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How to read soccer news without internet data in Zimbabwe

How to read soccer news without internet data in Zimbabwe

Prices of internet data in Zimbabwe continue to skyrocket and that has had a toll on everyone, including football fans.

Due to the rising cost of data, football fans now find it difficult to read about the beautiful game and have access to the content which they deem useful.

The good news however is; if you are an Econet subscriber, you no longer require internet data to read news on Soccer24 Zimbabwe, the country’s biggest soccer website.

Introducing the Soccer24 zero data website!

All you have to do is just spare RTGS$109 and purchase the Soccer24 weekly bundle, which allows you to have access to all content on the site for the next 7 days, without requiring data.

Visit the site and buy your bundle using Ecocash.

Once you buy that bundle, you would have subscribed and can log in using your phone number.

When that is done, you are good to go and can read news for the next 7 days without needing internet data.

Should you by any chance have data and be subscribed at the same time, your data will not be consumed when you open the zero data website.

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ehee 2 months ago


Rtadie Manduna 6 months ago

Haaa pindula mahara ako anodhura

Alex_Mars 6 months ago

Soccernews24Zimbabwe musade kutihwa imi...
Moti $109 inonhongwa kai...
Apa news dzacho ndedzeZim chete...
News dzenyu dzakadhakwa ...

NeMuziq 6 months ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂 Mahara acho akadai anenge akudhura

Lee lee 6 months ago

Vakadhakwa apa news dzacho hapana dzine musoro futi nonsense

D1vant 6 months ago

Ndiko kunonzi kuzvi shuda

Facemore Chapata Museza 6 months ago

This is the biggest deal ,it's economic


Munakwana 6 months ago

109 for free 😄😄😄😄

KIDZO WA MWAKO 6 months ago

Matsotsi atanga manje

MANNERS MAFUDZE 6 months ago

I neeed$100 to buy weekly WhatsApp bundles and have access to all soccer news around the world!

Whats free for $109!

🤨🤨 6 months ago

Madii marega isu tikutaura zvema Hara imi makuti 109 makadyaidzwa

KWESÉ 6 months ago

$109 for free! Kkk
Piwai ma free lessons ne

Chapwititi Kestombela 6 months ago

Do you know what is called zero rating at all??? It means NO CHARGE!!! Saka iyi itori scam hayo not zero rating.

Havin' 6 months ago

Haa hazvitaure chinhu izvi

Mahara 6 months ago

Mahara hamusi kuma ziva ask pindula to show u

Bright 6 months ago

Haaa 109 ndo free yenyu here

Blessing 6 months ago

$109 for free🤣🤣

Katere 6 months ago

Saka 109 ndeyeyi if you say it's free

Lessie 6 months ago

Saka apa chamukuti chemahara chii kna muchit panodiwa RTGS109 per week kuto dhura kudarika whatsapp

Ron 6 months ago

Nhai hako iwe

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