win at the experience of our suffering The bond is an instrument to bribe the masses particularly in the rurals .Hence the reason why they can not remove it bz it is printable for deception's sake . Print , donate ,sabuku nevanhu vake , after all ,more five yrs of suffering then again towards election , the same style is applied , fertilizer for free , sugar maize cooking oil paraffin , ration .I wonder how ****s , ****s ,are they going to be deceived .We are tired, of the rest of years they turn their heads from the deceiver proclaiming that our children they don't about them ,yet they are the one who let us down

Mmmm 2 months ago

Now that is the truth, well spoken.

Vote for change.... Vote ❎ CCC2023.


🤨🤨 2 months ago

Ummm 17 yrs muchiita sei ummm

Observer 2 months ago

If you saved $1 a day for a year (365 days) you cannot buy a loaf of bread 🍞 thanks to the government and prof of incompetence.

bhuru 1 month ago


Tateguru 2 months ago

If what the president says come to pass. Praise God.

Asalif 2 months ago

Yes you now know so what is the way forward and why did you let it happen in the 1st place 😀😀😀 this man make my lungs burst with laughter , you give us gaba rechibagwe per head what about other basic needs we still need to go to the shop munotipa here vakuruwe school fees is needed what will we do we need clothes accommodation 1.5 million houses by 2023 were are they

Shadow_walker 2 months ago

Whose construction started about 17years ago😂😂😂😂😂 vote for CCC

Da Truth 2 months ago

Passport office leaks heavily the gvt failed to give a gud company to do the work 42 yrs of failed infrastructure development.Ian Douglas Smith built most buildings being used by gvt today .41 Infantry battalion ,,KG VI ,,11,, Kyle dam,, Kariba ,,Hwange thermal,,Ziscosteel,,Zimcast,,CSC Masvingo, Bulawayo CSC,,NRZ, Airforce helicopters,,All major highway roads were built by Ian Smith Zanupf is repeaching the roads kkkkk

Zuze 2 months ago

For Zimbabwe that is a record. About 1 brick per day.

Kunzvi dam started 35 years ago and it's less than 10% complete 🤣🤣🙆🏿‍♂️

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa should not shade crocodile tears because his table is always full of all types of foods for which he calls Advocate Douglas Mwonzora and Morgen Komichi to finish off crumbs from underneath the table. Mr President, NYIKA INO YAURAIWA NE MBAVHA DZAYO whereas countries like Zambia, Botswana and South Africa DZICHI VAKWA NE VENE VADZO. Citizens now want to eliminate your political party, ZANU PF and substitute it with CCC political party. Citizens now want real change and not pseudo change.


Zodzwa G 2 months ago

You want to make solutions to those problems why you didn't prevent them before? President Mnangagwa don't force things you are a pariah. leave those you are thinking so God will bless you and Nelson Chamisa will also give you pension as he is publicly promising, just go because we are suffering 👏

Kudakwavo 2 months ago

leaders are chosen by God.. Mwari anoita kuda kwavo nguva. zvekuti hee nhingi achatonga izvo wagov Mwari here ungazive zvegore rinouya.

Dirigsme 2 months ago

To expect the same hand that created the problem to bring a solution is wishful thinking. ED and his clueless Zanu are the cause of the mayhem in this country & for the same people to come & tell us that they have a know how to resolve the situation is insanity. They Zanu have destroyed entirely everything they have touched: ZUPCO,ZBC,NRZ,AIRZIM,ZESA, neZANU yacho. We need complete reengineering of the system. And that system must not include Tendayi Chirau, Tafadzwa Mugwadi,George Charamba,Nick Ndavaningi Mangwana and Patrick Chinamasa.

Anony 2 months ago

Dai vanhu vaive nerudo veCCC ava vaisambonakidzwa neku sabotager hurumende isusu tichirwadziwa. We voted for them, we protested for them, we demonstrated for them, some were killed some were injured for them. We failed together now they are making us suffer, tisu tikutadza kutenga chikafu, tisu ti ku ma ma nenzara, Chamisa why are you doing this, is this what you want to prove zanu pf wrong? even if ukaenda in power zanu pf will also sabbotage you. Senyika hapana kwatiri kuenda

Da Truth 2 months ago

@Anony I am kindly giving you a price of a life time you have won a trip for 1 all expenses paid to a world class psychiatric ward at Ngomahuru hospital enjoy your stay . Congratulations my fellow country man 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Asalif 2 months ago

urimbwende even you are anonymous hw can he sabotage the economy when he is not in government which resource does he have to sabotage the economy if you don't have nothing in mind to say why don't you just keep quiet

Jikitise 2 months ago

Hapana kwatinosvika senyika kana tine vanhu vakafa njere saAnony

😾😾 2 months ago

Gwayi - Shangani Dam started around 1975 but it's less than 30% complete 😆😆

mwenewazvo 2 months ago

@Anony hazvirambidzwe kunyarara kana usina zvekutaura,you just read and pass.

time up 2 months ago

I feel that it is you people that have been in power these 42 years are the owners of thesef ood supply chains.
your own monopolis are haunting you.
it is you Mr President who announced on national media the price of fuel and it has never stopped going up .
can you ever admit your failures but shift blame.
you are dismally failed this once vibrant economy.
how long shall you be always be reactionary and not have forsight

Zulu 2 months ago

You people tell me ndeupi minister asina business raari kurunner including you Mr. President munawo enyu mashops don't say saboteurs we know you also you are hiking prices in your shops.

Zim 1 2 months ago

saka ibva pachigaro kana uchitaura zvo**** kudaro papinde vanotererwa , zviri pachena kuti vanhu havschakudi hanty ndiwe waiti ,The voice of people is the voice of God , fear God you devil 😈

Crpyto 2 months ago

Anonyif u don't understand the dynamics of politics it's betta to kip quite 🤐 Hw can u blame opposition for for Zanu's failures

Jinn 2 months ago

It's not the prices,it's you and Zanu Pf,it's high time now to step down
Ngapinde Hake Chamisa

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

Well said @Zulu. Most Ministers and Members of Parliament operate own businesses where they are hiking prices like any other businessman is doing. Then who is subotaging who ? They are self subotuers.




Musanjeya Ajay 1 month ago

Munangangwa has fix this or
elsel he will not get any votes next year.

comment 1 month ago

anoy lacks common sense empty minded. anga anwa here mapiritsi ekuseni herd

Laylow 1 month ago

Since I've nothing to say lemme take this opportunity to stand up and sit down.....

Murccurrer 1 month ago

I will never vote for you His excellence, comrade President

chipo 1 month ago

tiratidzeyi council iri well run mu zim

Asalif 1 month ago

How well can they run when central government decide for them hamusi kunzwa nyaya yePomona irikunetsa that deal was decided at parliament and the minister and presidium is insisting on the deal , then have you ever saw any councilor at parliament?? mainini Chipo

gandanga 1 month ago

makanyanya mutungamiri anehanya nesu.....pamberi NEZANU-PF

Nollen Moyoz 1 month ago

Not fair
By this time, for how long we started talking about this suffering

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