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Hospital Staff, Private Funeral Parlour In 'Unholy Alliance'

Hospital Staff, Private Funeral Parlour In 'Unholy Alliance'

Some employees at Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital in Mutare are reportedly touting the services of a private funeral parlour, Sojourner Funeral Parlour, to bereaved families.

The staff members involved in the scam are reportedly being paid an average of US$50 whenever they hand over corpses to the private funeral parlour of people who would have died while admitted to the hospital.

Bereaved families without funeral policies are allegedly told that the hospital’s mortuary is not working and then forced to engage Sojourner’ss services.

In some cases, the bodies of people who die while in admission are handed over to the funeral parlour without the consent of the deceased person’s relatives.

The deceased’s relatives would be told to negotiate the price for burial services with Sojourner.

Tongai Nongerai, an employee of the Ministry of Health and Child Care at the mortuary wing, is reportedly attached to Sojourner Funeral Parlour.

He divulged to The Manica Post that taking the body to their rented Doves mortuary would cost US$50.

Nongerai also said the cheapest charge for all the funeral services was US$300.

But Doves Funeral Services spokesperson, Innocent Tshuma, told the publication that his company had nothing to do with Sojourner Funeral Parlour. He said:

We do not rent out our mortuaries to anyone. We are also aware of those funeral parlours that have their vehicles parked just outside hospitals as they wait for bodies.

Sojourner Funeral Parlour owner, Tafadzwa Mukwati, admitted that Nongerai works for the company on a part-time basis. Said Mukwati:

While Mr Nongerai is employed by Government through the Ministry of Health and Child Care, he also serves us on a part-time basis and there is nothing wrong with that.

On 19 February, a bereaved family from Gwese Village, Mutare, discovered that the body of their deceased relative was not in the Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital mortuary when they came to collect it. Said a relative who spoke on condition of anonymity:

We left the hospital to get some medication that was prescribed for our niece who was admitted to the hospital. Upon our return, we were informed that she had passed on.

What disturbed us the most is that the body of the deceased was not in the hospital ward or the mortuary.

Instead, it had already been placed in the Sojourner Funeral Parlour vehicle.

We were not happy about it and we had a heated argument with the authorities over the issue.

Mukwati described the incident as a minor misunderstanding and insisted that his company’s operations are lawful.

Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr Dorcas Masanga-Mutede did not respond to questions sent to her, The Manica Post reported.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that a committee has been established to investigate the issue after Manicaland Provincial Medical Director, Dr Simon Nyadundu intervened.

More: The Manica Post

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Internet... 1 month ago

The Min. of Health should be very careful otherwise this hospital staff will have to kill pple so as to receive a $50 tip from Sojourner Funeral Parlour.
Believe me guys.

Internet... 1 month ago

The Min. of Health should be very careful otherwise this hospital staff will have to kill pple so as to receive a $50 tip from Sojourner Funeral Parlour.
Believe me guys.

🧑‍🎓 1 month ago

Nongerai may be charged for dual employment which is not allowed for government employees

opidy 1 month ago

dual employment was scrapped during Mugabe tenure,right now government nurses are doing part time in all City of Harare poly clinics,reason is that moH are poorly remunerating its nurses on the other hand CoH had suffered a serious brain drain its RGN are going to Europe for green pastures & they are paid nefos**** ,a nurse in NHS is getting 3400 pounds as compared to a zim nurse who is getting 25000 rtgs pay check

Tycho 1 month ago

May anyone having the pictures of those culprit send. We want to deal with them that no-one else like to repeat that heartless behaviour.


chipo 1 month ago

veduweeeee vanhu vapindwa neyiko.
end times indeed

Chen 1 month ago

This is highest level of Corruption and Greedy , coz kukasafiwa ma$50 us hauye zvee. So what will be the next move a Syndicate. Nurse will kill kuti bag riite zveee. State bhadharai vanhu avaaa, police corruption kumaborder everywhere, teachers not teaching at all, maNurse ndoavaaa. Tosvikepi zvakadai. Change is needed for real. Not all of us can afford to get treatment in China or send our son's and daughters to study abroad

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

If we allow such things to happen people will get killed for the love of money, that has to stop now...

Vybz Kartel 1 month ago

I agree with you if these people get off Scott free there will be murder for curerable sickness in the hospitals just so funeral palours can make money.

💔 1 month ago

I went through a torid time with same people when my daughter died. And it involved a police officer. They actually transported the body to a funeral parlour more than 20km from the hospital without my inowledge. Police officers did not help and we were cornered into paying for what we did not have money for. They told us to make a payment plan. We were told plainly that the parlor belonged to 'vakuru' and nomatter what we do it would just delay the burial and uncrease the costs. Zimbabwe sucks😭😭😭😭

Tycho 1 month ago

Those who are doing that heartless behaviour may you send there pictures. We want to stop them and the community we won't see them anymore.

💔 1 month ago

The name is Golden knot in Harare.

Vybz Kartel 1 month ago

Very sorry for your lose and the pain you had to endure

ZimCitizen 1 month ago

"Vakuru", just name them Mdara Odza

Mdara Odza 1 month ago

When employees are poorly payed, they will resort to crime. Just look at soldiers and police officers who have turned to robbery, and prison officers now releasing dangerous criminals after getting kickbacks.

Ak47 1 month ago

What will happen when there is no patient died without funeral cover for a long time? He will end up killing patients without funeral cover for him to get that commission of $50 US .

Gogodera 1 month ago

Corruption nekusvitunha

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