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Houses Built In Arlington, Retreat Areas Face Demolition

Houses Built In Arlington, Retreat Areas Face Demolition

Harare Metropolitan Province Secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Tafadzwa Muguti, said that all houses and developments around the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport area, including Arlington Estate and Retreat suburb face demolition.

Muguti said the developments in the Arlington and Retreat areas were done in violation of the Civil Aviation Act and the Airports Company of Zimbabwe Act.

He said all the houses that are within the red zone affect the operations of the airport and should therefore be demolished.

Muguti revealed that the Government was approaching the courts for a demolition order. He said:

As it is, the bulk of Retreat developments which have happened between February last year and today, you can see them from Seke Road, are all in the red zone meaning that anything can happen.

They are prone to disaster. We are approaching all courts and following all laws.

All the houses, which are sitting within the red zone are going to be demolished, all of them. The law is the law.

The Arlington development, in the first place, was not supposed to be in that zone.

So, the further expansion of Arlington is a risk to the operations of the airport in its entirety.

All the houses, all the developments in the Retreat airport area are going to be demolished.

Meanwhile, Harare Residents’ Trust director, Precious Shumba, criticised the Government and Harare City Council for not acting early to prevent the developments from taking place. He said:

The authorities should have ensured compliance with the Original Town and Country Act.

We have had these land developers and land barons who were involved in developments that are not in line with the Act for years.

These illegal settlements have taken place while authorities were watching.

For a long time, Hatfield residents raised concerns about these settlements but nothing was done.

Government now needs to exercise its authority in this instance because the land around airports is considered to be a national security issue.

Government should not beat about the bush, they must stop these developments and protect State land.

Some of the homeowners in the area reportedly bought the stands from private developers and land barons, some of whom did not regularise the stands with the Harare City council.

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brain 5 months ago

Give yourself a chance to Enjoy Life its your right. Vote for Change, Vote for Better Life.

CCC is the way 👍

Roosy 5 months ago

Mboko endai kwachiremba mungangowa nenjere nhanhatu mkuru imiiii kkkkkk haAH mhani

Mind Your language 5 months ago

YOURE RIGHT,that guy with the name "MBOKO" IS sick,very disgusting and pathetic

africa 5 months ago

pakaipa pakaipa

Tambai Njuga 5 months ago

This is a ZANU way of fixing urbanites for voting for other parties. They send land barons to fleece people of their hard earned cash, people build houses demolition comes - the cycle goes on.


Doug 5 months ago

What of Harare South, or parts of it? Please leave all these people alone if they are registered at the Council and they are paying rates. Deal with whoever was in charge at the time these people were given permission to build, even if they are retired, drag them for questioning and abuse of office. This should include the responsible minister of ministers, the responsible council officers, and whoever should have done their work at the time.

Majeke 5 months ago

Muguti wakuda kuzvinyanya manje be very careful politics dzinoti nhasi ndiwe mangwana ndini .Taiwe navo waizviti tinonzi Wana Kasukuwere hatibviri wachida kuvhiringa mugere vanhu wakazvivakira nhasi uno waripi

Zodoc Chikaponya 5 months ago

Proudly A Citizen for Change 🤝.

Shoko Ngarifambe maCitizens 😅.

Baba Titie 5 months ago

Ngavapwanyirane handiti vanopana ma stands acho pachi ZANU hre vasingatevedze mitemo navo ma mp avo ana Tongai Mnangagwa,Zvino kno ku Mzarabani South yangova Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana, CCC forever ndikunzwei fti muchiti Chamisa haanai strategy.

Zodoc Chikaponya 5 months ago

Mukusarongeka munyonga nyonga ngazvihwikwe shoko ngarifambe maCitizens Chamisa Chete Chete 5 months ago

Kkkkkkk @mboko surrendered

🙀 5 months ago

Mufanha uyo Tafadzwa muguti akuenderera sehomwe yehovhorosi
Kupaza zvakavakwa ndizvo zvaanogona chete

Dikaz 5 months ago

Moziva pasina chakavakwaa parikuitaa matiii... US$250,000. Pasina chakavakwaa.. vanamuchinguri vanemba nhatu imomo...

Chikandamina 5 months ago


Bright 5 months ago

Asi padzaivakwa vaivepi ana mugwadi Ava

Daily prophecy 5 months ago

Nemanakiro akaita dzimba dziri kuna Arlington wonzwa benzi riri kutogara mulocation richiti gadzi pazwe

Chasura Buddington 5 months ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 makanyanya mdara Chapwititi. Maita kuudza mwana hupedzisira chaiko

Chapwititi Kestombela 5 months ago

I'm saddened by the fact that this NEW DECEPTION folded it's hands and kept mum as it's land barons milked people of their hard earned forex. Why was the developer allowed to start civil works in that red zone? This is the very reason why I'm urging people to register to vote. This time vote wisely and not for some mere fertilizer and seed. Stop selling your vote to these old people's party and choose CCC. Look at Malawi and Zambia, they voted for opposition and things are improving drastically there. These old people that are leading the NEW DECEPTION should loose everything they stole. Why wait for people to build their homes for you to come and destroy them? Ukaona baba vakushaya hunhu, zvibvunze kuti uri mwana wepo here or baba vacho ndivo vepo here 🤔

Chapwititi Kestombela 5 months ago

Coke tichanwa hedu kana NEW DECEPTION yakundwa nekuti 'ereksheni' irikuuya iyi vanoda kuratidzwa kuti mbeu nefertilizer totenga tega kana nyika yakanaka
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣CCC yauya hot varume

Chaplin 5 months ago

Wataura semunhu mukuru apa ndipei Ecocash ndikuisire Khokhora inotonhorera kkk

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