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How to read internet news without mobile data in Zimbabwe

How to read internet news without mobile data in Zimbabwe

For the first time in Zimbabwe, it is now possible to use the internet to read news for free.

Pindula has launched an Android mobile app that allows Zimbabweans to read news on the internet even when they don’t have data. 

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store on this link:

Commenting on the introduction of the app, a Pindula representative said:

It is not a secret that times are hard and mobile data is expensive. Not everyone can afford to buy bundles to browse the internet and read news that keeps them informed.

We have had a trusted news service for Zimbabweans for a while. However, many were being left out simply because they can’t afford mobile data.

This is part of our effort to fight that problem. We want trustworthy news to be accessible to all Zimbabweans.

Owners of Itel, Tecno, Gtel, Samsung, and other Android devices can download and install the app in just a few seconds as it is only 2MB in size. The app was also designed to take as little space as possible on the phone.

Pindula App download link:

Note: Currently, only Econet subscribers that download the app, can use it without data. However, users of other networks, NetOne, Telecel, TelOne, and ZOL can also use the app with little data consumed. This is because the app was designed to use as little data as possible.

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Shumba 5 months ago

That's great . Keep it up

Njapis 5 months ago

Thanks Pindula well done kwasara tuma videos munenge matopedza masports

Rocs 5 months ago

Welldone Pindula said maita netuma videos

Siphetheokuhle 5 months ago

Thanks phindula for the offer.hpe it will last

Mai Bee 5 months ago

Thanks Pindula for the job weldone

Talent Mazenge 5 months ago

Thanks pindula chiita tione tumavideos


Kudzai Machaka 6 months ago

What a great job pindula.may Lord bless u so much .everyone is accessible to news

Sçøfield 6 months ago

Thanks Pindula

Denford mabvirakare 5 months ago

What a fantastic gesture xxx.

Angeline Tafi 6 months ago

Thanks you pindula welcome

George Kunolu 6 months ago

Thankyou very much for this effort of yours Pindula news team may your blessings always flow to you forever

Sammy 6 months ago

Thanks Pindula 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼

True comment 6 months ago

Thanks pindula

Luke jose 6 months ago

Thanks pindula ne news

Koshiwayi Chatengo 6 months ago

Thank you pindura for giving us news

Pablo 6 months ago

Thank u Pindula

Melusi Lutuli 6 months ago

Thank you Pindula

Zola 6 months ago

Siyabonga bakhiti

Charles chirangasa 6 months ago

Thank you very much PINDULA.This shows that you love us.We are here for you and we know that you are there for us.

Thando 6 months ago

What a great move.Pindula you are a shining star, siyabonga umsebenzi omuhle kangaka.

Maheya Chrispen 6 months ago

Siyabonga pindula

Tihove 6 months ago

Keep up the good work.

Hillary 6 months ago

Thanks pindula 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼

Kudakwashe 6 months ago

We give special thanks,, keep on greatness pindula

chauke 6 months ago

Thank you pindula keep the standard up

Elyse 6 months ago

Tinotenda zvikuru pindula...a great job!
I hope you will find sponsorship to continue this unmatchable gesture

Believe njeru 6 months ago

Wonderfull we are now accessing ifor because data bundle is beyond reach thank you pindula

My Kayla 6 months ago

thank you so much pindula

Patrick Magorimbo 6 months ago

Well done pindula for a great job you are doing of providing free data news to the general populace of this country

Tafara vakirayi 6 months ago

Thank you pindula,may God bless this wonderful news platform

Soul jah love 6 months ago

Chibababababa,,ahhhh chimwe chi Saladi so.Kutopukuta huku ne towel zi road runner ranaiwa nemvura,zvandzi ,"she will get sick possible influenza".Huku!
Saka ini ndinopa kutenda Pindula nekutipa free data app ,kuti tidzidze zvinemusoro esp pa comments section ndipo pane vakanyanyodzidza mu Zimbabwe. Ma Proffesor,ma President,ma Doctor nema Roya vano Roya..
Amen mhunu wamwari ...
Ndati nditaure o.

