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Human Rights NGO Forum Condemns Increase In Electoral Violence [Full Text]

Human Rights NGO Forum Condemns Increase In Electoral Violence [Full Text]

Full statement by the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum condemning an increase in electoral violence.

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (the Forum) unreservedly condemns the increase in political violence that has been recorded over the past month.

The Forum has noted a growing and disturbing trend in politically-motivated violence since the launch of the Citizens for Coalition Change (CCC) in January 2022.

On 27 January 2022, six CCC members were arrested for wearing yellow t-shirts and helmets in the Harare CBD.

Plainclothes police officers severely assaulted the six during the arrest, and one of the six fractured his right arm.

They were detained overnight at Harare Central Police Station nefariously charged with disorderly conduct before being released on ZWL2000 bail each the following day (28 January 2022).

This was followed by a similar incident on 6 February 2022 in which Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) activists attacked CCC supporters during a campaign in Kwekwe.

ZANU-PF supporters pelted stones towards Kwekwe Central CCC supporter Judith Tobaiwa’s vehicle, destroying windows on the vehicle.

On Monday, 14 February 2022, CCC vice-president Tendai Biti and his aide, Emmanuel Zellers Gumbo, were arrested by three armed police officers, including the Officer-in-Charge of Rhodesville Police Station, and taken to Harare Central Police Station’s Law and Order Section.

Biti and his aide were released without charge after Forum member, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights intervened.

Although this incident did not culminate into direct violence, the use of State security agents to further political agendas remains a cause for concern.

On 16 February 2022, CCC supporters were assaulted with iron bars by ZANU-PF supporters in Harare East, where Biti is contesting against ZANU-PF candidate Mavis Gumbo for the 26 March by-election. They were assaulted for wearing yellow t-shirts.

On 18 February 2022, a disabled CCC member known as DJ Vaneldo was also attacked by ZANU-PF supporters at his home in Highfields. His parents and people around the house were also assaulted. On the same day, 13 CCC members were arrested in the afternoon by the ZRP for allegedly staging a car rally.

They were taken to Harare Central Police Station and charged with public violence for displaying their party leader Nelson Chamisa’s poster on their vehicles.

Some of their vehicles were impounded. The 13 were assaulted by the police and declined access to medical services.

These recent incidents disregard the country’s Constitution. Section 53 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe entrenches the right to freedom from all forms of torture, or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment.

Under Section 216 of the Constitution, the country’s police service is called to protect and secure the lives of the people and uphold the Constitution and enforce the law without fear, favour, or prejudice.

The Forum accordingly condemns the conduct of the ZRP, as the premier institution for enforcing the law and dictates of the Constitution in what should be a non-partisan manner, for exhibiting partiality through its targeting of and clamping down on opposition political party leaders and perceived voices of political dissent.

The Forum reiterates that civil and political rights are guaranteed under the Constitution as encapsulated under section 67 of the Constitution, wherein every Zimbabwean citizen has the right to make political choices freely.

During the 3rd cycle Universal Periodical Review peer evaluation, Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi told the Committee Against Torture that Zimbabwe did not ratify the convention because it has domestic laws that adequately provide for antitorture legislation.

It is the Forum’s position that this stance is manifestly inaccurate as the legal framework governing the criminal justice system in the country does not have the definition of torture or any definition that comes closer to criminalising acts of torture, inhuman, cruel, and degrading treatment.

It is against this backdrop that the Forum urgently calls upon the Government of Zimbabwe to take steps to fulfil its obligations arising out of the Constitution of Zimbabwe to respect, promote and protect fundamental human rights and show this commitment to fulfilling these obligations by:

  • speaking out and condemning all acts of violence in the country.
  • ensuring that the Independent Complaints Mechanism Bill is passed into law without delay.
  • launching immediate investigations into the allegations of human rights violations being perpetrated by members of the police and taking appropriate action where it is necessary
  • creating a professional, impartial and accountable police force in Zimbabwe by ensuring that the ZRP immediately stops perpetrating human rights violations including but not limited to beatings, excessive use of force, torture and the intimidation of civilians;
  • urgently enacting an independent complaints law and establish the independent complaints mechanism, required by the Constitution to ensure that perpetrators of violence are investigated and prosecuted fully and that victims and survivors of violence receive adequate compensation and rehabilitation, and
  • ratifying the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UNCAT).

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Live 2 months ago

Sometimes u kunyarara kuri nane umwe wangu you are a Zimba like me so ndokuda that's why ndichidaro handide kukuona uchirasika pane article yaburitswa neNGO forum iyo chii chawaona chavanyepa kana tichitarisa zvinoitika muno munyika medu ?? Iwe semaonero haufungewo here kti NGO forum inoita tsvakurudzo izere before they puplish their outcome so according to what u say about issue yeByo zanu pf attack kubuditswa kwayo tsvakurudzo iyoyo zvaitozonyadzisa zvaanekwa kti ifake or stage managed kuri kuda kusvibisa rimwe bato !!!! Manje iwe haufunge ndizvo uchishamiswa nezvinhu zvakadai , ndoshuva dai Ishe akakubatsira ukava wo nekufunga kurinane

Ndirimo 2 months ago

point of correction from the above full statement, about the name CCC, its called Citizens Coalition For Change, not Citizens for Change Coalition


ngorima mushava 2 months ago

chinondishamisa you guys dze NGO ,you are quick to point fingers @ ZanuPF, what about ZanuPF people who were attacked In shows that you are biased ,mune Divi must be partial in approach.
you should be preaching ☮️, .what about political leaders who publicly instigate Violence

Senior Citizen 2 months ago

@Ngorima that thing allegedly happened in Byo that's what we call lies/stage managed or a Zanu faction against another Zanu faction leave out CCC on that we all know kuty whenever Zanu is doing it's things they always have police protection present so the issue of Zanu-pf pple of being attacked it's all publicity by Zanu-pf

Mark 2 months ago

@Byo CCC 😂😂😂😂

Byo CCC 2 months ago

Word of advice
Campaigning for Zanu PF in Byo is as bad as selling pork to a Muslim in a mosque!!!

Do it at yo own risk


Dispenser 2 months ago

No one can stop e moment of God,it is time what ever they do can not stop e movement and vibe of change .

Tang. Ku 2 months ago

Ndnokumamisa Vybz urimubulantaya achimwene vakauya uchiteera njanji ku**** kwako

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Matanda ma****🤺🤺 ndokuputitsa⚡⚡ usango ukura zvenhema

Tang. Ku 2 months ago

Zanupf,zrp,zdf,zinalwa ,ziliwaco,zinwa,zifa,zesa,zadb,zbc,zanla and zimta are a devil institutions that needs nuclear weapons to crush them to ashes haazi mafunies andiri kkutaura aya

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Shut up you useless nimkumpoop

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