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Hundreds Left Stranded As Registrar's Office Halts e-Passport Production

Hundreds Left Stranded As Registrar's Office Halts e-Passport Production

Hundreds of people were left stranded at the Registrar-General’s (RG) office following the alleged unavailability of paper used to produce the newly-introduced e-passports, reported.

A source at the RG’s Office told the publication that they had stopped producing the e-passports because of a glitch. The source is cited as saying:

There is no paper and the contractors contracted to produce the e-passports have not been paid.

This would be the second time Zimbabwe’s e-passport processing system has run aground in two months with authorities unsure of when the crisis will be over.

Last month, the Registrar General, Henry Machiri said they had experienced challenges in the issuance of vital civil registration and travel documents due to a technical fault.

The government launched the e-passport in December 2021 in a development that saw Garsu Paulis getting the nod to produce modern passports that comply with global aviation benchmarks.

Authorities say the non-biometric Zimbabwean passports will remain valid until they expire in December 2023.

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Mukanyapazvese 1 month ago

Sei munyika iyi musina chinyafamba nice nice uninterrupted except load shedding., political arrest and corruption

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 1 month ago

ZANUPF government idzungu chete in all its unplanned and uncaluculated moves. Kutimba nekusvada musuva wakakora kudarika huro. They are only smart when it comes to strategising on how to cling to power and fatten their pockets using unorthodox means.

Zvebudiriro yenyika they are empty headed and daft say the least. Some of us said it kuti they were struggling to produce usual ordinary passports not to talk of of id cards in a lot of districts now they talk of introducing a different kind of passport. It always ends in more frustration for the masses...KUKAKA continues even when they tell you we are making things easier for you.

The only projects they are excellent in is building tsotso stoves and borehole drilling in towns. This is pathetic. It is not that Zimbabwe does not have the capacity and resources for proper national development. It is just that those in charge are corrupt and engaging their mental powers in masterminding self-enhencing and empowering national resources plundering schemes.

Pasi nevasinei nedonzvo reGutsaruzhinji. Pasi nevanobata vanhu kumeso nebudiriro dzenyengedzapwere. Pamberi negolden future. Pamberi neCCC inotungamirwa naVaChamisa.

hondo 1 month ago

kunyepa chaiko

Tkt 1 month ago

Haaa hameno imi mods kutiza Misha
Isu tisu vene vayo hatina kwatino enda zvedu

toddy 1 month ago

@tkt where do u think u will b accepted if u dnt have a skill,unoti muamerica wosvika wotanga kusheedzera metro bus kana kutengesa airtime gara muno uchitengesa mabherooo

AK47 1 month ago

Mukatangirei zvamusingagoni. Ko mari dziri kubhadharwa nevari kutora mapassport dziri kuenda kupi uye dzirikudyiwa nani.

1 month ago

Nhai nhai unotozvishaya kuti zvinhu zvacho zvinombofambasei


This ZANU PF Government must tell citizens the truth rather than saying this and that each time they stop issuing e -passports.

If they are broke, they must just say so insteady of lying that they have had a glitch. It was in December 2021 when citizens were told that queues were now going to be a thing of the past.

There is no department under this so called second ZANU PF administration is smooth running. Everything is in limbo.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

tru 1 month ago

bharanzi broke asi varikutora ma passport varikutora mahara kahi🤣.. kudzungaira munokuwanepiko.

Tru 1 month ago

Handingakudzidzisei zvese


S. N. A. F. U. 1 month ago

...... =>

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