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I Am Not Paid By ZANU PF, Says Robert Chapman

I Am Not Paid By ZANU PF, Says Robert Chapman

The leader of the opposition Democratic Union of Zimbabwe (DUZ) party, Robert Chapman has distanced himself from ZANU PF after his critics claimed he is a surrogate of the ruling party.

Supporters of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa allege that Chapman was sent by ZANU PF to split the opposition vote and give the ruling party an advantage in the upcoming general elections.

But speaking on the online platform “In Conversation with Trevor” this week, Chapman said his goal is to remove ZANU PF from power. He said:

I am not paid for by ZANU PF or any foreign entity. I have come from a very comfortable lifestyle, a life where I could have just stayed in the shadows.

I love the private sector because you can succeed and fail privately. For me to expose my family and myself this way was a personal decision.

I do not think there is enough money that someone could pay me to do what I am doing and going through.

My goal is to remove ZANU PF. I want to make that extremely clear that they would not pay me to do that. They would not pay me to get anywhere near that realm.

The other side of it is that there are individuals who are sanctioned by the United States inside the ZANU PF government, and I don’t think I will be smart enough to align myself there and participate in that election at the risk of also being put on the sanctions list.

Chapman, a Zimbabwean of mixed race, said the majority of Zimbabweans have become apathetic toward electoral processes and he intends to galvanise that segment of the population to win the 2023 presidential election.

He said his party will be able to field candidates in all parliamentary and council seats.

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