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Highlanders Seek Funds To Buy CEO Laptop

Highlanders Seek Funds To Buy CEO Laptop

Highlanders Football Club is appealing for funds to purchase a laptop for its chief executive officer (CEO) Ronald Moyo.

The appeal was made through a letter written by the club’s secretary Morgan Dube, dated 5 July 2022, and addressed to diaspora Highlanders members. It reads:

The club wishes to buy a laptop for the chief executive officer.

Given our current financial predicament, we are unable to raise enough funds to buy the laptop.

You can donate using the following means: Send to your family member home and ask to come to the Highlanders office and donate on your behalf.

They will be issued with a club receipt upfront.

The letter said donations can also be sent to club treasurer Busani Mthombeni via World Remit, MoneyGram or Western Union, and his South African details are given.

Dube said all donations will be publicised and captured in the official club records.

Speaking to Chronicle, Dube said the letter circulating on social media is meant for Highlanders members only, and not for outsiders

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parasite 1 month ago

ma clubs enyu aya kushaya mari yekutenga laptop. kkkkkk

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Ana makumbi

3rd World 1 month ago

yaa kusiyana kwema levels shuwa, ,CR7 arikupiwa $500 000 per week nebhora.But kuno ku Zimbabwe CEO we team patogarwa dare rekuti vatsvage laptop ye $400.pakaipa zvapo

Zim 1 1 month ago

ko hapana kusara change yendege here yakasiwa naCoach paakauya kuZim

Bulawayo Polytechnic 1 month ago

In the interim period we are offering him use of a desktop at Bulawayo Polytechnic.
He should contact the Principal

🗣️ Voiceless🇿🇼 1 month ago

like seriously a big club like bosso, seeking funds to buy a laptop.
luhlazo Lolo, ngamahlola nyama ngephela 🤔

Cable Guy 1 month ago

It's so so sad big bro mmmmmhhhh situation is so pathetic

Mafunnies 1 month ago

Maboozer akatorongeka kupfuurwa izvi kkkkkkk


Miles 1 month ago

It's really a joke to me, a big club like Highlanders can't afford to buy a laptop for it's manager?? Honestly speaking there's something wrong with the management?

madhindajnr 1 month ago

Taurirayi Tagwireyi awone yekutamba

Pinga the great 1 month ago

l disagree with this Highlanders board they are trying to steal money to the public coz if we calculate their travel arrangements e.g fuel plus accommodation during away games now failing to buy a laptop thats a joke meaning u cannot pay winning bonuses to all your staff

rr 1 month ago

cde ma travel expenses can covered by a sponsor ie bank can say will sponsor your travelling trip iye furl,hotels ,tollgates when the tonament is over thats it,if a new sponsors cones and say iam here for IT equipment sponsor thats were th club will get data for wifi,laptop etc thats hiw theese clubs run bhora muZimbabwe harisi a good viable busibess

Bosso 1 month ago

how come you get graduated ukuba ngu CEO without a lap top so what method did you use to pass or you bought a certificate laptop is part and parcel of a student so what did he use during his studies umfuna uswazi uSaMamo (Ronald) anywhere sizakudingela ebafaneni

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