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I Don't Ask People For Money, Chiwanza Warns Of Scammers Using His Name

I Don't Ask People For Money, Chiwanza Warns Of Scammers Using His Name

Businessman Chamu Chiwanza said he has been informed that there are fraudsters trying to use his name to steal money from some targeted people using WhatsApp.

The scammers are said to be using South African numbers, with Chiwanza’s profile picture, and asking for certain amounts of money.

Chiwanza told H-Metro that he has reported the matter at Avondale Police Station for further investigations. He said:

I have heard these unfortunate stories that people are abusing my name to get money.

These are criminal activities and we have engaged Avondale Police. I think anyone, who comes across this must report it to the police.

I am not on the level of asking for money, that’s not my level, we are far much beyond that.

I also urge those people who see my name anywhere to please contact me, if they know me they must definitely call my number, these numbers they are using are not my numbers.

… I am very disappointed but people must be more alert, aware of what is transpiring in these desperate times and it’s fortunate we have handed it over to the law enforcement agents to work on it and see who could be behind.

Chiwanza said he has businesses across Southern Africa and it is therefore not possible for him to ask for help.

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