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Hwende Withdraws From CCC’s Rural Mobilisation Exercise Citing Hostile Colleagues

Hwende Withdraws From CCC’s Rural Mobilisation Exercise Citing Hostile Colleagues

Kuwadzana East legislator Chalton Hwende (Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)) has withdrawn from the party’s rural mobilisation exercise, citing hostile social media comments from colleagues in the party.

He said he would now concentrate on other arms of the party, according to NewsDay. He is quoted as saying:

 My withdrawal from rural mobilisation is strictly attributed to people who are hostile on social media platforms; not any other reason.

Earlier, Hwende had tweeted:

Yesterday I addressed a ward meeting of @CCCZimbabwe volunteers in Mhondoro. We prefer smaller meetings to counter victimisation. This is probably my last meeting. I have noticed the negative comments from our CCC citizens on Twitter whenever I go to mugwazo in Mhondoro. I have also considered the stress and anguish which most of the comments cause to my teenage kids.

The reason I agreed to help in Mhondoro was to assist in growing the rural vote. I did 38-weekend meetings this year, funding myself and abandoning my work at my logistics company.

As a leader in the movement, I have a responsibility to take into account the negative comments on Twitter and also introspect. I will use the December holiday to do exactly that. I love my citizens’ movement the @CCCZimbabwe and will continue contributing in other areas.

CCC has been engaged in the mugwazo rural mobilisation programme to lure the rural vote ahead of next year’s polls.

The campaign is meant to encourage citizens to register to vote in numbers for the 2023 polls.

In his own words, CCC deputy national spokesperson, Gift Ostallos Siziba said, “Rural mobilization is our key focus… Together we can win Zimbabwe for Total Transformation.

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Dofo 1 month ago

Matoneta comrade party isati yatombosvitsa one year 😂😂

CITIZEN 1 month ago

😂😂😂 enda zvakanaka kuZanu mkomana vanokutambira,tokuzivai kut kana makupa tuma excuse twenhema mafunga kudzokera kumusha

xxxx 1 month ago

nhamo yemaZim kufira kuda hupenyu apa une nhamo chero muZim akanzi idya d h o d h i anodya achitsvaka hupenyu

1 month ago

kana maleaders akunetaa kooo isuuu vachakuvhoterai kkkkkkkkkk Ccc ma1

1 month ago

When the going gets tough the tough keep going.

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

The Kuwadzana parliamentary seat was for a long time held by Honourable Nelson Chamisa. The people of Kuwadzana wanted Shakespeare Mukoyi who lives in Kuwadzana & had loyally worked for the MDC for many years. The seat was given to Hwende in 2018 on the basis of friendship. He never worked for it. So, working hard & patiently has never been his Forte. He prefers handouts.

Having worked with the MDC, under Tsvangirai, during my student activism days, I publicly expressed doubt as to whether Hwende was Secretary General material during the Alliance Congress in 2019. Alas I was correct.

A party Secretary General is the chief Administrator & backbone of any party. Now if the backbone breaks over derisory Twitter comments, then that SG is spineless. Can a true leader abandon millions of party supporters & relinquish his duties in order to shield his teenage children from Twitter trolls? That's self-serving.

In any case, Hwende was mobilising tiny groups of citizens in the rural areas because he lacks the magnetism & capacity to attract bigger crowds. He was ineffective & lacks the thick skin required of a true politician.

Anyway, the citizens locomotive keeps on moving, bulldozing every obstacle in its way. The Citizens are supreme & bigger than individuals.

TwitterWarriors4Nero 1 month ago

You are lost chewingum.Hwende was SG in the MDCA party.The structureless CCC does'nt have such a post.Lack of structure necessarily brings confusion. Only Chamisa, Mahere and Ostelos have positions in the party. Hwende IS NOT the SG of the CCC party.

Maparamuro 1 month ago

They say violence is in zanupf DNA and here is Hwende complaining about violence in CCC.
Political intolerance was planted in us a long time ago and is being passed on from generation to generation.
The reason why party presidents are never contested is due to intolerance. The party president across the political divide has his own people who are prepared to kill for him

: 1 month ago

VaMapurirano mataura chokwadi its in us as human ,,of course ma ruling part anongozoita an added advantage yekusasungwa

1 month ago

Maparamuro you are allergic to fact
Nowhere in the article is there reference to violence within the CCC ranks. Charlton complained about criticism on Twitter, which is nowhere near violence.

ZANOIDS eat, dream and live violence. They see violence everywhere. CCC is allergic to violence, much as we are victims of it

Dofo on Steroids 1 month ago

Its unfortunate that kune ma**** who still think violence is kumamisana nekupusirana dzimba. Izvo zvirikuitwa kuna Hwende pa Twitter itori violence.
Anyway the new structureless party doesn't have a SG post so anofirei zvake.Kana akapuhwa Zanu PF donation ye USD40k ndoo pension yake.
Rest well Mhofu

1 month ago

Democracy is the art of differing in opinion. Twitter is a forum for opinion expression. Twitter is NOT a boxing ring where pugilists exchange violence.

