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Honda Fit Occupants Force Woman (20) To Drink Spiked Alcohol

Honda Fit Occupants Force Woman (20) To Drink Spiked Alcohol

A 20-year-old Bulawayo woman was allegedly gang-raped by seven men who had forced her to gulp a spiked drink.

The woman fell unconscious only to wake up later naked with bloodstains on her thighs.

ZRP spokesperson in Bulawayo Province Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.

He warned members of the public against boarding pirate taxis saying they would be putting their lives at risk. Said Ncube:

Pirate taxis are usually used by criminals and as such people would be putting their lives at risk. They should use public transport which bears ZUPCO log.

Allegations are that the woman boarded a Honda Fit car that had seven male occupants heading to the Emhlangeni suburb.

When they had reached a fuel service station close to her suburb, the young woman told the driver that she had reached her destination.

One of the men allegedly grabbed her and shut her mouth while warning her not to scream.

The suspects then forced her to drink spiked alcohol after which they took her to a house in North End suburb where they gang-raped her.

When she regained consciousness, she reported the matter at Queens Park police station.

Police referred her to the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) for medical examination.

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mufakosi 5 months ago

Zupco iri bho hauiwane iyo makuseni hauwane kuzoona kuma8am akungundura asina vanhu ndozvofosa vanhu vakwira mushika izvo

Pasi Nemhanduuuuuuuu 5 months ago

Varume nemadzimai ZUPCO iri bho kukwira for your own safety and iri cheaper. Ndakambotukwa pano paplatform for saying this some time ago.
Hongu monopoly isn't good but as it stands now ka regai kungokwira mota anyhow and imiwo varidzi vemaprivate vehicles don't just pick up people.
In Mutare, a man was raped after boarding a private car yaiva ne one man and two/three ladies. Vanhu vari kubirwa mota after picking wrong people and vamwe vari kuitwa robbed at gunpoint after boarding these vehicles.
As long as these mshikashika remain banned, it's safe for you to use ZUPCO branded vehicles because ma1 akatanga muZimbabwe.

Wiseman 5 months ago

People board these private vehicles for transportation because Zupco is by far unable to meet the transportation needs of the country. No one is willing to wait for hours at a bus stop hoping to ride a zupco and in some areas Zupcos don't ever show up. So basically the govt doesn't give a damn about its citizens and they continue turning a blind eye to the effects of their actions which crippled our transport system. 2023 is coming and it will not end well

Wiseman 5 months ago

But have you noticed that these cases have sharply increased ever since govt banned combies and enforced an incapacitated Zupco monopoly on the transport system? You see who's to blame?

Imwe mbeu 5 months ago

Sorry 😔 - chokwadi hachiputsi ukama

Chapwititi 5 months ago

ZUPCO Haibatike easy.

S 5 months ago

MaZUPCO acho hakuna mashoma. Government yakabhana maKOMBI ivo vachi ziva kuti Havana enough transport. Ndivo vari kukonzeresa zvese. Bad management chaiyo. Tipei enough transport. Murikuti exposer kuma criminals. Imi mune motokari dzenyu


Tasha 5 months ago

Eish ummm so sad apa mazupco acho haawanike easy

Busymark 5 months ago

Hhhmm the things that are happening nowadays in Zim haibo🙌....end days

Havin' 5 months ago

Haa muZim mashata apa we used to brag tichiti muZim mune peace izvezvi tangofanana nedzimwe nyika

Unifier General 5 months ago

Sorry but uuuuu musaite zvivindi pliz usati vakwira ongorora mota yacho kuti unoiziva here better zupco vehicles

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