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I Always Wanted To Be The Minister Of Sports Even During Mugabe's Time - Mliswa

I Always Wanted To Be The Minister Of Sports Even During Mugabe's Time - Mliswa

Norton legislator (independent), Temba Mliswa has expressed his frustration over the way President Emmerson Mnangagwa has run things since taking over from his former boss, Robert Mugabe, in 2017. In a series of Twitter messages titled Reflections on the Second Republic on its Anniversary, Mliswa also expressed his desire to be the Minister of Sports which is currently being led by former Olympics gold medalist, Kirsty Coventry. Pindula News presents Mliswa’s Twitter thread.

Reflections on the Second Republic on its Anniversary.

If anything exemplifies the hypocrisy in @ZANUPF_Official It’s the fact that today ED is running the country with most of the people who were there in 2004 when he was blocked from being VP& 2017 when he was fired.
What is striking about this is that no one has said anything about those episodes. The truth has never been said. A few people were singled out such as @ProfJNMoyo, @Hon_Kasukuwere, @DrGGandawa, @waltermzembi, the CIO etc. But only the army was clear in its support for ED.
In the run-up to November 2017, Mugabe had decided to remove all the service chiefs but they stood their ground. Chihuri was supposed to arrest Chiwenga who was in China but Sanyatwe and the Presidential Guard defended their Commander.

This led to the march against Mugabe when everybody went out. The army had to support this march because it was mobilised by the War Veterans& the people. Zimbabwe Grounds were full; opposition was there. Point being this was a Zimbabwe thing not a @ZANUPF_Official

I, together with James Maridadi were supposed to move a motion for Mugabe’s impeachment but Monica Mutsvangwa moved it in the Senate& Maridadi seconded it in the Lower House. The Speaker of the House was under pressure because Bonyongwe as Leader of Gvt Business was blocking it.
Bonyongwe tried frantically to stop the process saying let’s wait for the Congress. However, the Speaker (Advocate Jacob Mudenda) stood his ground. The unanimous decision was that it would be too late. Oppah was called by some with the same ideas but she said we can’t stop now we will be killed.
It was a tense time such that even some Generals were becoming fearful. When it finally began it was an inclusive thing. Tsvangirai, @nelsonchamisa, @DrThoko_Khupe, @EngMudzuri all supported it. That is why I still ask why most of these people were later shunned out?
They could have been part of the new Gvt and things would have been different. Personally, I always wanted to be the Minister of Sports even during Mugabe’s time. I worked hard for this project and wouldn’t have been averse to a post in Sports Ministry to be honest.
I suffered during Mugabe’s time and was constantly arrested for being ED’s person. What did I get? More arrests. Today we have upstarts like Mudha telling Matanga to arrest me. Nobody can doubt the role that I played but I have suffered even after.

We can’t have the same today. We shall see what the likes of Mudha will say during elections. You get people saying the President doesn’t know what is happening but as the leader, you have got to control your dogs. They have to bite on your instruction only.
Mugabe didn’t know about it when Tsvangirai was beaten but that still got him out of power. He lost power due to reckless subordinates too. You cannot be arresting people just because you are powerful. That is where we say denga rinoona [heavens see].
Corruption has not stopped, it’s even worse. The Motlanthe Commission report has not been responded to. The Welfare of War Veterans. Reforms. Democracy. Stable currency. Human rights violations have continued. The economy is in a mess.
Those things are critical in us saying we are a better nation. This is no matter what roads you are building. There is a need for reconciliation. Within the ruling party itself there is a need for reconciliation over past issues involving accusations against Mai Majuru & others.
Before we seek engagements with the West there is a need for reconciliation with the opposition so that we have a unified voice in the global stage. It’s not the monopoly of the ruling party to advance the cause of the country. Being gung-ho& ignoring the opposition won’t work.
There must be reflections all around and the truth must be said. We can’t accuse everyone who says the truth kuti apanduka [has sold out]. I suffered for the President during Mugabe’s time. He knows that.

But the same is happening now. We all respect the President’s office but we will always be critical of what is wrong in a professional and respectable manner. Someone has to say the truth.