Coming soon 6 months ago

Thanks and l hope that u will be able to continue with the great news from around the world uu asi zvinoshura izvi muno muchamhanyisiwa chete it's only a matter of time Potraz will draft something to put u in the corner mark my words I am no prophet but this is Zim . Keeping the fire burning pliz.

Maungwa James 6 months ago

A rare gesture in this economically demanding period. Thanks PIndula. At least you are answering as per your name's sake.

Régo 6 months ago

Thank you never disable this platform pliz

Sponono 6 months ago

Pindula for the people. We pledge our loyalty to you. Pindula A News site without compromise.

Bill 6 months ago

Thank you so much pindula you've done a great job


Thanks very much for enabling us to be well informed of the current affairs

Conquring 6 months ago

Thanks pindula ,we really appreciate ,zvinhu zvakaoma kaizvi

Mai muku 6 months ago

Much appreciated thank u very much

s class 6 months ago

thanks PINDULA .sesikwanisa ukubala singela data.keep up the good work.rambai makadaro musazo furirwa..okay isu vacho pliz ngatisiyei ka staera kukungo tukatuka.have a nice day guys.

chief 6 months ago


Thokozile Nyathi 6 months ago

Siyabonga Pindula for affording us this Internet facility

Andy Moffy 6 months ago

thank u very much

Msaigwa 6 months ago

Keep up pindula

Gaffer 6 months ago

👏👏👏👏 THANK YOU PINDULA. Hope kuti haisi promotion tingazomuka zvaakuda data.

Ntaba 6 months ago

Thank you so much Pindula keep the fire burning

Ntaba 6 months ago

Thank you so much Pindula keep the
fire burning

JAH MAN 6 months ago

"be on the watch for the serpent" ah every ting you'll have good and bad.

SandyCellphones 6 months ago

Once again I salute you

Januzaj Ⓜ️uninja 6 months ago

Thank you pindula 👌👌

Noma 6 months ago

Thanks to you pindula

Gadziwa Kenias 6 months ago

I am very pleased to be honored in reading news without buying data

Edwin Zvinorova Muza 6 months ago

Job weldone Pindula

Dadza 6 months ago

Many thanks to pindula news team

Mie 6 months ago

we love you pindie pindie

Linda 6 months ago

Thank you

Jigga hove 6 months ago

Thank you.Tatenda,Siyabonga!

Miles 6 months ago

Well done keep it up!

Walter Machisvo 6 months ago

Thank you so much

T.O.G 6 months ago

Hai, thanks for the information that is not manipulated by politics or in favor of such individuals

Robrigo 6 months ago

Everything else is great but it lacks sports n business news.

M.J. 6 months ago

Lovely Pindula.

Msimba 6 months ago

Let it go a long way guys great, great job.... don't disturb my PINDULA please thanks once again.🤛🤛🤛

Kudzai Machaka 6 months ago

Thank u so much ,we stay updated

Gracious 6 months ago

Thank u

Errol 6 months ago

Well done Pindula

Tang ku 6 months ago

Matigonera zvikuru tinotenda,mwari varambe vanemi dai mukarega kuitwa State captured tinotenda

Willie Chauke 6 months ago





Faustina Nyakudanga 6 months ago

Thank you

Beasty boy 6 months ago

We are very honoured by your great services Pindula,may you continue being blessed and increase to the greator heights.Thank you once again for the undiluted news,the only powerful news in Zimbabwe at the present.Chimuti kwamuri Pindula.

Jojolah 6 months ago


Chogu fire03°^∆ 6 months ago

Job well done team pindula keep it up..

VaHOVE 6 months ago

Thank you, Tatenda, Siyabonga Pindula Team keep up the good service

Juda 6 months ago

I hope Econet will enable us use Moya

TT 6 months ago

Thanks Pindula

Skhumba 6 months ago

Thank you so much Pindula, iNkosi ibusise

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