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How To Advertise On Pindula

How To Advertise On Pindula

Since last week, you can list your products and services using the Pindula Mobile App for free.

The Pindula community now has more than 10,000 daily active users and counting. This makes a fertile platform to market your products to Zimbabweans.

Sellers on Pindula Market say that it has helped them to sell more because they just have to post their once and people on the platform can continue seeing the advert daily.

This is unlike other platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook where one has to be posting their products daily in order to get noticed.

Posting on Pindula has also enabled sellers to be found on Google which is not possible with the other platforms.

Another advantage is that the Pindula app and its platforms can be accessed by Zimbabweans even when they don’t have data (Econet only) which makes it easier to discover products posted there.

Listing your products is easy and free.

Here’s how to post your products

1. Download the Pindula App apk on the site here: or on Google Play Store     and install it.

2. Navigate to the Market tab shown on the bottom blue bar. 

3. Create an account to be able to list your first product

4. List your product.

Once the product is listed, it is now available to be viewed across all our platforms; websites and app. If you prefer to reach even more people, you have the option to boost your product.

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