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"I Almost Became A Soldier, But I Was Afraid Of Dying In Training" - Nelson Chamisa

CCC President, Nelson Chamisa, has said he almost became a soldier. Chamisa said addressing at a rally that he withdrew at the last minute out of fear of dying in training.

“…Saka hakuna chemasoja chandingaudzwa.  Vamwe venyu hamuzvizive kuti ndakanga ndaronga zano ndabva kwaGutu rokuti ndaida kuita musoja. Ndokubva ndatoenda kunoita ma medical tests, ndikatoenda kuma interview, nevamwe vainzi Gamwe. KuAirforce, ndaifanira kunoita pilot. Zvapera izvozvo ndo ndati ‘haaaha handisi kuzonofa here ku training?'”

Nelson Chamisa was addressing party supporters ahead of the 2023 elections where he hopes to become the next president of Zimbabwe.

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Plus263 1 month ago

So what .....kuda kuva musoja kwako kunei ne life yema Zimbabweans?

kk 1 month ago

urimbwa hauzive zvekutaura nyararai kana usingazive zvaari kureva shut your ****en mouth Satan wevaroma

grr 1 month ago

they quoted part yekut aida kuita musoja chete..wambonzwa speech yacho yese here iwe

Tateguru 1 month ago

Kkkkk ko mubvunzo wako unei neLife yemaZimbabwean?

youth 1 month ago

ma hopes....,, Zimbabwe yafa iyi...
munhu wese achafa kuputika ,kuita mabhonzo...muchangosiya zvakadayi

musorowegomo 1 month ago

makagona Adv taizotungamirwa nani

Zelensky 1 month ago

Tagara takasokuona kuti you are a Coward , saka uchatungamira sei urigwara , Nyika inofirwa hayi tongwi nemagwara , ndosaka uchindiona ndirimukati meUkraine nanhasi .

Plus263 1 month ago

Saka ukanzi demo nemnhu akadaro unoenda sei iro riri gwara nechekare we want brave leaders in Zim.....I cey leaders not looters

Putin 1 month ago

We know you Chamisa unogona kuveuritsotsi , taurira vanhu yo background in full kuti wakakurira kupi , vanhu vakuzive .

ZUPCO 1 month ago

All those saying Chamisa igwara wat wat.....uu do know kti ku army munhu uu get brainwashed especially muno mu who would be at the forefront right now pama elections dai Chamisa akaita mu soldier.....think things through before uu start scolding someone for a choice they made

Obiv 1 month ago

Chamisa i**** guys

tt 1 month ago

what a word

kkk 1 month ago

dzimwe pfungwa so


Putin 1 month ago

Ndebele yaurikutaura fluently nhai vaChamisa makaidzidza muchigara kupi , kkkkkk

Chamisa 1 month ago

it's because am a Zimbabwean I know most languages, unlike you Putin you can't speak ndebele wangu 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Celestial 1 month ago

2023 nero panyanga

Zelensky 1 month ago

Ithink the Constitution should be amended so that we choose people who once served in the security sector like what Americans do coz a country should not be allowed to be ruled by Cowards and Chancers

boss zonke 1 month ago

Zelenksky nyaya wenyu haina musoro.....makaita zvekunzwa nyaya hakuna constitution yedemocracy inodaro unless its a dictactorship and Zimbabwe is democracy saka garai pasi pachitaurwa zvepolitics

Pindura 1 month ago

Pindula you should work ne issue yekuti ma comments edu sometimes inongonyora kut comment added but pa comment section hauione.Zvinoda kugadziriswa

Pindula 1 month ago

Sorry. Pawaisa apa haizvioni enda unoisa nyaya yako ku Feedback

Anonymous 1 month ago

To become a soldier is almost every boy child's dream, even after completing o levels vashoma vedu vasina kumbonotraya recruitment yechisoja nekuda kwekushaya mabasa, so Chamisa's story is almost every Zimbabwean's story

263 1 month ago


TAPERA 1 month ago

7GIN4ED launched 🚀

Mos 1 month ago

Dear Mr President
😂 😂 😂 How shall we be led by a coward

de 1 month ago

being an opposition president is more than a soildier wangu Chamisa survived mcountless encounters with these youths,police,cio his motorcade stoned,was abducted and served with a wisker,his party and funds were raided and given to Mwonzora,his Mps were recalled this guy is more than a soildier

boss zonke 1 month ago

kuda kuita president kwaarikuda itori risk iyoyo rasta....changamukai baba

Chikumba 1 month ago

Hauna maleadership qualities,,,,,, wakatungamirwa negwara hapana kwatinoenda

,, dott 1 month ago

Rasta avo vanowedzera kutoondonga nyika ndozi big looter mfana iyeye

CHAWABVUNZA 1 month ago

Advocate Nelson Chamisa is not the only one who dropped from joining a security sector. From school I taught as a primary school teacher for 5 years before I decided to join the BSAP.

