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"I Directed Reduction Of Duty On Fuels, No Duty For Diesel" - President Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the government is implementing a cocktail of measures to ensure that fuel prices do not spiral out of control in the face of global value chain disruptions.

He wrote in his weekly column published in The Sunday Mail at the weekend:

Upon realising the turbulence in the fuel market, I directed that duty on fuels be reduced by US 13 cents. As I write, diesel is now zero-rated, duty-wise. I did more. From the President’s Strategic Reserves, I released 30 million litres of fuels to ensure the supply in the market remains stable and affordable.

Fuel prices went up in February with the government attributing the increase to the war between Russia and Ukraine which they said disrupted global trade as the two countries are main producers of oil.

Analysts, however, observed that while the war had an effect on economies worldwide, fuel in Zimbabwe was more expensive when compared to its regional counterparts and this was due to higher taxes. That is when President Mnangagwa directed that the taxes be reduced.

Recently, the High Court scrapped carbon tax and a NocZim redemption levy that had been introduced in 2020 by Finance and Economic Development Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube, saying he had usurped Parliamentary roles of making laws.

The ruling is expected to result in reduced fuel prices.

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ARTICULATOR 9 months ago


Crooked 9 months ago

5 million votes dzichazara pa chamber yako baba

Chapwititi Kestombela 9 months ago

This gure wamkuru prezo is so good at lying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. The court case has an effect and he jumped up acting like it's him to who reduced the prices of fuel. Everyone is aware of the court case verdict that was being represented by our lawyer Hon T Biti. Sit down hako udire rizare wangu 🥃🍾

VYBZ KARTEL 9 months ago

People will vote for Zpf whether you like t or not. We have a good following in the rural areas. Vana Gogo na sekuru venyu. They don't even know about CCC. Wah they need is a cup of rice neka 5 kg yembeu for the next five years. It's never too late to join Zpf✊

Crooked 9 months ago

@Vybz k, Do you think people are still dump unless your gannies not ours, what I can tell you this time Is don't be too optimistic bro

VYBZ KARTEL 9 months ago

the opposition needs long sleeve shirt sleeve simpuru

Lezzy 9 months ago

A mouthless dog, you always address but you can't take action.....we only trust the one who take actions not the one anotaura chete

g 9 months ago

if prezo says he is the one who scrapped the taxes then it proves point ye judiciary capture. dira rizare wangu 🤣😂😂

Masengu Christian 9 months ago

Ndozadza here blaz 🥃🍺

mtongi gava 9 months ago

good observation , he already knew the outcome of the court case


tb 9 months ago

thank you tendai biti for fighting high fuel price in court

Voterai Chamisa, voterai CCC 9 months ago


Chawabvunza 9 months ago

Mr President, reducing or removing duty on fiels and directing ZUPCO to improve its service does not impact directly on citizens lives. Why are you dodging the real things ? People want changes which impact directly on their lives. They want salary increments.


Machiavelli 9 months ago

Did HE direct Tendai Biti to fight the Carbon Tax and NOCZIM Redemption Levy?
If he didn't, then he should just belt up.

if he ordered the reduction then why is it that petrol and diesel prices haven't gone down?

Kumwe kuzvara hunya ndove. (Some sired faecal matter)

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