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How To Apply For Nurses Training On E-Nurse Online Application Portal (2022)

How To Apply For Nurses Training On E-Nurse Online Application Portal (2022)

Earlier this month the Ministry of Health and Child Care announced that applications for the September 2022 intake would start on 25 July 2022.

Today, the E-nurse Online Application portal opened. It will be open until 7 August 2022.

Here are the steps to access the portal and apply

  1. Go to and find the link labeled e-nurse. Alternatively just click on the following link to go directly to the portal:   (note, if you see a message that says that the page is not secure, please just click ‘proceed’)
  2. Once you have opened the link you will be presented with a page that looks like the following:
  3. Read the message very carefully then go ahead to “Click here to continue” at the bottom of the screen.
  4. You will then be presented with a page that shows the requirements to register:
  5. if it’s your first time to access this page, then just click on the blue button which says “If you don’t have an account, CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP”. This option will allow you to create an account on the platform.

You will then be taken through a process of entering your personal details in order to do the application.

If you face any problems, please be aware that you can contact the MoHCC help desk on the following numbers:  +263714734593, +263774112531, +263242730273. 

What are the requirements to apply for nurse training in Zimbabwe?

  • A minimum of 5 “0” Level subjects with passes in English Language, Mathematics, and a Science subject and two others (that exclude practical subjects such as Fashion and Fabrics, Metal Work, Graphic Art, Art and Woodwork) at Grade C or better obtained from not more than two sittings with full certificates as Examination Result Slips are not accepted.
  • Must be aged between the ages of seventeen (17) and thirty (30) years on the date of commencement of training which is 05/09/2022. (that is Candidates should not be less than 17 years and not more than 30 years by 5 September 2022.)

What is the cost of application to train as a nurse?

The cost of accessing the Electronic Application Form is $500 ZWL and applicants should follow the instructions on the website for payment .

No additional payments are required as this is the only fee to be paid.

Since the application is made online, there are no forms that need to be bought. If anyone says they are selling forms, it means they are trying to steal from you.

What happens after applying?

Once the ministry has shortlisted candidates for interviews, they wuill be informed via the same MoHCC Electronic Platform.

If you don’t meet the requirements mentioned above, chances are you will be shortlisted.

Successful candidates will be informed via the MoHCC Electronic Platform and are required to have a satisfactory Medical Examination conducted by a Government Medical Officer.

Those that are eventually accepted after interviews will be deployed to where training posts exist throughout the country.

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Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

Pa nursing ndoopane corruption vakuru, pedzepo mapinza vana venyu moti mari haisi kukwana, that's why at tymz i dont feel for nurses coz they should blame their corrupt family, relatives n friends who put them there 😀

@True 2 weeks ago

You are not qualified enough. Especially ma****. I don't know why you are crying

True 2 weeks ago

Advert comes to us POVO izihlobo zenu sezi enrolled kudala, even ku ZPCS laku PCN lifakana lodwa.Something must be done.
Lama vacancy ama General Hand you no longer advertise you just call your relatives libafake sibona ngama new faces uzwa kuthwa I interview ibi last week hay asizwelaneni# Registered Voter

Jah🇿🇼 Tsvarie Original 2 weeks ago

Don't tarnish my name please

. 2 weeks ago


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

Mina angikaze ngi applie kuhulumende, kodwa ngiyabona kusenzakala ukuthi umuntu ungena ngokuthi kulobani wakhe kumbe ubani wakhe nguye owazana lobani wakhe period.

inkinga abanye lapha kuPindula babala ama comments nge aki umuntu engazwisisinga lokuthi uthi sebhala ngomtoto ephendula into angayizwisisanga nxxh satan fokof...

uthini* 2 weeks ago



Gwedu 2 weeks ago

Go on waste your time online. If you really want that vacant you better prepared for corruption fair fair hakuna iyoyo. This is only disguise otherwise ana**** vakapedza kare

amai 2 weeks ago

dzoserai pa35 years limit.

African Teacher 2 weeks ago

@**** your argument is neither here nor there. My point is, if one can manage to train as a teacher they are capable of training as a nurse. They both 'train', after all

African Teacher 2 weeks ago


**** 2 weeks ago

@african teacher. 😂🤣😂🤣you think nursing is like teaching. nursing deals with people's lives unlike teaching where anyone can be a teacher for instance temporary teachers. have you ever heard of a temporary nurse🤷. Nursing is a calling so if you don't get the place for training try other disciplines like teaching.

African Teacher 2 weeks ago

@ old age that's a bunch of nonsense. How do you explain the so called 'older people' who are doing exceptionally well in other disciplines? Teaching for example

old age 2 weeks ago

the age limit is fine, nursing involves a lot of studying and older people tend to have challenges with mastering the concepts and are the one's who usually fail the final exams and find themselves going home.

Nurse in charge💉 2 weeks ago

if my child or relative wants to be a nurse why not give the opportunity...idla ebotshelwe khona

Muntuzu 2 weeks ago

We have always called for decentralization of gvt job applications, such a centralised system is full of corruption. We do not want a system that would segregate against ethnicity, colour or political affiliation..EmaNdebeleland sifuna abongi besiVendeni, amaTonga, Suthu, Khalanga, Nambya,Nyasa, Ndebele , Xhosa, esikhathini esinengi silethelwa abongi abathi kabezwa esikukhulumayo.

the_analyser 2 weeks ago

The majority of people complain of corruption involved in electronic nursing recruitment but they have not attempted to apply. they just come and comment badly on pindula. It's all about giving a try in life. Just because last time you applied and you were not shortlisted doesn't mean there is corruption. you have to keep on trying. I know a lot of people who got accepted via the electronic application by just attempting. Blaming other people won't solve anything.

shummie 2 weeks ago

what do you mean by security check please help.... also want to apply

the Zebra 2 weeks ago

corruption can't be stopped , it changes shape to suit the environment kkkkkk

Mellisa Jekero 2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Tokumbirawo kuti mudzorerewo pa35yrs tiwanewo kurarama sevana vezimbabwe

Oscar kedlar 2 weeks ago

This platform is full of nonsense i tryed so many times to apply for someone but she was never shortlisted .I don't know why you introduce this to the whole Zimbabwe, whilst you do corruption there inja zobantu

Kikie lones 1 week ago

Nhai guys pane aka applyer her what's the next step after making payments zvikunetsa izvi unoitasei help veduwe

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