If you think differing on Twitter is violence, God help your ECD-B child when he opts for cartoons instead of World Cup soccer

👤 1 month ago

chero akati haachada futi CCC,hatimurambidze nekuti next year tichangovhotera Chamisa chero zvikadii


worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Hwende you are a disgrace what you have done is tantamount to abdicating the struggle.
We know that you are on the CIO payroll Hondo and you are a mole planted in our movement to ensure that we are defeated

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Chamisa is the lead mole

😂😂😂 1 month ago

Fake worzel gummidge. Language yacho haisi yaOriginal gummidge. Manbva matotadza kutsvagawo enyu mazita. Hu**** chaihwo.

Vesto 1 month ago

we now have a struggle within the struggle because senior party officials are after your position

zviya hakuna magetsi 1 month ago

regai ndidzokere kunorara

$40000 1 month ago

$40000 ita yakushanda....makatengwa comrade....haa 2023 hapana hapana apa CCC yatofa iyi

SSir Zimbabwe 1 month ago

@$40000 asi unofunga kuti Hwende ndiye akasimbisa CCC, Hamuna chamuri kuziva handitika nyararai

Vandem 1 month ago

lwe Hwende hatidi mbwende kana uri mtengesi enda kuna Dougie

Sorojena 1 month ago

Afraid of varakashi and fake twimboz deployed in every corner of the cyberspace? You must be joking Hwende, you cant abandon the revolution because of ghost twimboz, no, no, no.

Hwende Imbwende 1 month ago


@Maparamuro 1 month ago

There is no violence in CCC. We know that the cyberspace is haunted by the varakashi sent by the evil regime, they pretend to be part of the CCC attacking and criticising CCC in every corner. I urge Hwende to stand up firm against such critics like jonso , etc. Their intention is to break down your spirit so that you abandon the revolution. They come in different names, some in the names of you fellow comrades so that you fight each other.

Gb 1 month ago

Takakuudzai musaisa fish monga mberi rinokupedzai simba tarirai mava kutungana mega mega but ED chibaba-baba kunokupai mari nhatu mototukana vafana muri corrupt zvomene mukapinda papower Nyika inofa munoda mari kudari ma**** vafana veccc hamuna chaedza vanokuteverai dai vaiziva zvamuri havaimbodaro. Off course tinoda change asi vari behind the change mafish monger chaiwo motonetserana pamberi pedu musati matonga kuzoti mukatonga pane chatinowana isu. Kumberi kune makava Boyz dzangu hatina hedu zvatingaita no kuti ndivo variko

CHAMISA vana vano kuona hausi iwe une mhuri wega iwe paunopiwa mari nema well-wisher uchisa muhomwe yako ko vamwe vodii hausi we Triple C zvizvive tine mhuri dzinodawo mari wangu.

Tang ku 1 month ago

@ Gb Just shut up this not your territory vazvinzwa ? CCC is far different from zanupf we have our way y resolve our crisis ,zanu believes in fighting each other so we the CCC Chaplins know what to do when facei such challenges

1 month ago

This article was originally published in The Herald, and was lifted verbatim by Pindula.

We all know Herald agenda vis-a-vis CCC. It wouldn't surprise me if Charlton were to disown this statement.

Besides, looking at the content objectively, there's nowhere where Charlton has indicated a parting of ways with CCC. What's clear is that there is a difference of opinion in terms of strategy- small meetings that don't attract ZANU Republic Police/ZANU thugs and trolls OR massive shows of power by pulling crowds.

The feeding frenzy by ZANU trolls on this comment section has gone off at a tangent. The discussion has no semblance to the content of the article.

CCC should not lose focus and allow ZANOIDS to dictate pace and direction of debate and discussion

Gutu North 1 month ago

The CCC still doesn't have a party structure.
So apart from Hwende, who is supposed to be doing what, where and with what resources?
Tanzwa nekurohwa kuno on the basis yekufungidzirwa kuti tiri ma CCC members.

@Gutu North 1 month ago

From your statement you are a proper candidate for ZANU.
Tenga card reZANU
Wopihwa nylon T-shirt for life
Worbiriswa 2kg yembeu yechibahwe in March 2023

Hwende Imbwende 1 month ago


🙄 1 month ago

Hwende is cio kubva kudhara.

5 1 month ago

The real struggle is now roaring to another higher level and we have to get rid of the unnecessary chaff in our rank and file system, we are not bothered by those who decide to chicken out of the struggle for selfish reasons. We have fallen heroes and heroines who sacrificed their precious lives other than logistic company. Mr hwende the struggle in form of CCC is bigger and more important than you. You are constitutionally entitled to pursue your own personal agenda and that is not our baby to mind as a struggle. Kamba haivharwi nokuda kwerufu rwemujoni kkkk

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