I went to Tomlinson Depot where they trained blacks that time as constables.

I attended the interview and was successful. I was then asked to remain in Depot while waiting for my squad to be [ full ]. I had very fearful experience. I watched those who were in training who were clean shaven doing drill, instructors holding what I firmly believed to be sticks for hitting recruits with. Yet those sticks were part and parcel of their uniforms. The commands by their instructors were so violent that I felt I could be killed in training before I was deployed.

One day during the night I decided that BSAP was not for the fainted hearts. Early in the morning I packed my belongings and went back to KAROI and rejoined the teaching profession.

Therefore, Advocate Nelson Chamisa, must not think that he is a coward. It was not his calling.

His calling was in politics where he is the President of a very powerful opposition political party CCC, in ministering God's word where he is now a Pastor and in law where he is now an Advocate.

I want to urge Advocate Nelson Chamisa to forget about absconding from training as an airforce pilot and concentrate on being the next president of Republic of Zimbabwe at the 2023 Harmonised Elections. This is where his calling is !!!!!



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

observer 1 month ago

nowander why achihwanda in all the demos.he is a small chicken

ccc 1 month ago

kkk president vedu igwara hahaha

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

Him almost becoming a soilder how will that better our life when he becomes president ??? Another politicians with more fables and slogans than policies and it's implementation. People who attend such rallies are mentally deranged.. Nero couldn't attend UZ because he was not an intellectual akaenda paHRE Poly law akatoita on a mature entry card ....

Tsetun 1 month ago

Don't just comment for the sake of commenting. Nero is an intellectual. Who told yu kuti munhu ukasaenda paUZ unenge uri ****? Don't be myopic

Gafa 1 month ago

Chamisa akagara arimberi kuita musoja is killing yo brains yu will never think for yoself especially in Zimbabwe.Yu get brainwashed kuwachiwa pfungwa dzoshaya taste.Taidai tiri kutungamirwa nanaMwonzora Iscariot.Dont forget yu are second after Lebanon panzara....

Aratijiyesi 1 month ago

mmmmm Chamisa watanga ngano dzako kkkkkkk

Blue💙 1 month ago

Your pussy leader speaking vitrial nonsense whilst saying nothing about the lice ridden Job Sikhala in prison. What a jokster Chamisa is.
Little piece of crap.
Pamberi ne Zanu Pf for true leaders

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

@Tsetun It is the dream of every intellect to attend the best institution in the country kkkkkkk Nero couldn't make the cut and I guess most of his followers kkkkk Mungatotii president held a rally achikuudzai **** dzakaro arikutokutorai semafuza and I bet most of you qualify

VADER🇿🇦 1 month ago

Lami ngaphosa ngaba li soldier but ngabona ukuthi bengangi deployer eDrc kuzoshuba.

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 1 month ago

Even myself, almost joined the army. I did all the interview and medicals for cadetship in Gweru. That was after completing A level and results were out. When l finally had to go for training l realised that it was situations and circumstances at home leading me to go not that l really wanted to. I respect army personel and my dad and uncles were soldiers to. I restrained myself and NEMAKAKIRO ARI KUITA VANHU now including army personel l don't regret my decision not to go for the training.

Fast forward, l managed to get a simple education somewhere and now l have a security detail assigned to me and it includes state security agents maCnumber, 2 police officer peshift and many times am escorted nemagunners acho. So l am not ashamed.

Zvinosiyana. It was not Chamisa's call. If he had joined army then he would not have had the grand opportunity to be representing a lot of Zimbabweans as CCC party president. And who knows, togona kuwukuta, but maybe by God's providence he will lead the nation as president.

