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High Court Grants Ginimbi's Sisters Authority To Enjoy Inheritance

High Court Grants Ginimbi's Sisters Authority To Enjoy Inheritance

High Court judge Justice Amy Tsanga has granted Juliet and Neria Kadungure, sisters to the late socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, the authority to enjoy their inheritance.

This comes after lawyer Patricia Darangwa tried to dispose of some of Ginimbi’s supercars, a Lamborghini, claiming that she was the executor of his estate.

Darangwa presented an unsigned will purportedly written by the late Ginimbi and the will was accepted by the Master of the High Court.

Ginimbi’s family appealed against Darangwa’s appointment as the executor of the estate and the request was granted by the High Court.

However, the family’s hands remained tied after Darangwa appealed to the Supreme Court.

While the Supreme Court is yet to make a ruling on Darangwa’s appeal, it emerged that she was trying to sell one of Ginimbi’s immovable properties in Botswana.

According to Juliet, Darangwa had been writing to the Master of Botswana High Court posing as the executor of Kadungure’s estate.

This prompted Juliet and Neria to file the present urgent chamber application, which has been granted by Justice Amy Tsanga. In her ruling, Justice Tsanga said:

It is the court’s finding that the family should be allowed to enjoy what the late Genius Kadungure left them.

Therefore, the application for leave to execute the order, pending the appeal at the Supreme Court, is hereby granted.

Ginimbi died in the wee hours of Sunday, 08 November 2020 along Borrowdale Road in Harare when his speeding Rolls Royce collided with a Honda Fit, veered off the road and hit a tree before catching fire.

Ginimbi was in the company of model and fitness trainer Michelle “Moana” Amuli, a Mozambican and a Malawian national.

He was pulled out of the car alive but died moments later. The other occupants of the car were trapped inside and were burned to death.

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Mama bee 3 months ago

Mochinjawo mapfekero kwete kunge muri pabhero sezvamakaita masisters

mthawakazi republic president 3 months ago

eam very sorry i would like to confess whats haunting me before i breath last

i gave myself this name for pushing a certain agenda which iam not at liberty to share here

during Gukurahundi i was the chief sellout in matebeleland

i lived in Bubi by then i liason with 5th brigade and was used as an informer and sellout the people of matebeland

the 5th brigade gave me money,dagga,cigarretes and some one day home brewed beer so that i wont fear to kill

i was the first person to get a gun and shot a pregnant woman via th belly and the foetus was exposed ,i killed her with kitchen knife

i also burnt several houses while people were in

The spirit of the deceased is haunting me i dnt know if they are spiritual healer in Zim who can clease me and by family
i feel i had incizi which keeps hauting me

during the night i usually dont sleep i see people coming with spears and want to pierce me and it drives me out of my bed and i will be seated on the corner in my one room smoking dagga till the next morning

in 2008 i also contributed to grossy human massacre while supporting Mugabe

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 months ago

Thank you @ high court, apa madzidzisa vanhu kuti umwe neumwe ngaadye ziya rekumba kwavo haah vanhu vepi vanoda pfuma yeshamwari ne workmate? hanzi akandisiira mota haah, kuti wadii? koo wakadii kuti akudzidzise kushandira mota yakowo kwete kushandisa mota yake?

thanx to the judge who delivered the family from evil managers and friends...

Maveable 3 months ago

Vanodeiko pamari yezvikwakambo zvabhuti vavo ndavasiye pfuma yeropa iyo


vp chiwez 3 months ago

Kaondera in first meeting with ailing Mubaiwa after 10 years*

HARARE – Ex-footballer Shingayi Kaondera met his ailing ex-wife Marry Mubaiwa bedside in hospital for the first time in 10 years on Wednesday.

Mubaiwa left Kaondera, with whom she has a child, and married then Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander General Constantino Chiwenga in 2001. Chiwenga became Vice President in December 2017.

Her marriage to Chiwenga collapsed in 2019 after he accused her of trying to kill him in a South African hospital where he was on life support battling an undisclosed ailment.

Mubaiwa was thrown out of the matrimonial home, arrested and denied access to her three children with Chiwenga.

After collapsing in court on Monday, she was admitted to a Harare hospital in a “critical condition,” her doctors said. Doctors have recommended that her right arm be amputated after failed surgery to save it. The forearm was ravaged by acute lymphoedema.

“After 10 years, I finally met Mai Dee at the hospital, thank you Jesus,” Kaondera wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

The former Zimbabwe international added: “We spent two glorious hours together. She is still wonderful, some souls can’t be tampered with, trust me. l left her in very high spirits and very jovial mood, and determined as ever to beat her discomforting disease. She said l know Shingi you are a prayer warrior, you will pray for me, and l was like you know l always.”

Kaondera said he thanked his ex-wife for “taking very good care of our daughter together, Destiny.”

“She has grown up to be just like my mum,” Kaondera wrote as he urged his friends to “keep on praying for her.”

The ex-couple have a daughter whom Kaondera says he has not seen in over a decade.

Kaondera has previously alleged that Mubaiwa had used state-muscle to block his attempt to see his daughter.

In a 2020 interview, Kaondera said Mubaiwa left him in Cyprus in 2010 and when he came back home he found her married to Chiwenga.

“She took off with some of my clothes, almost $44 000 and my Compressor C200 after selling our Borrowdale property. She has also barred me from seeing Destiny for the past nine years," he said then.

Mubaiwa is facing a string of criminal charges brought by Chiwenga. They include allegations that she tried to upgrade their customary union to a civil marriage, fraud, attempted murder, assault and money laundering. Her assault trial is on hold on medical grounds. 3 months ago

nhaimi ko zvakawondera tazvinzwa

Ginimbi friend 3 months ago

welldone my sisters for having an inheritance docs in your closest

please maintain our income creation project which is Dreams Night Club jus keep the previous standards afloat thats were you get money to surbive

shandai vasikana izvo zveku splasher imbomirai zvenyu zvakaenda nemuridzi wazvo

last but not least muchengete baba namai avo ndivo vabereki venyu vamakapihwa

Inaddition dreams night club used to operate only Saturday & sunday everything was on point jus keep the setup as it is

ghetto youth 3 months ago

haa dress code ma1 apa

Sibongile panzedzi 3 months ago


Aiwa ka 3 months ago

Chero havo vakaita mari asi dressing yemaSisters ayo nababa vacho ndeye chimusha musha😂. Chero vakaita mari but hm, they should upgrade dressing. Kupfeka maSunglass hakuzi kuchena

yukii 3 months ago

saka wagwadziwa neyi padressing dzavaridzi..

Ana 3 months ago


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