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Joe 5 months ago

Zvekuti akazodii zvinebasa rei let the man say as it is Themba anotaura chokwadi haatye ndizvo zvinodiwa muzim tanzwa nekunyeberwa he is a hardworker

Comrade 5 months ago

Haurevi nhema Temba

Sam luandi 5 months ago

Ndikoko ndikoko taura takaterera....usacheuke..

Kunta07 5 months ago

Akuda kurwisana nemukadzi ... Soon anga Ana jah praiser ... Regei jah akazviona kutii mufes uyu idzungu... regei ndisamudairaa ndingatonzii tese tinopengaaa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

Shadows 5 months ago

Kkkkkk zviroto zviroto. Ndosaka uri muindependent. Maonero ako. Dai urimwana wangu ndaikurova zidzoro risingafunge iroro. Ungashuwire kuita minister, shame. Ndimi maifarira kuita imbwa kumahumbwe

Gogodera 5 months ago



NHM 5 months ago

Iye kestyvwacho akuiteiko, zifa kutowedzera kuora.

Petros 5 months ago

@Tsitsipasi...atori bho anoziva nzvimbo yake pane kurwira hukuru hunozomudhaka nekumu svoredzesa nenyika yake. Bvunzai isu takamirirwa naye muparliament. Kazhinji havana kutsutsumwa bodo.

ABSALOM MBAURA 5 months ago

I support zanupf fanctions i enjoy seeing them fighting each other im waiting for another coup.

Tsitsipasi 5 months ago

Nhaiwe Temba, unongoda kuita Minister of Sports chete, haudiwo kuita President kana VP ? Ambition yako yandityora muromo nekuseka

Soul jah love 5 months ago

Barking doggs,seldom bites huhahaha

Fanuel 5 months ago

Those that are soft as wool do bite kkkk

Skuleskule 5 months ago

Akaiswa hake nekushure asi achiita kuti zvaaisirwa pachigaro zvifambe zvine basa rei? Ndekwenyu here shure kwacho kuri kuiswa. This guy anoita manje pakuita zvinhu zvine basa raanenge avhoterwa. Totoda vanhu more like him in parliament kwete vana nice guy vanokotsira nekunyara nyara muparliament zvinhu zvivhidhakwa munyika. Zvevakadzi vake neuiswa izvo ndezvake nemi munozviziva.

Dikaz 5 months ago

Usadairaa patinotauraaa ndokupamhaa futi nxaaa mboni dzinenge dzehozhwaa

Skuleskule 5 months ago

Haiwa iwe chero zvawagaya. Munhu anotaura zvizere muhombodo yemoyo wake. Izvo zvinyadzi zvaunogara uchitaura ndozvizere mauri. Ndini ndinga kudii hangu? Mese ako ari kuita reflect your own soul and person and you are disillusioned to think ndozviri people around you. Ndimi type dzinofamba dzichiora mhino dzongoti pese padzasvika pari kunhuwa.

zex 5 months ago

I like this guy mhan chero iri moko

ED 5 months ago

kkkkkkkk kwanzi anoiswa nekumashure apa kwanzi ndoda huMinister kkkkkk

Won't make such a blunder to appoint such.

Yours truly


Dikaz 5 months ago

Mliswa ndiye here anoiswaa nekushure..

ED 6 months ago

Hauna dhiri msliwa, stay where you're

Yours truly


R`G 6 months ago

The problem is mliswa minds his own business and other peoples business as well

R`G 6 months ago

Imagin If we had two characters like mliswa fighting each other ..i would side with the other one

Chatunga 6 months ago


Chatunga 6 months ago

I like this guy, especially when it comes to issues of national interest. Also, that post of Minister of Sports position, ndinofunga kuti he truly deserved or still deserves it. Apa Themba wabaya dede nemukanwa.

Chatunga 5 months ago

Ehe as far as I know he is involved, personally, in sports development. He is very much involved so ipapa akutotaura zvaanoziva kuti he was also putting effort building. It's only that kazhinji people like him don't get posts they deserve because tinenge tichiti vane dzungu yet dzungu ravo riri good dzungu.

Mr Mugurameno 5 months ago

Akamboitawo masports acho here nokuti kunoda munhu ano feller what sports people go through

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