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Husbands Urged To Put Monetary Value On Household Work

Husbands Urged To Put Monetary Value On Household Work

Women rights activists say it is imperative to put a monetary value on household care work so that men can understand how expensive it is for women to do household duties.

Alois Nyamazana from Fathers Against Abuse (FAA), told boys from various tertiary institutions that putting a monetary value on household care work would help in changing attitudes of society towards care work.

He said the woman is socialised and trained to do all the household duties and this socialisation process perpetuates gender imbalances in terms of care work. Said Nyamazana:

… if we are to do an assessment of the cost of the burden of care work on women, and what men then bring home, you will notice that perhaps what men bring home is actually little compared to the cost of the burden of care work.

In terms of monetary value for care work, some people rate it around $3 500 and you see that perhaps a man is bringing back home $1 500 and they then start bragging that they are breadwinners, yet ignoring the burden of care work that is being carried out by the woman.

Monetise sweeping the house or taking care of children. Household care work is very expensive, and to leave it to the woman only, can then be a big problem.

Nyamazana said most of the time gender-based violence occurs where some men accuse women of not cooking food in time, not doing laundry. He added:

It also results in women failing to progress in their academics and careers. So, it’s’ critical for men to address this issue because if they don’t participate women suffer and we continue having gender imbalances.

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S.A.N Studios Broadcasters 7 months ago

Some men toil out there the rights that we claim kaa sometimes we dont use sense all. Mukadz wese ngaasare pamba achichengeta vana ma house chores kaa its a minor issue bcoz some women are srs whilst others are not. Varume vanwe mabuilders some work at industries some in offices vanhu vese ava toil. Mukatiudza kuti mari yatikupihwa ishoma I agree not matakanana amukutiudza

Nkululeko 7 months ago

I think the best idea is to just encourage couples to love one another as how they started when they were a boy and a girlthan putting monetary value to house chores it worsens the situation and we and up having houses cemented with rights than love and ceding lot's of rights to woman worsens the whole essence of love and it's bad for forming a lot of organizations to advance rights for the girl child and it's crystal clear that these organizations are for donor funds only hence they are many after all what is the meaning of bread winner

Gogodera 7 months ago

Everyone must work and love each other

P. Matange 7 months ago

Uhmmmm! such kind of reaserch ...hameno

Francis Mhike Mutema 7 months ago

Let's try by all means to appreciate each other in relationships and all the chaos will be gone in no time.

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