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High Court Sherriff Faces 19 Counts Of Abuse Of Office

High Court Sherriff Faces 19 Counts Of Abuse Of Office

The High Court Sherriff, McDuff Madega who was recently arrested for suspected criminal abuse of office and the illegal sale of properties attached by the courts is facing a total of 19 counts of abuse of office which are being probed.

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) said they were still investigating all the cases that were reported against Madega, according to The Herald.

This comes after several people claimed to have lost houses on account of Madega’s actions and made reports to ZACC.

Madega, who allegedly auctioned a property twice without disclosing to parties involved sometime in 2012, appeared in court last Thursday, charged with fraud.

He was not asked to plead to the charges when he appeared before magistrate Mr Stanford Mambanje who remanded him to July 28 on $20 000 bail.

Madega is also being investigated for suspected criminal abuse of office and the illegal sale of more than 19 properties attached by the courts.

According to reports, he is accused of working with a cartel of officials in his office, lawyers, auctioneers and officials at the Deeds Office to target people whose properties would have been attached by the courts.

These latest cases that involve the improper sale of the seized properties have been reported to ZACC.

Some of the Accusations against Madenga:

a). Selling Mr John Amon Chinyanganya’s Harare house with a fake deed at an auction (under case number HCR 58/07/21),

b). Illegally authorising the sale of Green Energy Company’s goods and motor vehicle by a public auction (HCR 25/08/2021,

c). Unlawfully and corruptly selling Abigail Mutize’s Mabelreign house and changing title deed before full payment (HCR 89/06/2020),

d). Fraudulently attaching Piwayi Chiutsi’s property and declaring a local company Bariadie Investments as highest bidder but had never participated during the auction (HCR 31/07/ 2021) and

e).  Abusing his power to sell Francis Masawi’s property (HCR 18/05/2020).

f).  Conniving with a relative to fraudulently registering an estate (HCR 116/09/21) which belonged to Bryn Michael Baxter,

g). Rufaro Shiri is accusing Madenga of colluding with a company that is not registered (HCR 126/09/21),

h). Tendai Matanga alleged that he won three civil suits which he handed over to Madega who failed to act (HCR 36/10/18),

i). Gunike Makwira who is claiming that his properties were sold without following the procedures (HCR 18/05/21) and

j). Fraudulently auctioning Hilton Tserayi’s vehicle worth US$15 000 for US$100.

ZACC spokesperson Commissioner Mr John Makamure said they were conducting investigations on all cases brought to them against Madega.

Madega will appear in court once investigations have been finalised.

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Dhuterere 2 weeks ago

We want to know the names of buyers of the properties , I think it's a shocker they are respected names involved

beware 2 weeks ago

very unfortunate this fellow, 'coz this is exactly how every public office is being run in Zimbabwe.Why is he being sacrificed ? either he is not politically correct or has messed up with some big cheff somehow .
Since when did zacc have teeth to prosecute ? the rule of law as we know it , is selectively applied to perceived enemies of the dictatorship ,period .

Mhazi of Silobela 2 weeks ago

why do you arrest then investigate? smells foul. Just yesterday here in pindula they said they have a list of people who externalized - same song from the time of operation restore legacy - and yet they are not brave enough to arrest even 1 **** let alone arrest it then investigate. here is a suggestion arrest kuda tagwireyi then investigate him - that's my challenge to u cowards.

Visit Silobela
Vote CCC

chati homu! ...chareva 2 weeks ago

@dispenser .....kkkk!!!, ndanga ndichida kutobvunzawo izvozvo nekuti ukaona munhu akusungwa anenge atadzira zanu kana kuti asiri wezanu ndoomhosva mbiri dzinonyanyosungirwa munhu muZimbabwe.

dispenser 2 weeks ago

asi haasisiri we Zanu

Bhuru 1 week ago

Ndewei manje


Duduzani 2 weeks ago

Bamba bamba isela lendoda

Putin 🇷🇺 2 weeks ago

Ripa mhosva dzako wakamirirwa nehotera ye Chikurubi usatakure ma underwear ariko e state.nyika inovakwa nevene vayo 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼 hallelujah God bless you all

i 2 weeks ago

selling a $ 15000 vehicle for $100 kkkk

Bhuru 1 week ago

Kkkkk ndaseka zvanc

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