Pasi nevanopamba hupfumi hwenyika $5millionUS with solid proof then someone walks in and out of court with pomp and funfair whilst people who are trying to ensure gutsaruzhinji prevails waste away in prisons and are battered with persecutions.

Pamberi neGolden Future. Pamberi neCCC inotungamirirwa naVaChamisa.

ttt 1 month ago

This guy should stop talking like a child. Gibbish

Patriot 1 month ago

If I was in opposition I would advocate for structures and systems that allow for other leadership options within the structures otherwise truth is Chamisa is not the best that the opposition has and he has successfully created an autocratic system within a purported democratic movement. CCC is naturing a dictator... His head is down now... Wait until he is in office if that ever happens, protected not only by the masses but the office and security apparatus as well. Save this comment

jz 1 month ago

Iro ibenzi iro gwara haritongi nyika ,,,endai mundorara kumba kwenyu kwagutu,,,,ungashuvira zvinhu zvaunotya here ,,,gwara ngarigare pasi,,,ndosaka uchindohwanda kuUSA embassy kana vamwe vako vachisungwa nekugadzira mhirizhonga,,,imbwende iyo,,haizivi

kawuluka Binga north 1 month ago

muchanyarirepi ma results abuda, gore rama elections. musafarisa, muchiverenga madzai, muchisi maita huku dzakawanda. kkkkkk

Manikiniki 1 month ago

It was not his calling but it was just foolish for him to talk about it in that rally.

ED Amini 1 month ago

We do not know the full context in which he said it. What he said before and after that in the same presentation matters. What if he was saying soldiers deserve better services and admiration for being brave. And for simply going through the rigours of training that he himself thought he could not survive?

zizi 1 month ago

wakatogona dai zvino pasina CCC

cas 1 month ago

Dai atoti hake ndakapotsa ndaita president 2018 but I lost to ED zvaive nane cz takazviona izvo zvechisoja ndezve nhema izvo

Kule Dhambi 1 month ago

Iiiiiiiih wakagonesa muzukuru wangu. Because de wakaenda uko taipafa kuti fiiii. Ne njere dzaunadzo idzo ungadai uchishandiswa zvakawomarara kuti uti gozhesere.

Va Dhambi 1 month ago

Denga rine nyasha veduwee.. Deno mufana uyo akainda kuvakomana taifa kuti fiii.

+263 1 month ago

Ndosakaa urigwara wakaramba vanhu mudare vakakufira nekukuvara mus**** mekunge varwadziwa kuti wabirwa ma votes iwe nxa Zidh*zv*

Tkt 1 month ago

Dear Nelson

I've been in the security services myself
Please stop insulting the Country's security sector in that manner
How can you claim there's nothing you can be told about the Army when you never spent a day in the training camps?
Almost everyone has had decisions that we canceled at last minute
Myself I've canceled studying law, electronics including EPE before I settled for DPF, Motor Mech, Carpentry, Entrepreneurship, Welding, Agric, Vending including CORRUPT activities at some points, stealing and so forth
Saka hapana chino shamisira pakuti ndakazotya kufa
Kkkk shame, what a coward to both yourself and those that trust you

Tkt 1 month ago

@cas... You can say that again, and again, and AGAIN

Maduu 1 month ago

Chamisa ndiye oga anogona kutibvisa ijipita kusvikira kenani ,vamwe vose ava imbavha

. 1 month ago

Zviroto zviroto. I am glad you Zimbabweans foolishly think without chamisa no one could challenge the government. I am ready

mnhanga 1 month ago

Zelensky utori mboko

made in Zimbabwe 1 month ago

urigwara Nelson wakaramba hamadzako dzakakufira dzimwe dzakarohwa dxikakuvara mu court dzarwadziwa kuti wabirwa ma votes URI zi dh*zv* iwe zigwara remunhu nxa

Ake 1 month ago

Chamisa i pwere ngambo kura

Vegeta 1 month ago

igwara akaramba vanhu vaimurwira varwadziwa nekubiwa kwema vote mu court uyu Chamisa i Duzv* chairs iri

Hkd 1 month ago

Ngapinde Chamisa 2023

Vandem 1 month ago

Vanhu mave kungorovera maoko zvisina basa chero zvikanzanzi Chamisa asura mnongorova maoko

constantino chiwenga 1 month ago

iro igwara rinehushingi ratishungudza isu vanozviti magamba vezanu

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